HRC “Alt-right” Speech Transcript

Pre-delivery version from her campaign.

Z Blog: The Haters Ball

Vdare: Hillary’s Clueless Speech On What The #AltRightMeans

147 days.

20 responses to “HRC “Alt-right” Speech Transcript

  1. The speechwriters for HRC say Mister Trump is against semites.
    The speechwriters for HRC say Mister Trump doesn’t trust one or more judges.
    The speechwriters for HRC say Mister Trump is an opponent of HRC.
    Cool! He has my votes!
    Remember, vote early and often.

  2. There is no button to push to make it stop.

  3. “At this point, what diff……..” does it make who gives a fuck?

    I have no fucks left to give.

    This evil succubus spawn of satan will wallow in filth for Eternity…

    Never forget that!

  4. re “mustyone”, refr my comment on CA’s next post

  5. Yah and I heard the Iron Sheik refused a steel cage match with Hungry Huma too.

    Politics is now more than ever just theater.

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  7. Reflect on the fact that the evil, traitorous, ball-gagged whore of DC herself is trying to literally SCARE everyone into thinking SHE is the lesser of two evils. Were it not so serious, it would be funny.

  8. Mike Bishop

  9. Bill Harzia

    Let’s get this show on the road. I’m starting to get an assortment of old-age health problems, and may not be able to wait much longer. I’d kind of like to get my seven* before I kick the bucket.

    (* One of me gets [at least] seven of them. Like I said, I’m aging, and may not be able to do more.)

  10. The Alt-Right isn’t an ideology, nor a political movement, it is a zeitgeist well armed and a cold merciless pitiless resolve. It is the human terrain balancing itself from the tyranny of the lowest common denominator of the globalists and cultural marxist. And they don’t have a clue how to counter it. Because they can’t conceive the idea there is no countering The Alt-Right.
    It is the dirt people quietly, steadfastly, and ruthlessly going about their revolution. And because of these things it can not be stopped or “reasoned” with, it isn’t afraid of anything that doesn’t traditionally belong to that zeitgeist.
    It doesn’t give a rats ass about the left, the cucks, the cronies, the trough feeders, the faggots, black lies matter and sjw’s, nothing effects the Alt-Right.

  11. If Hitlery were a fish, her jowls would be chock full of fishhook perforations from the bait she has taken and ran away with over the years…what a dumb bitch!

    Yesterday, she gave credence to Jones, Trump, Breitbart, Drudge, etc. and created another tin foil hat conspiracy organization, the “alt-right”. (her previous “vast right-wing conspiracy went nowhere years ago). It’s quite obvious she’s got nothing anymore. InfoWars sent out a reporter asking her puppet supporters what they thought about her bringing up the Alt-Right topic during her speech and they all replied with blank stares…some admitted they didn’t know what it was while the “deeper-thinking-morons” acted as if “it was about time she brought it to light”, still oblivious to what it actually means.

    Vdare gets it correct that we are in uncharted territory now. We’re closer more now than ever to the “Big Fuck You”.

  12. “The difference between the Left and Right today is over patronage and how often to bomb the muzzies.”

    That’s the left-right paradigm in a nutshell. Anyway it was always a fake, a way of enforcing the “3×5 card of allowable political opinion” as Tom Woods likes to put it.


    … noui
    consilia et ueteres quaecumque monetis amici,
    “pone seram, cohibes.” sed quis custodiet ipsos
    custodes? qui nunc lasciuae furta puellae
    hac mercede silent crimen commune tacetur.

    … I know
    the plan that my friends always advise me to adopt:
    “Bolt her in, constrain her!” But who can watch
    the watchmen? They keep quiet about the girl’s
    secrets and get her as their payment; everyone hushes it up.

    “Call no man your father…”

  14. ¡Viva Pepe!

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  16. The #1 thing you have to understand about the alt-right. None of them give a flying fuck what you think.
    #2, They have a hatred, bordering on psychosis, against political correctness, where telling the truth is the ultimate form of hate speech.
    #3, They have no guilt feelings about being white. None. Every race has its idiots. 90% of all medicine, engineering, science, comes from white men. Your welcome.

  17. The Walkin' Dude

    I love it. We are not going anywhere, and we will continue to gain momentum. Bring all the hate you want, Killary. It is fuel to our fire. We will take our civilization back. Praise Kek!