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  1. Within the DHS article, here’s the money quote:

    “The Center for Homeland Security Quantitative Analysis (CHSQA) shall develop the next generation of mathematical,
    computational, and statistical theories, as well as algorithms, methods, and tools to advance the quantitative
    analysis capabilities of DHS.”

    Think this: Garbage in, garbage out. Very soon now, “The Computer” will be printing out our names and addresses for DHS brown shirts to raid because we’re known critics of our half breed, mouth breathing, drug addled, marxist sodomite barry soetoro and his enablers. Or maybe because out names are associated with the purchase of guns, ammunition, reloading supplies, prepping supplies….whatever. It won’t matter at all what the metric is.

    Some zit covered, lard assed ‘analyst’ will create a ‘scenario’ or ‘what if table’ that mines DHS data that WILL get you targeted for arrest, imprisonment or in the case of say, Lavoy Finicum, execution.

    Conduct yourselves accordingly.

  2. Mike Bishop

    Speaking of local, self-reliance and community-building…

    Pete, you might want to share this.

    From the, “You Can’t Make This Shit Up Files”:

    “Louisiana Officials Demand That Self-Reliant Locals Stop Surviving the Flood Without Permission”