Bracken Sends


If the power goes out for even one week – “Alas, Brave New Babylon.”

State by state, the USA will come to resemble variations on Beirut X Bosnia X Rwanda X Syria, etc.

Once the supermarkets are looted and not restocked, game over for civilization. At that point, there will be more bullets than cans of beans in circulation.

Diversity: History’s Pathway to Chaos

Tempus fugit.

25 responses to “Bracken Sends

  1. What goes around. 🙂 Comes around. 🙂

    Nothing more than the chickens coming home to roost. 🙂

    You cannot invade and destroy countries forever. 🙂

    Watch how the heroic cops and soldiers behave towards the taxpayers. 🙂

    We’ll see how many flag wavers there are then won’t we? 🙂

    Now drink some beer, watch the big game on the jewbox,
    and celebrate before it’s too late. 🙂


  2. I have an ancestor who was a certified pirate.

    I claim the Jolly Roger as my flag as part of my unique heritage. Safe spaces are not needed for my Pirate identity.

  3. I know this is off topic sorry… RACIST has been tossed around a lot lately and it has been tossed a round by people that are RACIST…. I guess she forgot where she got 20 GRAND……


  4. Uncle Larry

    Has anybody noticed that one or two posters on this blog are unstable? I mean, over the top unstable?

    • Randall Flagg

      Just two?

    • “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.

      George Orwell

    • REALLY ??????????????????

    • Depends on which week you look, Larry. but then that only lends credence to the instability theory…
      Keep it all local where you can SEE who you’re dealing with and things will be fine. Better there’s LGOP than a centralized target, anyways.

      And don’t believe in Fantasy Island. It smells like a trap.

    • Yep. That dude at the top is off the freaking rails.

      • Call me crazy all you want.
        But don’t ever call me st00pit.
        I’m fit as a muther focker.
        I don’t have to work.
        I can buy just about anything I want.

        Do you get it yet?

        • How much is legitimacy gonna run you?

          If you’ve still got money to waste after that, how about buying some posterity.

          Unless of course you don’t bank with the correct currencies.

        • the (((regime))) will, Judeo-communist Ukraine terror-famine stye, attempt to starve out the White countryside while feeding the ethno-urbans. FreeFor will then cut off the urban herd’s power, water, and food. It’ll be bloody…but do’able

    • If you mean our resident “special kids” yeah. 1 in particular seems to compelled to herp AND derp in every single post, as if the intrawebz wont be here tomorrow….. Almost as much money as he has misplaced ego.

  5. More ammo. Time is short. Get it before they pull it.

  6. Only a glutton for punishment would bother looting a grocery store. I’m too old and crippled for such foolishness.

    Grocery stores have almost no inventory “in the back”. Everything is delivered on a 3-day cycle at the last possible minute. These deliveries come from central hubs.

    The desperate man loots a grocery store.

    The smart man socks away his own supplies before looting becomes necessary.

    The wise man not only socks stuff away, but engineers a “special relationship” with the store manager (think two or three discretely placed gold eagles) for after-hours access, but also knows the location of the nearest two or three distribution hubs…

    They are playing checkers. YOU need to play “Go”.

  7. Diversity and civil rights, no such thing, they are cultural marxist gateway narratives to class war in all its forms as instruments to set the stage for civil war. That was the whole intent. Like racism. Another construct of social engineering. And SJW’s. Order out of chaos.
    But the laws of unintended consequences always get their say in things like this, they are as irrefutable as the clue bat. Even the best laid plans of fomenting social/political Armageddon never survive the battle field.
    It is the human and cultural terrain which is always on top.

    All the narratives lies and dissimulation you can muster doesn’t negate the truth. After a certain point the more revolutionary the truth becomes through attempting to revise it into something it isn’t, the more powerful in a revolutionary manner the truth becomes.
    It is the equation of diminishing returns of lies stacked upon lies stacked upon false narratives. Like all lies, they catch up on the liars till the truth becomes plainly evident the lies and narratives loose all power to manipulate. The lies, but most importantly the liars, become irrelevant, until the liars have no power either.
    It is a direct correlation to the events of the day, as we are witnessing the lies become ever more desperate in their scope and targets, ever more preposterous until everyone and everything becomes an expedient scapegoat or is tied to the diversity whipping post, it becomes lying for the sake of keeping up the lying, and the truth as it always will, like water, finds it’s own natural level.
    The truth sets you free.
    Liberty is like that, if liberty is anything it is the truth of things. Ignore both or either and your not free. No matter how it is sliced, everything comes back to the truth it all begins with each of us.

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  9. (Prehistoric/”Og have sharpest spear.Og strong.Og kill sloth.Eat meat.Give fur to mates.Ugh.Og smart.(Historic/”Why I ken outshoot,outride,outrope,and outscrew any man livin or dead!I ken lasso a lighthnin bolt and sling it upside yer haid!When I come aroun the wimmen lay down and the men all go play dead!(Present/”When I get paid is when I get laid,when I make bank the gold goes Klank!I gots all o the toys that brings me joys an Im the envy of all o dem boys!I don care bout whatevah you say cause Im a hater and I love it dat way!”(Future/Never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch,Sad./Yawn.