Going Full Cat-Lady


Interesting POV.

Going to have to go more directly at the millions of broken, bitter, barren females home alone with their CSI reruns and “just one glass” of box chardonnay to convince them that their fate was decreed by Friedan, Steinem, and the rest of the Angry Bint Squad.

It’s the home base of Rodhamism.

17 responses to “Going Full Cat-Lady

  1. The more women I meet, the better my understanding of the benefits of masturbation.

  2. When the West was sane, “feminists” were sent to the pile./ S//

  3. Make them all into Meow Mix…

  4. Look through them all and find the good one. Then marry it and be done with the rest. Even when they’re not trying to cause trouble, they’re still causing trouble.

    Oh, and if you pick one that isn’t the good one, it’s on you.

  5. Donald Trump could be live streamed beating a Nun with a dead cat and I will still vote for him. Such is my loathing for that lying traitorous bitch Klinton. And besides, I’m not catholic and I don’t like cats.

  6. Correction- Clinton: corrupt, criminal, crazy cat c-word.
    Lucifer and Saul are keeping her retirement home warm for her.

  7. There is a reason you don’t want a woman POTUS, and especially this one.
    It’s part of the ‘hell hath no fury’ comment. It will be get-even time for Hillary for all the wrongs against her that she’s put up with and all the evil and compromising she has committed to get to the top.
    Better be praying her health crashes on live TV before 8Nov.

    • I fully expect Trump to start a line of inquiry on Clinton that triggers a spaz attack, right there on national TV.

  8. A competent, normal female that understands where she falls in the natural order and accepts it is literally about 1:100,000. One under 30 is probably 1:1,000,000. There’s a reason the birth rate among whites here is reaching extinction level, and feminists are largely to blame. Androgyny doesn’t result in children. You get cat ladies and pajama boys, neither having the proclivity or even fit to reproduce.

  9. Her visceral acts begs the question; is she snapping under the weight of the light being shined upon her (go Julian Assange go !!!!!! ), or is she simply making a virtual campaign stop into the unconstrained, far-left, man-hating, “tail wagging the dog”, segment of the population known as la la land?

  10. Dave Soloway has a great article today on AT (don’t really know why he writes for such a sophomoric site, but there it is).

    He is an unusual Canadian in that he is actually deep thinker and great wordsmith.

    This one is on the perils of allowing wimmin to vote or be in charge of any elected office; He absolutely nails it:


    Truer words wuz never written.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Steve Kristmann

    The clintons are pathological abusers; hiligula dreams of rodhamising the entire country (with help from her moslima muff muncher huma, who she’s been abedin since they’ve met).

    hiligula is definitely psycho bitch batshit crazy along with totally in full crazy cat lady anger mode (whether or not huma keeps munchin or not!!).


    Here’s what wannabee oligarchs like the clintons, bushes and all the rest of them and their sycophants enablers desperately need and deserve:

    Yours In Liberty w/o tolerating any crazy cat lady bullshit from anyone but especially the hidabeest!
    NorthGunner III