Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Mrs. Clinton is the Perfect Storm. Many ships will sink

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Well, she does live for things going down.

      Though things going down have also caused her fits from time to time, too.

  3. She’s one of those people who will never make it out of the maggot stage.

  4. John Denney

    The dedication from the 1996 classic book by Claire Wolfe, “101 Things to Do til the Revolution.”

    “This book is based upon the premise that, when government
    turns bad, the best people ultimately become criminals. The
    people don’t change; the laws do. Initiative, dissent, individual
    pleasures, and exercise of one’s basic rights become ‘crimes.’
    Obscure regulations and technical paperwork violations are used
    to destroy people who dare to speak their minds.

    “The ideal citizen of a tyrannical state is the man or woman
    who bows in silent obedience in exchange for the status of a well-
    cared-for herd animal. Thinking people become the tyrant’s great-
    est enemies.

    “Before their thunder roars, there is a period of anticipation, in
    which more occurs than the literal-minded tyrant can ever under-
    stand. A few overt acts of sedition shatter the heavy peace. But
    the greater force, unrecognized, rolls forward in near silence, as
    millions of individuals quietly withdraw their consent from the
    state. The pundits call it apathy. They could not be more wrong.

    “That time is now. And we are those people.

    “This book is dedicated to you, the Enemy of the State.”