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A reader sends:

FBI Director Speech to Annual American Bar Association Meeting, titled “Finding The Balance We Need In Law And Life”


In a speech from earlier this month, FBI Director James Comey delivered remarks about the future battle over encryption. Setting the tone that he’s uncomfortable about the ubiquity of encrypted data and devices, he said, “We’ve never lived with large swaths of our life off-limits to judicial authority, where a judge’s orders were ineffective [because encryption may be difficult to break, even with a warrant]. That’s a different way to live. I would suggest to you that where we are now and where we are headed shatters the bargain that is at the heart of ordered liberty in this country. That is something we have to talk about.”

Hinting that the FBI is going to take a swing at commercial encryption after the elections, Comey said, “What the FBI is doing this year is collecting data about how it’s impacting our work, so that next year we can have an informed conversation that a mature democracy should be able to have of what to do about it.” A few moments later, referring to the San Bernadino Apple lawsuit: “Litigation is not the place to solve this problem.” Comey complained about how the backlash over the Justice Department sued Apple and implied that he wanted to avoid similar situations in the future. They’re going to attempt to legislate government backdoors into encryption, beginning with the FBI complaining that Americans need to trade their privacy for security to uphold the rule of law, and ensure “ordered liberty.”

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  1. Hadenoughalready

    Those willing to trade liberty for security deserve neither. I’ll keep mine, thanks!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s not quite the quote, though. It’s “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” That’s a much different proposition.

  2. Ordered Liberty doesn’t sound like liberty at all… Hmmmmm…. Lies are truth and hate is love…

  3. Mike Bishop

    Sounds like a them problem, not a me problem.

    Hire better nerds or STFU.

  4. just a gun… nuttin else….

  5. “We’ve never lived with large swaths of our life off-limits to judicial authority, where a judge’s orders were ineffective [because encryption may be difficult to break, even with a warrant].”

    Having property to which the government never has access was not practical before now. A sign that government is becoming increasingly irrelevant, and is desperately trying to hang on.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. And after the Clinton crap we should trust him? Hell no. He has nothing worth hearing. He has nothing worth believing. Don’t trust fascist scum. Ken

  8. I have two words for Mr. Comey

    Open Source.

    • I have twelve words for Mr. Comey, but if I try to post them, they will be deleted.

  9. He’s a liar. Hiding stuff is suddenly new and possible because of ‘thing’…. ‘Tis BS.

  10. …”The American people have been lawyer’d into abject submission. They are aliented from their government, no longer believing it belongs to them. Cynicism is widespread. ….. Lawyers, as a rule, never tilled a field, repaired an automobile, built a product, managed a profit-and-loss business, competed in international markets, planned a manufacturing facility, or generally speaking added anything of tangible value to the gross national product. ….. They are power brokers who deal in abstractions and theories. They are schooled in closed systems of logic that have no touch points with reality. They speak a strange language that they themselves do not understand. All signs of common sense have been throughly hammared out of their minds by years of intensive training. …….. These are people who make our economic decisions, handle our budgets, negotiate our trade deals, oversee our military strategy, design our social programs, regulate our businesses, mandate our private behavior, and redistribute our wealth. ….. Taken as a whole, the legal profession benefits from what laws are written and the way they are written. The more unintelligible the laws are and the more berefit they are of common sense, the more they serve the financial interests of lawyers. The conflict of interest is palpable.”….
    – Linda Bowles

    R.I.P. Linda Bowles

    “There are many gods”

  11. I just wanna be protected from the terrrists. Was told they hated me for my freedoms.

  12. Comey is a perfect example of the DC Elites–a coward, a traitor, and an avid servant of tyrants…

  13. “…There is a lot of anxiety in the United States today connected to the threat of terrorism, and for reasons that I fully understand…”

    He understands it, because he and his agents create it, enable it, and execute it. Interesting how they still think we’re as dumb as those in the past.

    Fucking communist Traitors.

    They HATE the internet and they hate the TRUTH.

    • “He understands it, because he and his agents create it, enable it, and execute it.” Yup.

      “Interesting how they still think we’re as dumb as those in the past.”
      Apart from you, and me, and maybe 2% (probably absurdly optimistic) of the rest of FUSA, I’m afraid they’re entirely correct. I can’t possibly be the only person who remembers how much political hot water the FBI was in immediately prior to 9/11, but sometimes it sure seems like it.

  14. Your local pigs are sucking this filthy maggot’s dick.

  15. Amazing.

    In a make-me-puke-all-over-his-loafers kind of way.

  16. Isn’t that cute. The asshole who destroyed what little was left of the rule of law is going to define what new “law” is needed to gut encryption. Of course he has said publicly that some laws don’t apply to those who are more equal than others, so…..

  17. So – while Comey is fine with Hitlary Clitler and her behavior, the asshat wants to – once again – double down spying on the American public at the expense of real national security – like border control.

    At least we now know whom the FBI considers to be enemies…

  18. Bargain? There’s no fucking bargain.

  19. Well Comey already showed the entire world he’s nothing but friggen leftist hack. Fuck him and everything about him.
    Encrypt this!

  20. If we took all the tech we have at our disposal today back to 1788, might the 4th Amendment have a few more clauses in it?

  21. Remember the OPM data breach nonsense and realize anything this incompetent and monstrous enterprise in the Federal government vacuums up will be no better protected than leaving your laptop with a sticky note of the password in a shopping mall on the bench.

    Comrade Comey and his American Stasi are doing their masters bidding (the coproaches’ burden to paraphrase Kipling). They are very nervous of the commercial leaps and bounds that keep your data one step ahead of the statist voyeurs. His insistence on the comprehensive one-way transparency is evidence of what the SLAVFOR are nervous about.

    When an apparatchik talks about “ordered liberty”, they are addressing the freedom to fine, kidnap, cage, maim and kill you for fatuous and malicious infractions they dreamed up to keep you working the plantation. Keep in mind that this is a war on PRIVATE freedom of expression and privacy.

    Bill Buppert

  22. Hey Comey,
    Go ahead and tattoo a bullseye on your forehead. Why? No reason. Just smile and wait for the flash.

  23. I’m shocked! Shocked I say, to find out FBI Director Quisling is just another jackbooted trench-coated Reichsfuhrerr-SS in waiting, and not making any bones about publicly ass-raping the Constitution yet again, the very moment his patron is safely ensconced upon the throne.
    That he didn’t let Shrillary off, and then go out and hang himself immediately, is all the instruction you need on his personal motives and sense of honor.
    If he isn’t absolutely certain his entire organization is 100% on his team, and he’s not already employing a food-taster, he’s already behind the curve.

    When the FBI puts everything they have on the table in open-source archives, I’ll give up mine.
    Yeah, that’d happen…about the time I grow my third set of teeth.

  24. He mentioned democracy plenty of times, but did not say “republic” even once.

    • Keith,

      “….did not say “republic” even once.” Nor has his cock-sucking leader soetoro-obama.

      Then again….fUSA has never been a Republic. RINO is all it ever has been.

      “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner.”

  25. Comey might, but Homey don’t play dat.

    Any doubts about Comey as a team player, and utterly complicit in giving the demonic succubus a get outta jail card should hereby be scotched.

    Which reminds me….

  26. We were informed the man had the utmost integrity and fortitude. It seems he is merely obtuse.

  27. Encryption is the way people get around surveillance. Telling us not to encrypt or putting in back doors is just going to create a black market in open source non-backdoored alternatives. It sure ain’t going to make people submit.

    • They can put in all the backdoors they want in commercial/”private” crypto but it won’t stop the signal. Hell, even killing the internet won’t stop the signal. OTP is the way to go and maybe some Open Source help in improving ease of use but only if the open source auditors are trusted, otherwise you have to stick to “manual” methods.

      Grey Ghost

  28. Trade our freedom for security?Did not a founding father mention something to that affect in passing?All I can say is”Fuck that noise”.

  29. I cant imagine that this person would be well regarded by anybody but Hillarys lackeys…and perhaps a group of lawyers in San Francisco. Like justice Roberts. He has destroyed his own reputation. Maybe both of them were compromised in the same manner. I often wonder if people like this will be running from justice in 10 years the way the Nazis did in the 1950’s

  30. “…shatters the bargain that is at the heart of ordered liberty in this country.”

    Perhaps holding up their end of the bargain would remove the need shatter it.

  31. The ABA shouldn’t exist as an entity and its only function for years has been to limit and control the cost and access to legal representation in America. It’s a corporate guild in bed with state and fed .gov. Fuck them all. The irony is dick-less Comey stating “If you’re in this room, you care about the rule of law.” Yeah. Ok.

    • “on June 7, 1949, of Florida’s third branch of government, the Supreme Court of Florida, to a private professional trade group formerly known as the Florida State Bar Association and now known as The Florida Bar. This government takeover set the stage for the present day graft and corruption now found in Florida’s judicial system.”

      In its entirety here:

  32. bargain that is at the heart of ordered liberty in this country

    I didn’t consent to any bargain. Any system that is “ordered” from the top down is not liberty.

    Litigation is not the place to solve this problem

    Because the government can’t answer the defense arguments made in open court.

    Security and liberty are not a tradeoff. Security and liberty move together, because increased liberty provides increased options. For instance, the option for nightclubbers to carry weapons, and the option for bystanders to rescue nightclubbers.

  33. I read this over at weaponsman..

    They’re shitting on a JAG officer over calling a scoundrel sniper out for murder. These morons think it’s funny, it won’t be so humorous when it happens to them or someone they love right here in fusa. Like they are immune to the criminals in DC. What a bunch of fucking tools.


    John M.
    August 25, 2016 at 13:44

    ‘Ultimately, in the absence of an armistice or suspension of fire, engaging combatants attempting to recover their dead and wounded is not a per se violation of the law of war, but utilizing known—or even suspected—enemy wounded and dead as “bait” for such targeting enters the continuum and, at some point, will constitute a violation of article 15.’

    The next time a keyboard commando tells you “the US military couldn’t beat insurgencies in Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan, so how are they going to beat x million American deer hunters?” You just point them over to that statement and ask them if they think that LTC Jenks is going to so much as raise an eyebrow when USG starts dropping Hellfire missiles on their houses and neighborhoods.

    We lost those three wars because the Left WANTED us to lose them.

    -John M.

    For some reason these retards think the u.s. has a right to invade others countries, murder and rape it’s people, and then call the defending patriots “insurgents”

    For fucks sake. This shows how brainwashed these dolts are. I have no fucks to give to any asswipe murkin who dies or gets their balls blown off while committing crimes against humanity. I laugh and hang up on any charity calling for donations to support psychotic scumbags who invade foreign lands, get their asses handed to them, come home in a bag or a wheelchair and then expect sympathy. I for one, get a warm smile when some “war” vet gets a conscience and shoots themselves in the grape.

    • *sigh*
      “Tea-Fat: winning friends and influencing people on the intardnets since 2008.”

      • I have around 1 million friends. Their names are Benjamin, Ulysses, and Alexander. I also find living without neighbors is far superior than living among them, and being independently wealthy is a whole lot better than being dependently poor. I guess you have to be there to understand. I didn’t get where I am hanging with the fellas down at the bar, or spending my evenings shining fucking boots and brass or kissing some field grade awfulskurs ass..


    • Grow up and start using your brain. I’m no ones pawn and I refuse to support criminals and thugs. The u.s. has never had any legal right to invade other countries. It’s all good, because what the u.s. has dished out, the u.s. is about to receive back in spades. We’ll see how that works out for the flag wavers then. Picture war torn Germany

      Oh, and I was a Rakkasan too.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The u.s. has never had any legal right to invade other countries.”

        Sure it has. A valid causus belli is right to invade. A formal declaration of war by a foreign state is quite literally a written invitation to invade.

      • What does having been a Rakkasan have to do with this discussion….is that an inoculation, a warrant, a perlocutionary speech act, or a validation?

        The ad hominen attack makes the discussion fun, thanks.

        The director has the power of the US Constitution behind him and he faltered, he will be remembered as a disgrace to the magnitude of Hanoi Jane….. He had a chance to stand with the rule of law and he, just like justice Roberts and G Petraus; at a key moment in history to defend the rule of law, faltered.

        A CIA director busted for sexting with his biographer; carried Obama’s water on Benghazi, really?

        Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A, the ACLJ, and a few catholic nuns have displayed more valor.

        • Bucephalus,

          “I was a Rakkasan too.” …. tfA-t

          That was a statement of pride.

          BTW….there is no power in the US Constitution. It was in it’s death throes from day one. The final nail in it’s coffin was hammered in when the Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 usurping scoundrel, soetoro-obama, was annointed illegitimate POTUS. One can now see destruction across the fruited plain by his usurption of your wonderful Constitution. soetoro-obama’s fundamental change has produced nothing but economic pain and misery AND dolts like you ! In the meantime the Congress and your beloved military have stood by, well-paid and happy as fUSA’s ruling elites.

        • Oh. You don’t have a brain. Most grunts don’t.
          Critical thought skills are something that is sorely lacking in most 11Bs.
          For that matter, in most people in general.
          You have lots of company.

          USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

          • Yeah! Now this discussion is displaying the kind of freedom of expression that makes this site so valuable. Thanks!

            • I may come across as an asshole to most here. I don’t really care about that. What I do care about is getting people to use their heads and question everything they have been taught. You’re not my enemy, as of yet anyways. Sometimes it takes a sudden jolt to get things working. That’s what I do.

    • Bucephalus,


      fUSA has spent well over a trillion dollars on it’s current bout of imperialism in the ‘stan and Iraq. In the meantime the Benedict Arnold, soetoro-obama, is doing all he can do to destroy what is left of fUSA. And you want to bemoan the accurate and honest observations of the commenter tfA-t.

      The traitors to this country are the fools who support the imperialism and tyranny applied by the mercenaries (fUSA DoD) against the peoples of sovereign nations.

      Perhaps YOU and the other .mil bootlickers should ask why, in Amerika, the population is slowly being subverted with the language additions of Spanish on food, clothing and product labels. Ask yourself why, in the big box stores the aisle signs are in Espanol. Ask yourself why the southern border of fUSA is wide-ass open allowing impovershed, Hispanic, invaders from (you libs call them “immigrants”) the sub-continent to destroy our sovereignty. Ask yourself why the POS moslem soetoro-obama and his subordinating moslem scaliwags are paying for, with YOUR fiat dollars, the bringing in of over a fucking, million MidEast moslems since 2008. Ask yourself where these moslem invaders are going to work. And if they find work, ask yourself at what price does your natural-born family and friends pay when the job your child could have, has been given to the moslem or hispanic invader of the left’s Amerika.

      I could go on and on and on with challenges of you concerning the “fundamental change” being brought upon this once great nation by soetoro-obama and endorsed by fools like you Bucephalus.

      It is the mentality of fools like you who define for me the problems in fUSA. If there are traitors and enemies amongst us they are ass clowns of your ilk. A short hemp necklace and a tall tree would only be too good for you and your kind.

      Here’s to wishing you a quick and unexpected trip to Hell !

  35. Hey Comey, is it OK if SecState encrypts stuff? Ya know, secret stuff… Email stuff? Is it OK ‘cuz SecState is above all that icky law stuff? Above the proles?

  36. MichiganJim

    Tough crowd. I mean, the poor sap was spot-on with this…

    “We’ve never lived with large swaths of our life off-limits to judicial authority, where a judge’s orders were ineffective [because encryption may be difficult to break, even with a warrant]. That’s a different way to live.”

    No shit. Alright, so maybe he can’t live with that. Who cares? The far more important question is, “Can you?”

    • Jim Klein/MichiganJim,

      I read that you’re still suffering from weaselitis. Trying to dismiss that online handle you used for years, eh ? Take some sincere advise, get rid of your online cowardice and revert back to your old handle of “Jim Klein”. Have some self-respect.

      By the way….your throat ain’t burnin’, is it ?


    • BTW….do you prefer I refer to you as:

      1. Jim Klein/MichiganJim


      2. MichiganJim/Jim Klein ?

      Let me know your preference Jimbo.

      • MichiganJim

        Wow, Dan…I hope you didn’t have to go to spy school for that. It’s flattering that it means so much to you. Problem is, the flattery means nothing to me.

        I didn’t get the burning in the throat thing either time, but since it’s so important to you, I’m interested. What does that mean anyway?

        And when you’re done analyzing everyone who posts here, maybe you’ll get around to yourself. Time to make some progress, don’t you think?

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