A Public Service Announcement

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From over the transom:

If I were the PSYOP guy on Trump’s staff, I’d hire a herd of curly haired chubby women, put them in blue dresses, berets, and give them Hillary signs with reflective lettering.

I’d then salt them throughout every Hil rally. If she’s really prone to stress induced seizures, I’d have her locked up tighter than Obama’s transcripts inside of five minutes.

Distribution A, as you see fit.

Good plan for free-form improv as well.

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15 responses to “A Public Service Announcement

  1. Blue dresses huh? For what? Target practice? 😀

  2. outlawpatriot

    If it were come to pass, that bitch would come unglued. 🙂

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Diabalolical Sir!

  5. Wavy hair, not curly. Slick don’t like ’em to look THAT old.

    But can you imagine what the Rove Republicans would do if the Trump team went that way? ESPECIALLY the good ol’ Lyin’ King, Teddy…

  6. Harmonica Blewinsky to the rescue!

  7. (((Monica Lewinsky)))…”chubby”? more like zaftig. As Mrs. Clinton, defying all Right-wing tricks and provocations, marches steadily to victory. After which she will “bring us together”

  8. Too harsh you say? Ask Vince Foster.

  9. The Walkin' Dude

    This would be epic. Another tactic could be more Pepe repping. Wear Pepe shirts to her rallies, under Hillary shirts to take off mid speech. Shout “Pepe” as was done during her Alt-Right Right Wing Racist Putin Led Conspiracy speech, only en masse. Pepe signs. The possibilities are endless. Make her glitch up. Show her that their power is only a facade, to be destroyed at any time, unexpectedly.

  10. I REALLY like that idea. It would drive the Hildabeast CRAZY as a june bug especially if some of them had the required CIGAR to wave around.

  11. Why would a beard be upset at reminders of other beards?

  12. It’s difficult to believe that anything (other than the unspeakable) could adversely affect the impenetent bitch.

  13. This is genius! It matters not that Hillary really has no issue that Bill was carousing with Monica… the imagery and symbolism of numerous Monica look-alikes wherever a camera may gaze is powerful. It is semiotic theory, applied.


    The unspoken challenge that each trollopy Verucah Salt creates is deep. It will also present Killary Kontrol HQ a problem… they either have to ignore it, or take it on… and viola! Instant “War on Women”. By Killary and her handlers.

    Now, how will this go when transgenders and run of the mill transvestites follow this sartorial advice?

  14. The mistake you make is thinking she ever gave a shit whaT Billygoat did or does with women. He’s apparently raped a few in his day and has boinked countless others. Hilldog has sought the carpet as refuge. Look these two are as deep in the pocket of Satan as you’re ever gonna see. They’ve murdered folks together. This whole health thing may be a psy op as well. Don’t underestimate them, they are run by the deep state and those guys are good. Hill n Bill are just useful tools for the folks that run them is all.

  15. If you want to contemplate the scariest scenario imaginable:
    Remembering that the Hildabeast went full-on spazz talking to 2 friendly reporters a few weeks back….
    NOW: The time is shortly after the election of the 1st female to the office of POTUS. The time is 0300 in WA D,C. and the new Dear Leader is awakened with news that the Chicoms have sunk an aircraft carrier with a kinetic kill warhead. The Hildabeast bugs her eyes out, rolls them a couple of times and goes grand mal on the floor, her gimbal-mounted drool bucket splashing over all and sundry. At this point Huma Abedin and Valerie Jarrett take over as official translators for the indisposed C-in-C until she comes back. To be continued…