Population Substitution


Laugh at the Euros all you want.

What do you think is happening to traditional Americans?

Bring on the Congo-Montanans.

100,000 ignorant, low-IQ future Democratic voters can’t be wrong.


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  1. The marxist no longer even try to hide their intent. They think they are far enough along the soviet style societal change doctrine that they cannot be stopped.

    • So far theyve been right. Not a single person or group has or has tried to stop them.

      Everyone’s hope and change is in trumpsky who wont do it either. But amerikans have become so toothless and nuetered that they proclaim “trump will fix it!” And “trump will make amerika great again! (Not the people, but trump alone)”

      I can almost guarentee less than 5% of those working at his properties are amerikans.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    This is an example of bringing people into this country who do not even know how to operate a flush toilet. These dregs go straight onto the welfare roles of the local counties they are placed into. And over the years there is little or no assimilation by these people who have no concept of western values or democracy. They remain in their enclave of government provided double wide trailer parks and apartments for the rest of their lives.

    Trump should include these people in the ranks of those who should be deported back to their home countries.

    If there is going to be immigration allowed into this country–first off, the person/s should be able to speaks fluent English, should have a needful skill or profession that can be immediately applied in this country as a means of support and not be eligible for welfare or public assistance, should have a full and complete background investigation with zero criminal history of any sort and lastly should be healthy and disease free–not racked with TB or AIDS or communicable diseases.

    These shit-bags from the Congo are not even qualified to pluck chickens or to sweep the crap out of horse stalls.

    • “no concept of western values or democracy”…I’m sorry, ST. I know your a good guy. But sometimes you make me laugh out loud. You really do

      the Judeo-globalists are bringing them here – Blacks & Browns, Muslims & Mongols – to displace then exterminate the Whites. That they can do

      • Just give them pocket Constitutions as they get off the plane. They’ll educate themselves. If they can’t read, perhaps they can eat it and absorb the information that way. Black Africans eat dirt, why shouldn’t they eat paper or in this case, The Constitution?

    • Example is the Somali’s.
      Columbus Ohio has a generous population of them.
      What most people forgot was they came as “refugees” in the 1990s.
      A great portion of them have now reproduced, and when they do it’s not the typical American “one or two”, it’s a mid 1990’s beat up minivan stuffed to the gills.
      But that surely won’t happen with the new imports, they’ll just wait until their old country was better then go back.

  3. It’s the cops.

    no cops
    no refugees – for long anyways. 🙂

  4. Fred Roddell’s Woe Unto You Lawyers Book:

    1.fraud or gross negligence of a ship’s master or crew at the expense of its owners or users.
    2. law vexatious litigation or incitement to it.
    3.historical trade in the sale of church or state appointments

    “The are many gods”

  5. “What do you think is happening to traditional Americans?” imo, they are wiping it out. I could even see the white elite to be going so far that they turn the country into something looking like south Africa where all the rich, primarily white live and rule at the top while the colored masses live at the bottom and cities all over become dumps. With technology, outsourcing, immigrants and robots limiting the upward mobility for the future; this is entirely possible. signed disgusted.

  6. “… the average IQ in the Congo is 78…”
    Meaning that half of them are below 78. For every Congolese with an IQ of 86 (extra ordinarily stupid) there is one who is at 70. Actually mentally disabled. 30-40% of whites with Down’s syndrome are Smarter than that.
    White cosmics are only good for decorating lampposts.

    • Turns out Im wrong. Only 1% are smarter than a Congolese. Still, why import 50,000 Downies?

    • “IQ of 86 (extra ordinarily stupid)” 858×70 | August 28, 2016 at 13:27
      This is not correct. The Congolese man with 86 IQ is WELL ABOVE AVERAGE for his people. He is “college material” and likely will be successful as a shopkeeper/politician/driver or useful employee IN HIS COUNTRY. In the fUSA or Germany, he’s not inventive or a problem-solver, but trainable.

      Don’t underestimate or compare “regular IQ” Africans with damaged Caucasians or East Asians. The Africans ARE NOT DEFECTIVE. They are supposed to be the way they are, and if you meet functional Blacks with 95-120 IQ understand that this is an EXTRAORDINARY individual, well above the mean (1 out of 200, or 1 out of 1000), not the 3 out of 10 Caucasian men in the workforce with 115 IQ who would be good managers or E5 NCO’s. How do we handle this as a current society? Not the current way of “giving everyone the chance to go to college” but by TESTING TESTING TESTING everyone to give the appropriate education to be minimally functional, and tracking them into jobs (not mandatory, just “a rut” that will keep them out of crime or prison if they lack ambition). Blacks with 70 IQ (normal) need much different training than Whites with 70IQ (broken) but we put Blacks into Special Ed and Mainstream the ‘Tards: bulk fail, but School Taxes don’t get voted down.

      There should be a minimum acceptable level of intelligence for immigrants, in addition to medical testing for disease and general health. Certification/degrees are fine, but testing here is more reliable. Intelligence should be a tested to 120% of US high school graduates, since these are the extraordinary individuals of their tribe and we should expect a reversion to the mean of their offspring. Immigrants/refugees should not receive US or State funding directly or indirectly from any source (no work-around as a fake “contractor”, or failure-to-perform individuals). The threshold for expulsion should be low: at least as well-supervised as a person on-parole supervision for 5 years. I bet 10000 really-great immigrants could make good citizens within 10 years of landing.

    • That number seems high. Most studies have found the Congo to be around 70. An increment of Homo Erectus genes into the Black genotype early on is a distinct possibility.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Ya’ll best be careful who you’re breedin’ with-there has got to be a selection of brains to pick.
    The Elites think that this population replacement program will keep their lights on, their cars fed, them fed, and the cell phones working. No and no. These substitute stand-ins can only color and copy and paste. After awhile, that doesn’t work anymore.
    Got freedom materials? Cuz we all need ’em!

  8. Yes, the Jew and other elites in the US want to replace whites with non-whites.

    What the non-Jew elites don’t seem to realize is that the Jew is setting them up for disposal at some future date.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Tyranny is again being shoved down our throats. And again patriots fail to fight.

    The day is coming when we gray and balding patriots will be hiding underground in the mountains, clinging to useless guns, waiting for the ‘right time’ to fight. Meanwhile drones/robots will be systematically seeking us out and destroying us, family by family.

    At least the Confederates fought the evil Feds.

    • Ma’am, I understand your frustration.

      I believe you are sincere.

      I am also hopeful that you are familiar with Goethe’s quote about the doorstep:


      • SemperFi, 0321

        Excellent quote, for those who will keep their own doorstep clean, but the average American has no desire to do that today, he’ll hire it done by the HOA, then file a complaint.
        Must be a German thing………

    • Diane,
      Do not fear their tech (drones, etc.) it will be their undoing. Whatever man can create he can destroy. No need to rush the coming unpleasantness it will be here soon enough. Got Ammo?

      As to the Confederates fighting the Feds, it was more like the Confederates were defending their natural rights, property and sovereign States from invasion by a Christian madman who was also egged on by rabid abolitionists. In fact, the Confederates were asserting their right to self determination and self government. The southern States tried to peaceably secede not wanting a war but all the while preparing for a war they hoped would not come. In his relentless pursuit of the mythical “perpetual” union, the first tyrant from Illinois trashed the founding documents and the bill of rights. Abraham Lincoln is also responsible for killing and raping half the population, along with burning down and salting the land of half the country. And oh by the way, we might as well free the slaves while we are at it in order to appease the rabid abolitionists giving absolutely no thought as to the consequences of said action. Someone who could do all that evil to his fellow Americans surely deserves a big monument in DC.

      Grey Ghost

  11. ALCON,

    On 25 MAY 06, 38 fUSA senators would vote AGAINST making English the official language of the nation. All were Democrats (Communists):

    A few:

    Biden (D-DE)
    Boxer (D-CA)
    Kerry (D-MA)
    soetoro-obama (D-IL)
    Reid (D-NV)

    And not surprisingly the Marxist bitch who wants to bring in 600,000 MORE impoverished moslems….voted with the above scum and against Amerika, the criminal, scoundrel and carpetbagger:

    Hillary Klinton (D-NY)

    Your family, friends, neighbors and strangers on the street who supported soetoro-obama and now Klinton are YOUR enemy. Bipartisan is a disease. Calling invaders into this country “immigrants” is the language of deception.
    Docility is not a virtue.

    I do not want any more foreign-speaking enemies, brown, black, blue, pink or polka dotted allowed in this country. I am a racist. I am also a nationalist.

    Did YOU put a magazine load downrange today ?

    Did you do 10 push-ups today ?

    Did you try your best ?

    Never give up your guns.

  12. ALCON,

    Hillary Klinton and her supporting scaliwags are communists, plain and simple. Scoff if you will. Call for her annointment to POTUS as one taqiyya-practicing moslem posting here, gleefully embraces.


    If you do not support Donald J. Trump for any reason, you are at best a fool. At worst an enemy of the remaining Freedom that will be crushed if this treasonous bitch is annointed POTUS.

    You still have choice. The scum of government has not denied you that….yet ! Let your conscience be your guide.

    Never give up your guns.

    • for the sake of Dan3 and other Trumpaholics, let’s hope the Donald does not win; the buyers’ remorse will lead to a wave of suicides among the “I’m still a Voter!” crowd

  13. Talk about population substitution. Am I the only one who has never heard of this shit? WTF? Am I living in a different universe?


    • Yea they are a pain in the ass when we have to work in that area while that is going on…Lots of nakedness, drugs, and who knows what else…


      Sir: A “Free Press” is equally free to print the truth or ignore it. Why should the lapdog, lickspittle MSM report on an event which is designed to encourage and promote free expression, artistic liberty, and not-so-good, clean fun? I would never waste my time at such an event. But, I fully support others who wish to.
      It’s all part of the MSM-FEDGOV partnership to keep the sheeple in lock step. It goes right along with your previous post/video of the pathetic losers in Boston shouting USA! USA! Bleib ubrig.

  14. Great! I was looking for land in Montana to retire on, These scumbags will make the whole world uninhabitable!

  15. This is comparable to the Allies unleashing Black African soldiers on the German population of the Rhineland after WW1. Can you say “rape”? One of the Black groups involved was the large, blue black Ghoums of Sudan. They were described as having an uncanny ability in moving quietly and used that ability to their advantage in their raping.

    Hitler sterilized all such unfortunate creations of these illicit unions – just one of the many wise and wonderful things he did.