Grigg: Sheriff Zollman — What Will You Tell Jack Yantis’s Widow?


Good question.

Things will get much worse.

Bet on it.

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  1. colddeadhandsdays

    I keep thinking everyone would react like me but sadly I’m wrong. If Yantis was my family name there would be retribution. Where the hell have the men in this country gone?? It sickens me.

  2. What a great article!!!

  3. “Assuming that Zollman isn’t willing to do either of the foregoing, he should candidly admit to the public supposedly served by his office that their lives are less valuable than those of his deputies”

    As the commanding officer, he should fire both of them then resign himself after publicly stating that he assumes full responsibility for the actions of his men. He deputized them. He’s the boss. Then put your life towards trying to making it right for the lady. Won’t happen, but it should.

  4. I see a justice for Jack sign on the rock and 2 able bodied men posing like they’re friends at a football game. IMO it speaks volumes. America/FUBAR.

  5. The people in the county know who these assholes are and should conduct themselves accordingly.

  6. i would tell her that the time of men of lawlessness is here, and yes it is going to get worse. Also, forgive them, they know not what they are doing. And for those who know what they are doing, their fate is already sealed.
    If we do not or cannot forgive, Our Father will not forgive us.


    So, how will the family get justice for Jack? It’s obvious the FBI and the U.S. Attorney in Boise have no interest in pursuing a civil rights case. After all, we would not want to get all of the police unions riled up. It’s an election year.

  8. I’m soon going to tell my brother in law, a brand new LEO, that there are many, MANY American who are no longer allowing the “one bad apple” card to be used by cops anymore. There are many, MANY Americans who do not love the police and who do not appreciate their rough behavior and who do not subscribe to the notion that if you’re not doing anything “wrong”, then you have nothing to worry about. The people who get to decide whether what you’re doing is right or wrong are the same people who get the privilege of punishing you for it. There are many, MANY Americans who see that as a major problem. Not sure how my BIL is going to take it, but he needs to know that Black Lives Matter and Soveriegn Citizens are not the only people who have a problem with the poor behavior of the “authorities.” REGULAR, AVERAGE people are starting to take another look at this, and those are the ones that police need to worry about. If and when the cops lose the support of a significant number of the regular people, then they’re in trouble.

  9. just plain todd

    well, i have given up on this country. not one southerner took up arms when flags and monuments were dismantled. no one turned to in orygun. nothing happened in idaho when that young girl was raped by muzzies, nuttin done about mr. yantis. i for one stand and applaud the negroid. he’s the only one to resort to direct action. the dallas shooter had more stones than us. my oh my as monty walsh said. white western christian society deserves to go the way of the dodo bird. we are not of our ancestors stock. fukit, i’m applying for a EBT or SNAP card.

    • LOL.

      Good post.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “not one southerner took up arms when flags and monuments were dismantled. no one turned to in orygun. nothing happened in idaho when that young girl was raped by muzzies, nuttin done about mr. yantis.”

      Well, what’s stopping you from leading the charge? Nobody wants to be the first guy to go over the top.

  10. Simon Jester

    Why on earth would any of the “get home safe is the ONLY priority” stop when there are clearly no significant consequences? The BLM thugees prefer random actions which don’t register in the “thin blue psyche” as a learning opportunity. The entitlement didn’t appear overnight but has been infused into the ranks as an unintended consequence of “affirmative action” and accelerated by post 9-11 hero worship. It would be foolish to think that Kristallnacht type events would ever occur here to dissuade them from their path. The pigs mentioned will never be concerned about any blow back sincethey are such productive (nee profitable) members of the system take years to polish.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Steve Kristmann

    So the fix is in, and in effect the sheriff just told all and sundry, “We’re
    your betters, so you unwashed helots better drop to the knee and bow when we are before you!”

    And some people think “Justice for Jack” is achievable by ‘voting in a “new sheriff of Idahoham”?’ (along with new gang members that are ‘the kings men’?!)


    Ask if such is ‘satisfactory’ to people like Lavoy Finicum, Jose Guerna, Carl Drega, Randy Weaver and his family, The Branch Davidians at Waco or Gordon Kahl and countless others.

    So, effective has the ‘oathkeepers’ been at moderating/removing this kind of murderous behavior by the gang bangers wearing overpriced Halloween costumes and operating under a totally false superstition of ‘gov/authority/legitimacy’? (crickets chirping in the background….)

    0 for 0??

    It’s definitely past time for a ‘Unintended Consequences’ type situation to occur…in fact as time goes on the actions of the ‘kings men’ in service to the parasite class creates more and more of a ‘perfect storm’ environment against them. And they and their enablers and the parasite class they serve have only themselves to blame for it.

    Like Larken said, “When Should You Shoot A Cop?” (video embedded)

    “…Most of the incomprehensible atrocities that have occurred throughout history were due in large part to the fact that most people answer “never” to the question of “When should you shoot a cop?” The correct answer is: When evil is “legal,” become a criminal. When oppression is enacted as “law,” become a “law-breaker.” When those violently victimizing the innocent have badges, become a cop-killer.

    The next time you hear of a police officer being killed “in the line of duty,” take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the “law enforcer” was the bad guy and the “cop killer” was the good guy. As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history.”

    Message to Police – Josey the Outlaw

    When Resistance Becomes Duty – Josey the Outlaw

    Who Owns You? – Josey the Outlaw

    Those who frequent here who say to themselves, “I’d never shoot a cop!”
    have just admitted to themselves that they are part of the slave caste that is ‘murkia’..they aren’t even Free in their own minds regardless what they say here and elsewhere (like when they superstitiously invoke the statist rag known as the ‘constitution’ to attempt to demonstrate the legitimacy of their slavehood).

    Fucking pathetic beyond words!!

    Get this through your heads…there are NO GOOD COPS!!
    sheriff ryan zollman isn’t a ‘good cop’
    his deputies roland and wood aren’t ‘good cops’.

    The only way they can prove their ‘goodness’ is to QUIT and NEVER work as cops again, EVER!! (this absolutely goes for ALL cops throughout this country at all levels!).

    Seeing that they most likely will not choose this completely logical and
    responsible option will require anyone who has anything to do with them in that AO to treat them as potential homicidal maniacs and if those three act out that proclivity, folks there are completely obligated to then render them into the time honored status of ‘good cops’..just like ‘good communists’ and ‘good nazis’…as applied by RULE .308.

    Yours in Liberty w/o bowing to any idiotic superstition to ‘gov/authority/legitimacy’!!
    NorthGunner III

  13. This is the latest incident that shows:
    America is under a hostile paramilitary occupation.
    The III is bullshit. (The “Three Percenters” in my area are the biggest copsuckers around.)

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    Another 3 for the Lamp Post Brigade. There will be no justice until the wife decides to reach for justice. And reach, she should.