Sensing: How Artillery Will Ruin Your Whole Afternoon

Turn up the volume.

Sure glad no redlegs are gonna side with Old Pissbag.

Got fighting positions?


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  1. Everybody knows “militias” do not need artillery (or mortars for that matter, or other crew served weapons). They are invincibly girded with their small arms and the Constitution.


    • And you, Steve, are invincibly girded in your arrogance and assumed superiority.

      The Man who would be, er… serve the king.

      Validation seeking muffocker.

    • There is a difference between ‘do not need’ and can’t afford and can’t “legally” own either the arty or the live ammo.
      Is your plan B to roll over and die ? (Plan A being ‘we gotz us a king and we all B Catholic whether you want to be or not’)
      Well not yours, but what you think everyone remotely interested in at least trying should do.

    • You left out ‘and the righteous hand of God Almighty.’

    • meh.

      if all the you military professionals are so smart, it surely would be reflected in civilian life. tell me barry, did you become wealthy after leaving service with all your expertise? I left the army with nothing but a bad knee, a new motorcycle, and and a bag of clothes. 15 years later I retired from the work force as a rich man. do you think guys like me need washed-up green beanies or can’t get our hands on arty, armor, and aircraft?


      In the words of Capt Kirk…

      “I’m laughing at your superior intellect”

  2. Well, I was going to say; “no aiming stakes. Yay!”

  3. And in lulls between fighting you can change your oil

  4. Thank you.

  5. This is another one of these “articles” where I can’t decide if they are intentionally defeatist or just naively written by someone who wants to just write something scary mililtary like and feels hardcore for it.

    1) For one Artillery requires a fully intact, large logistics train to function or it will quickly peter out after just a couple of volleys.
    How do I know? Former Artillery BN Logistics Officer
    An artillery battery without steady and high volume resupply cannot influence the battle field with just its organic ammo load. Can that be maintained in a COIN fight in this country full of natural choke point?
    NO even less than in ….:

    2) Iraq… Arty simply gets used rarely in a COIN fight. And contributes little unless given the most open ROE ..(think WW2 allied ROE in german cities where civilian causalities where not just accepted but clearly desired by all allied armies).
    How do we know about Arty effectivess with a tight ROE.? Most Arty units in Iraq became Ersatz MPs.
    The notion that the ROE inside the US will be freer than in Iraq is absurd.
    Aaaaand unlike Iraq to the compartmentalized terrain typical in the US we actually have LOTS more choke point (bridges passes etc) than Iraq ( back to point 1)

    • Exactly as a red legger sent to Iraq for convoy security and quick reactionary force with limited ROE late in the game I can say that’s all true. It was fun yelling fire mission! when we got called out on mission though. I think I had more fun driving and gunning in the mraps than the Paladins anyway. The incoming rockets sucked though, I was in the place formally known as mortoritaville where their chow hall got blown up. After a while you stopped running for the bunkers and laid in your bunk until it was over and went back to sleep.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The notion that the ROE inside the US will be freer than in Iraq is absurd.”

      Depends on the nature of the conflict. If it’s a low-intensity sort of thing, yeah, the ROE would be very, very strict for most things. If it goes Beirut-in-the-80s/Sarajevo-in-the-90s, then they’ll be pretty lax.

  6. I tried to tell this to the “freefor” for a while till that mouthy jerkoff MOSBY (not his real name) (among others) started trolling me every time I did. I carry an E-Tool and regularly use it in different soil’s. Its part of my regular training. Digging in, with effective overhead cover is your ONLY “survival option” Vs. a modern military equipped with TACAIR and ARRTY. no matter WHAT the internet “experts” tell you. ONE MORE TIME. EVERY MAN in any militia unit should carry an E-tool , be it saw ,ax, spade, machete or pick.(the fewer men you have the more shit you gotta carry) Every fifth man should carry a full size spade or pick. Every man should dig an NDP EVERY DAY!! A “shell scrape” AKA a “ranger grave” AT MINIMUM. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a troll and is full of shit. Ignore them.

  7. Keep in mind that the munitions in those videos appear to be conventional high explosive rounds. If cluster munitions are used, the results will be far more devastating. To make matters worse for those potentially on the receiving end, the guns appear to be 130 K 54 (Soviet M-46) 130mm field guns. These are relatively small, old pieces with nothing like the destructive power of the larger 152mm guns (common Russian) or 155mm guns (common NATO). These types will be the ones most likely to be encountered in the event of a shooting war, particularly if the Neocons get their way and we end up in a war with Russia. Of course we don’t even want to talk about what MLRS artillery can do.

    • Re: MLRS

      When I was in, they poo poo’d this beastly bitch. Only because it was a game changer and didn’t want to demoralize us infantrymen…

  8. In another lifetime I was a Forward Observer. I got to work ALL kinds of fire support assets. We had only 60mm organic mortars in house, but we had everything from attack helicopters and Spectre gunships to fast movers, to naval gunfire at our disposal , depending on the mission. I was always in awe of the destructive capacity at my call. I would NEVER want to be on the receiving end, especially when employed by a skilled FO and a good gun crew. The word devastating doesn’t quite seem to describe it.

  9. My father was a red leg…VM era.

    I lived in Lawton (Ft. Sill) – hey Wirecutter – I done been an Okie.

    ….fire mission – ..over…

    (Map coordinates)

    spotting round….

    …shot out…

    –.. splash…

    …pour it on…HE quick…


  10. Having actually been under artillery and mortar fire, it can definitely ruin your afternoon, and a lot of other afternoons due to rehab and skin grafts and surgery. In 1971, my 1SG was still going to hospital and getting shrapnel removed from his hands and back, from WW2 and Korea. Being armed with small arms and the Constitution hardly makes one invincible, sarcasm aside. Mortars and Artillery are VERY EXPENSIVE propositions, unless of course, you steal what belongs to your enemy. They can be used effectively in 4G operations to harass and for raids and other intercepts, but used as a preparation for an assault is a whole other matter, mostly concerning support and finance. Lest we get ahead of ourselves, it takes keen knowledge of artillery employment, a competent FDC, commo, ammo, transportation, usually mechanized, and on and on to use arty as an effective fighting force. It is not for nothing that it is it’s own branch in the military. Love the stuff. Hate having it used on me. A big budget eater.

  11. Max Alexander

    Yet realize that if you are able to dig, with overhead protection, this is mostly harmless to you. Of course, if you are being shelled, why? And what comes after?

  12. The Usual Suspect

    Sarcasm will get you nowhere, Walter Mitty’s 2ed
    Amendment guarantees us our firearms freedom.
    And besides the military would NEVER use THOSE
    kinds of weapons on Muricans .
    Would They ?????

  13. At age 15 in 1949 I saw Midway, Wake and Corregidor. Blown to crap. In 1954 I saw Inchon, Yong Dong Po and Seoul. More crap.

    The latter cities reinforced my earlier notion that bombs and heavy artillery are not proper for urban renewal and landscaping. Or people.

    But if you like that sort of thing, vote for Hillary.

  14. In other words, farming for survival is a sucker’s game. Right?

  15. tubes and sighting equipment are not the problem, munitions are

  16. As the Arty boys say, “artillery brings a touch of elegance to what would otherwise be a vulgar brawl”.

  17. My Red Leg father says…

    “The receiving end of even smaller stuff like mortars and rockets is no fun. And shrapnel hitting anything makes a very scary noise. Can you imagine enduring an hour or two of constant artillery on your position followed up by tanks and infantry? If you didn’t already believe that war is hell, you would believe it for sure right about then.”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There’s a reason that troops in WWI suffered shell shock from all those extended barrages. It doesn’t even have to hit you to fuck you up.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Please read insurgency warfare and watch Red Dawn again, also take a look at the war in Afghanistan and then come back to us Barry.

    • Don’t bother, Batman.

      He’s the warrior philosopher, knight errant of kings and princes.

      We are mere proles, soon to be serfs of his vassal estates.

      • oughtsix,

        Now dare you denigrate Barry “Livin’-in-the-Past”, Sergeant First Class, RETIRED ? ? ? According to my good, Internet pal MichiganJim/Jim Klein, I’m the one who is always bad-mouthing folks here. ’06, you be stealin’ my thunder ! ☺

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  21. My little bro was a redleg Marine. The last arbiter of kings and for several hundred years the primary mechanism for battle field casualties.
    Understand that Irish dudes with good welding skills cooked up insurgent forms of artillery. Unguided stuff is not that hard. Rockets red glare indeed.