The US Military Is The Enforcer Of Globalism


Enjoy this audio interview with Samuel Finlay, author of Breakfast With The Dirt Cult.

The backlash will be spectacular.

Internally and globally.

3 responses to “The US Military Is The Enforcer Of Globalism

  1. An awesome interview, helped to show there are forces pulling the strings, its not just random. To see a bit more inside the mind of the Enemy, check out the interview below. It is of a reporter from now-defunct Gawker, and he pulls back the mask in a few places to reveal the globalist mindset of those in positions of influence.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. SemperFi, 0321

    The masses, and most vets that I know, refuse to believe how absolutely evil we are as a nation, the brainwashing is so deeply embedded that I don’t think we will ever come to our senses and put an end to this mindless killing. Too much power and money involved.
    It’s not just the copsuckers we must worry about, but all those who support the CIA ops overseas, this false patriotism is a sickness of the masses.