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A reader sends:

With the rise of Donald Trump, the plan of the political elites has been to provoke violence and blame it on him, thus scaring the normal populace. Early-on there were the road-blockings, the threatened riots, the cancelled events in Chicago and Cincinnati, the beatings, the police ordered to “look the other way”…and it has continued: The screaming harassment and physical attacks on Trump supporters as they leave his rallies. The spitting. The intimidation. The thrown eggs. The shoves and punches. The cars blocked and damaged. The hats snatched off people’s heads, stomped on, and then burned on the ground. All of it approvingly ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media.

And through it all, the Trump brigades remain oddly docile.

The elites and their leftist thugs doubtless have concluded that Trump supporters are incapable of retaliating. In other words, the elites and their supporters see the Trump movement as placid and toothless. People may be attacked and abused at will, without consequence.

That is going to be shown to be a big mistake. The people who support Trump are increasingly well-armed, and increasingly seething with justifiable rage. For now they hold back. Donald Trump himself has repeatedly observed that “the safest place in America” for anti-Trump protesters is at Trump rallies. And that is true. For now (except for the one old cowboy who punched out the protester, he was an octogenarian outlier). Why is this? Why the docility in the face of clear provocation?

It is because Trump supporters understand that any retaliatory violence now will be instantly, widely, and incessantly portrayed by the whorish mainstream media as proof that “Trump is dangerous” and “Trump’s movement is violent” and “Trump invites violence.” So his supporters endure the abuse. They endure the spittle. They endure the shoves and punches. They endure the theft of their possessions. They endure the damaged cars and the incessant harassment. For now, for the sake of their political movement and the candidacy of Donald Trump they do not strike back,

But what happens after the election? It matters not who wins. If Hillary Clinton is elected, by hook or by crook, the mass movement harnessed by Donald Trump will be free to respond to physical attacks. If Donald Trump wins the Presidency, there will similarly be no reason to continue to endure physical attacks and humiliations by the street thugs of the Democrats. Whether Trump or Hillary Clinton is in the White House, there will be no reason to hold back.

Fred Reed, who almost always gets it right, wrote the other day as follows:

“It is easy to underestimate the peasantry, the little people. They appear well under control. All seems calm, unless one looks carefully. The means of control work smoothly: the legions, the church, the media, the secret police, the enforcers of political correctness. The serfs are cowed. Why worry about a distant peonage? Do we not have our castles? Let us dance and drink champagne….True, the rise of Donald Trump may disturb the elites a bit as they enrich themselves by sending more jobs abroad. But not to worry. Trump is only Mussolini by Disney and the fury his supporters feel toward New York and Washington will go away once we have Hillary in office. Fly-over land doesn’t really matter anyway.”

Whatever happens after this Presidential election, it will have been unleashed by the corporate elites and their servants in the media and elsewhere. They will be responsible for blood in the streets.

And many will cheer it.

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  1. The decisions are becoming easier and easier as the calendar approaches November 8th. The list of people who would be (and would not be) defended from tyranny has never been more comprehensive. Balkanization has not been this defined since the 1860s. The “to do” and “to get” lists are getting shorter; “nice to have” items are not on the same page as the “need to have” items. No time or resources spent on vacations, on farting around, or on bullshit like movies…it’s all business until winter; along side of the usual preparations for winter proceed in earnest.

    Priorities of work for Nov 9th-Jan 20th; drop off the face of the…..REDACTED like huma’s emails.

  2. From his keyboard to God’s Ears………………………

    And, yes, that all resonates with me.

    The succubus “wins,” all bets are off. Better not presume to fuck with me.

    Trump wins? Better not fuck with me, ever again

    • The problem with that is, succubi are usually extremely sexy and attractive female demons. Although Shitlery is a demon, she is and never has been attractive, or sexy, or even worth a fifth look in the bar at closing time with beer goggles on.

  3. “a reader” and Fred-in-Mexico are mistaken. The White Trumpaholics do not respond to violent provocation…because most still believe they can vote their way out of a Judeo-globalist ethnic deathtrap that has already snapped shut. And they’ll keep on believing this nonsense, so long as the debtbuck buys stuff

    • Well, if Hitlary gets in, I think the faith in voting will finally be gone. Every once in a while reality breaks through to people. But you are probably correct if Trump wins. So the premise of this post seems to be wrong; the outcome won’t be the same with either as prez.

      • “faith in voting will finally be gone”. Yes, for the rural and some suburban Whites. The Urban Whites are locked into self-liquidation, in return for a cut of the debt-pie. But ff Trump wins, it’s a disaster for FreeFor…though too many here still haven’t figured this out: it’d be another 4-to-8 year patriotard smother

    • SemperFi, 0321

      In a nutshell.
      For whatever reason, we white patriots keep waiting for the masses to wake up, and join us in taking our nation back from the globalist’s grip.
      Ain’t gonna happen, they are too brainwashed, stupid, lazy and cowardly to even understand what’s happening, let alone respond to a threat. Voting is all they understand, it’s their great hope in life that one day they’ll hit the jackpot, if the game weren’t rigged…..
      They will deserve their chains, and we our nooses.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “For whatever reason, we white patriots keep waiting for the masses to wake up, and join us in taking our nation back from the globalist’s grip.
        Ain’t gonna happen, they are too brainwashed, stupid, lazy and cowardly to even understand what’s happening, let alone respond to a threat.”

        Consider also how little reason is offered to join us. Look at all the folks fanturbating about millions of dead, starving everyone in the cities, etc. “Fuck you, we want you dead, and dead in as slow and horrific a manner as possible.” is NOT a good recruiting speech. At least the globalists offer people life – perhaps not the best one, but life, nevertheless.

        • “…At least the globalists offer people life…”

          What kind of life is being a peon with no hope of EVER “making it”?
          Sure glad I didn’t live by your beliefs. I’d still be working.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            Way to miss the point. All I’m saying is that Team Liberty needs to get a lot better at demonstrating reasons for people to side with it, rather than either dismissing it, or siding against it. The dedicated collectivists are a lost cause, but there are plenty of decent people who can be brought over. Simply offering greater contempt for the average person than do the leaders of the collectivist side just guarantees that most people will end up being more or less antipathetic to the Liberty side.

            • Quote of the Decade there, Jimmy.

            • I got the point.

              It’s just wasting time and energy on dead men walking. It’s too late for newbies and vetting them, they’ll just monkey wrench fine tuned plans. It took me years to get squared away and I have the background and resources. Besides, mobile sandbags are needed to cover our movements. Everyone will play their part, even if they don’t know it…


      • Semperfi 0321, we patriots desperately need leadership. Our ‘Liberty Movement’ so-called leaders write articles complaining about the latest losses of liberties but the whining is never followed by the word ‘therefore’.

        Year after year the globalists get stronger and we patriots get older and balder and get aged out of the fight. It is us who remember what living free was like. It was us who were the last ones to actually help build what is being destroyed.

        Say what you want about the Confederates but at least they fought Federal tyranny.

    • White people in general don’t riot because they have too much to lose. They know that if they burn down their hood, they will have to repair it or live in rubble. Blacks don’t seem bothered with living in sh*t. Whites still focus heavily on school, careers, suvs , cutting the grass, voting etc., figuring the police will handle anything really serious. P.S. Fred and I were in the Nam at the same time, USMC, so cut him some slack, read some of his books to see where he is coming from.

  4. colddeadhandsdays

    Let me tell you, as much as I want to smash the faces in of smug liberals the things that I would like to see done to the powers that be in Washington that liberal Hollywood elite New York financiers and billionaires like Mark Cuban pale by comparison. I agree wholeheartedly that if it meant hot the leftists and the mobs wouldn’t know what hit them.

  5. ALCON,

    I’m not so sure docility is a virtue.

  6. “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump booms from a speakerphone. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” – Donald Trump

    The only thing I agree with is that the cucks are going to be surprised when the rug gets pulled out from under them. Keep voting. Your vote matters! Less filling, tastes great.

    Stay positive, keep prepping.

  7. When coloreds get pissed, they burn down their own neighborhood. When whites get pissed, we destroy whole countries.

  8. Pent up seething rage can only be kept in check for just so long. I am for one an ready to let the dogs run!

  9. Centurion_Cornelius

  10. When was the last honest election in America? 2000? Was that just enough cheating for Bush or an underestimate by gore?

    • When was the last honest election in America?

      I’m sorry – I don’t understand the question?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I’m still laughing myself silly over those who think Reagan or Bush were our last good guys……….hell, everybody knows it was FDR. 🙂

  11. Most trump supporters are the same ones who wouldn’t fart without having a permit to do so so i am not sure if them getting beat up and violated all the time “for the cause” is a deliberate tactic or just a result of a people who still think the system actually works. I feel its more fear of actually standing up for ones self and the concequences thay follow in this f’d up society.

    No matter which way this swing its going to suck for all of us. One side has already proved it can stomach a fight…

    • I’m old… too old to hump a pack from one room to the next so I know what part I’ll play in any shooting war… Target! but I still watch and listen to my younger neighbors as they discuss their options.

      They’re going to be tough – as long as the government lets them keep their guns and ammo. If someone brings up the subject of restricted weapons their first response is about whether or not they can get a permit to own them. They also worry about whether their neighbors will consider them “nut jobs” for stockpiling food, water and guns.

      They’ve been brainwashed… Hell, their parents were brainwashed to trust in the government when anything goes wrong. They know (intellectually) that the government is the cause of whatever problem they’re presently experiencing but they don’t have the heart to completely condemn that same government lest they be called upon to help correct the problem.

      We are a nation of cowards, except for a very few, some of whom are still only tough between their noses and chins or in the pseudo-privacy of their computer. But some will fight and many will die and while the tree of liberty will soak up their blood it may still produce bitter fruit. Our once-great country will never be the same.

  12. “They will be responsible for blood in the streets.”

    It’s what they strive for. It is the intent. Order out of chaos.

    • Then they will have dead pigs.

      • Respect all honest opinions sir but another dead LEO will have little to no impact. They’re but servants to their masters. And that’s what the masters count on. Patriots focusing on their servants. Don’t be that guy.

        • Remember what you wrote when the hired thugs are kicking your door in at 4am.

          The elite can only harm you through their hired thugs.

          Your priorities are wrong.

          • Both answers are right. The goons will start looking for a safer line of work when they experience some serious incoming fire. And the rulers who own the goons will lose enthusiasm also. It is a target-rich environment.


            Ghostsniper: It is not just the elite. There was a recent article on the ‘Net about a bunch of Louisville, KY cops who were refused service at a local Taco Bell. Of course, there were profuse apologies by the franchise owner, bla, bla, bla, etc. The important thing about the article were the comments. The commenting folks wanted to hang the two Bart Simpsons who wanted to: “…mess up the cops.”
            My point is there are still millions of Greenwoodies out there who are still drinking the Kool-Aid. If you asked them tomorrow about LaVoy Finicum, Kelly Thomas, Miriam Carey, and the hundreds of other INNOCENT CITIZENS who have been maimed and killed by the thugs with badges, you would get either a blank stare or a lot of huffing and puffing about how: “they should have cooperated and complied.” Circumstances have not come to a head. It is still not time yet. I, for one do not even talk to these useful idiots.

            • Yup. I’m disgusted when I go into town and see what the sub-human landscape has morphed into. Even the ones who “look” intelligent -aren’t.

              I stick to my 100-200 million dead in Fusa to bring back balance.
              it’s the only way. Here’s a great jam to soothe the anxiety.

  13. Two observations —

    1) A high percentage of Trump supporters are Christians. Their beliefs hold anger and rebuke in reserve. But it is not infinite.

    2) The Secularists better hope Trump wins. They have not figured out yet that with Trump ‘in the system’ they have a better lock on him. If Trump loses he is free to pursue whatever political aims he wishes unfettered by the constraints of the ‘system’. Nor are his followers going away regardless. He could become a political wrecking ball just like he did to the GOP.

    • after Mrs. Clinton wins, the Donald will go back to his penthouse and sulk like a little boy. And the the Reds and the Zionists will be all together on the bridge of the Titanic, celebrating their victory, as it accelerates toward the debtberg

  14. I have been recently studying the conflict in Ukraine. One thing that stood out to me and seemed rather odd was the fight over the Donetsk Airport. When one looks at this location via overhead pictures there is no strategic value to the location. It is well out on the Western edge of the city of Donetsk and surrounded by a large swath of open farm fields. Strategically it has little value. Until one side pushes the other well outside of artillery range it cannot be utilized for its intended purpose. It became however, a central point of conflict in the area. Both Separatist and Government forces poured resources into holding on to its main structures. When you see videos from the fight or its aftermath you cannot help but marvel at the devastation inflicted not on the men who occupied it but on the facilities themselves. The buildings the vehicles and support equipment all literally shredded by small arms and shrapnel. The two sides seemed to have just vented their collective rage into the very terrain of the airport and its buildings. Nothing has been left unscathed.
    You see this again and again in the videos and reports coming from the entire conflict. Men armed with modern small arms and heavy weapons
    discharging them at shadows in tree lines until they run low on ammunition.
    It leaves me believing that the conflict while political in nature is also a pressure tap. A safety valve that finally gave way and vented a national outrage at 20 years of political helplessness. The people finally had SOMETHING that they controlled and something that showed a physical result.
    We are in a mirror situation here. The amazing thing is that so far we have not seen any indication of ethnic murders beyond the normal civilians trapped in a war zone.
    I dont think we will have that same result here.

  15. In some very fundamental ways, key word some, electoral participation, litigation, counter agitprop, peaceful protesting in all it’s form is redress, it is insurgency in it’s own right, it is redress, and regardless of the seeming insurmountable obstacles the Potemkin media portrays resistance is futile, all of it is effective, it is effective because it only requires a constant application of resistance bit by bit, heart by heart, mind by mind, one little bit at a time, like rust on a steel bridge, to undermine the inherently rotten politically and most importantly culturally unstable foundations of cultural marxism. These are critical appropriate moral forms of redress which are critical to setting the stage for violent redress, moral imperatives suitable to the moment, till shooting the bastards becomes the overriding moral imperative.
    Just saying.
    Remember, there’s more than one way to run a crusade of liberty for traditional, read bitter clingers, Western Christian values and first principles.

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    Yes, CA, I think you are right. Either way this election goes, the streets will be filled with blood, chaos, and super ignited change. The Elites/Leftists/LGBT/bottom rung scum suckers on each side-will be convinced that they, and they alone, will be upended to rule the world with Hildabeast. The Trump crowd is convinced that GOD is on their side, and as such, will take us back to the days of Eisenhower.
    I see all of us; who have suffered the threats, loss of liberty, and innumerable phases, aspects, variations. and other cuts to our very souls as unleashed and unfettered. We are not impressed with an annointed degree in Early Diversity BS, nor are we cowed by the well dressed snobs at luncheon. It just doesn’t matter that much. The great thing is-we can finally clean out the riff-raff.
    147 days indeed.

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Had to go to the bank today. As I left, I struck up a conversation with the armed guard outside. He is a retired L.A. cop who bought a piece of land in south-central Washington. He said that when the balloon goes up he will side with the people. Not only that, but he says that most of the active-duty police in L.A. will do the same.
    He then went on to say that most of the employees of the company he works for have planned for what to do if it starts while they are at work. Since there is a large contingent of National Guard and military reserves doing the same sort of work, they also will fight on the side of Freefor.
    Now then, this was a conversation with one man attempting to speak for many more. I’m not sure we can simply accept his opinions and stories wholesale but it’s still nice to hear and to contemplate.

    • Fuck those cops.

      problem with them will be the same with .mil, they will seek to control because of their perceived mandate and their badge or stripes. Folks will be trading one tyranny for another. They all have to be done away with to ever live in Liberty. So buckle up, it’s gonna be a long bumpy ride.