SLL: The Choice, Part Two – The Biggest Challenge


Part II.

Part I here.


4 responses to “SLL: The Choice, Part Two – The Biggest Challenge

  1. What a screwed up way to spend your time, or the last days of murka, chasing a damn dollar bill. I’m still amazed at the financial futility that’s experienced across the fruited plain. All those years, all them paydays…

  2. The good new?

    “The term “social sciences”—often derisively termed “soft sciences” by practitioners of the hard sciences—is actually a misnomer. It links the word science to decidedly unscientific endeavors, clashes of opinion that ignore facts and evidence, shun observation, and reject logic. Perhaps this would be acceptable if the anti-intellectuals could be confined to their own pretentious preening and groups. Unfortunately, they and their mentally stunted progeny have nothing but contempt, usually outright hatred, for those who have the required intellectual equipment to understand and deal with reality and are successful doing so. Like a horde of mosquitos carrying a deadly disease, these lethal pests are infecting everything from which they can draw blood, and left unchecked, will inexorably wipe out the host population. Unfortunately, even a container of pesticide equipped with Dr. Kelly’s sprayer can’t wipe them out.”

    The bad news?

    The reverse is also true.

    But the first half or so of that graf is a quote for the ages, regardless.

    Socialist scientisms.

  3. Mr. Gore,
    I think you would be interested in the following
    via atomizing/nebulizing/diffusing:

    Edward R Close PhD, PE, shows how a blend of plant
    extract eliminates three species of mold in as little as 24 hours.

    Remember when the Three Magi’s gave baby Jesus
    frankincense & myrrh?

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

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