Denninger: The Clinton Crime Family


Who’s Pulling The Strings?

More importantly, do you understand what these people are going to do once they move into the POTUS Palace?

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    My money is on the Arab states-God knows that they paid enough. Nothing like taking care of your friends and family: no wonder Chelsea has a 10 million dollar apartment.
    After the election is gonna be so interesting.

  2. These people are corrupt to the core and need to removed from public office and view forever.

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    Over the last few days a number of interesting reports have surfaced with regard to Hillary.

    One of them is that Preet Bharara is investigating (along with other branches of the FBI and DOJ) the Clinton Foundation. It’s about damn time, given that some of the “hacked” emails that were released appear to make a facial case that the foundation has been involved in “pay to play” schemes involving foreign nationals, a blatantly corrupt practice that, if true, violates a number of federal statutes.

    Then there is the raw “in your face” middle finger Clinton has erected in the direction of James Comey at the FBI. By repeatedly claiming that she was “truthful” and that Comey said she was she has quite-effectively backed him into a corner.

    You see, if she was truthful about classified data being on the server in her FBI interview (remember that Comey said there was such material present) and she admitted it then she (1) admitted the elements of the crime in question since intent is not a factor in that statute and worse (2) she admitted to committing perjury before the US Congress since she claimed no such transmission or reception took place.

    If she was not truthful about the data being on the server then she lied to the FBI and that is a (separate and distinct) crime, along with the aforementioned perjury.

    This places the FBI in a rather interesting position, all out in public. Either they formally refer charges to the Department of Justice (which makes for an interesting dark material meets fan blades moment) or the FBI destroys its own credibility as the US Federal Law Enforcement agency by openly refusing to bring a criminal complaint when someone publicly gives them the middle finger on national television.

    A failure to act at this point would be a literal public declaration by our Federal Law Enforcement agency that rich and powerful people will not go to prison irrespective of what laws they violate.

    • The way I see things, pig hunting season opens on 9 November if this country’s “Law Enforcement” fails to take appropriate action against the treasonous whore and her enablers before then.

    • neither Comey nor the FBI have a shred of “credibility” now. Lisa must be enjoying the punishment: “but…but…but…she’s a crook, they must indict..fume…splutter”. How many times do I have to say this and be proven right (again): There Will Be No Indictment. The entire System is (((core)))-rotten.

    • Comedy was never backed into any corner. He’s an errand boy, bought and paid for.

  4. Mike Bishop

    *Seth Rich couldn’t be reached for comment.

  5. I have no use for the Clintons, but it always strikes me as strange, this righteous indignation that someone tried to minimize their taxes. I suppose he’s hitting the hypocrite point; but still, no decent person bemoans the fact that the government stole less money than it might have. Unless you love the government…

  6. Trump said on Fox News tonight that if elected president that the Clinton-FBI-Justice Dept. would have to be looked into because these recent events have been so unusual and un-American. Bureaucrats as well as political appointees will have to ponder what happens to them if Trump is elected and they have cover up crimes. Giuliani and Christie could scorch some rear ends. Orange jump suits are needed for these smug elitist progreSSive criminal bureaucrats. State,Justice, IRS,EPA, Bureau of Land Mgt., FBI, ….All need investigating and prosecuting.


    Truth is its own defense. However, the Amerikan Sheeple do not want to know the truth and, even if they did, it would not matter. These criminals are impervious to anything because the cancer of their criminality and that of the other crime family(Bush) has metastasized to such a degree that the spread has already consumed the entire body politic.
    The media, the legions of the FSA, the Wimmen, and even the Dead Elephant Party puppet masters will shield the Hildabeest and her minions from any serious examination of the many high crimes and misdemeanors. It’s all unfolding as it should. The disintegration started many presidents ago. Your community is your country. Get ready.

  8. These people are fighting for their lives now, and they know it. It isn’t just about gaining the white house or becoming richer; it’s about keeping the whole shebang from tumbling down, and that would entail pulling down people much richer and more powerful than the Clintons. The trailer-trash venality of the Clintons matters little in the long run. It’s about treason and the selling out of an entire nation at multiple levels and over the course of decades, and it goes to the very heart of this government. Too many lives and reputations are at stake to allow for the possibility of failure.

    • I hope you understand that “these people” are not just the Clintons, but are instead EVERY globalist politician in this country, along with their puppet masters. What’s truly special is that they understand my motto:

      They stand behind their Blue Wall and laugh, because they know the Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

      And they know full well what will happen to them and theirs if TRUMP signs those paychecks. Especially if he puts Judge Andrew Napolitano in as Attorney General. And the best way to get there is most likely demand Lynch’s resignation, then install Judge Napolitano as the acting AG, and wait a few months before officially submitting his nomination. That way he can have the DoJ already showing the massive corruption and treason committed by so many, making it far more difficult for the Senate to reject the nomination. Especially since many of those shown to be corrupt and treasonous will be sitting Senators.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Annnndddddd…….Donnie nailed it.

      The successful election of Mr Trump will only serve to make these people all the more desperate. And dangerous.

    • You’re right. The stakes are existential for the bastards which means that, if he wins, Trump is a dead man.

      Mike Pence would get the message.