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“…All I’m saying is that Team Liberty needs to get a lot better at demonstrating reasons for people to side with it, rather than either dismissing it, or siding against it. The dedicated collectivists are a lost cause, but there are plenty of decent people who can be brought over. Simply offering greater contempt for the average person than do the leaders of the collectivist side just guarantees that most people will end up being more or less antipathetic to the Liberty side.”

— WRSA Commenter

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  1. Bill Harzia

    I’m blue-skying here, so pardon me if I get a few details wrong:

    Find a family in need. Check them out. No need to support a family that got that way from drug or alcohol abuse; make it somebody who’s family head lost his job from illegal aliens working for less money (or something similar). On Thanksgiving, send them a box with canned goods, veggies, maybe even a small turkey or ham if you can get it to them without spoiling. Write the name of your above-ground auxiliary organization on the box lid (“We care. Complements of [group name]”).

    Tell others about your generosity (while keeping security in mind), and contrast it with the lack of caring by the authorities, i.e. “We’ve provided Thanksgiving for X amount of families forgotten by the government. (Group name). Join us.”

    • This approach works. As stated, recipient selection is key; but there are plenty who hold within their rage at a system that is engineered to keep them on the dole when they hit a bump in the road. It can also foster a discussion. Local, local, etc. Let the non-doers comment; focus on the doing.


      Mr. Harzia: Good idea. And, I would include a little pamphlet with the DOI and some information on Jury Nullification and the BOR. Keep in mind, however, that the forces of darkness can turn this around in a heartbeat. The Klan did similar stuff around the turn of the last century and into the 1920’s and 1930’s. Some alert red-diaper-doper-baby “journalist” will bring that up.

  2. I’m not interested in negotiating.

    • MichiganderJim

      It’s an interesting offer—“Help me feel safer and I’ll give you a slice of my life.” Square deal maybe, but I’ll turn it down. Looks like there are more than enough takers anyway.

      [Don’t get dizzy Dan, but I changed my handle again. Forgot my own (temporary) email! Those spies will help you figure out who I am. Sorry for any confusion.]

  3. Total. Waste. Of. Time.

    Until they
    1. turn off the TeeVee.
    2. research the meaning of Liberty.
    3. take responsibility for their own destiny’s.
    4. get it thru their gelatinous mush brains that as long as they support officer shiny badge and the poLICE state nothing will ever change.

    100’s of millions of murkins suffer from chronic Stockholm Syndrome. They simply can’t fathom life without slave masters, and cages. The same types who can’t imagine owning the company, instead of just working for it. They NEED to be led to slaughter, for they are nothing but sheep- always were, always will be. The fact is, there’s just too many idiots who will never get it.

    Just watch these fucking IDIOTS.


    100 – 200 million dead dummies will make great fertilizer for the tree of Liberty.

    • And you call me old.

      You’re tireless rant of hate and despair is as old as The Fall.

      See, it’s vinegar and honey that constitutes a healing elixir.

      Y’know, you angermanagementdropoutarroganthatemonger, the Amish have saying you can’t comprehend, but should:

      “Too soon old. Too late smart.”

      One last little detail your narcissism may have overlooked: IF 100-200 M. dead is the throughput, how can you be so sure to be among the output?

      That’s a whole lotta variables and unintendeds to acount for.

      • outlawpatriot


        • Glad I don’t spend a minute of time working to pay some petty bill or payment. I don’t even get “bills” all of mine are on autopay.

          Question: How many years of working does it take to get ahead in life?

          Answer: All of them if you believe a “job” will get you where you want to be..

          Not only do you have to think outside the box… you have to first get out of the box.

      • Go ahead and “make friends”. It doesn’t matter what little you tell them, they have eyes, ears, and a retarded brain. The first time you hurt their wittle feewings or unintentionally insult them, they will use that 78 point IQ against you, and that includes family members. Those closest to you are more likely to fuck you over than a guy in another county. Humans will instinctively exercise what little power they have for personal advancement, and the murkins are notorious for that. Nobody forced them to have kids they couldn’t afford, or lead them into a shit, go- nowhere job, to drink, do drugs, and squander what minuscule amount of $ they did have. Everyone’s just experiencing the fruit of their decisions and labors – for some- sweet cherries, for most- sour grapes…
        Success is when opportunity meets preparedness. Most simply failed to prepare.

        The process by which, via natural selection, unfit specimens remove themselves from the gene pool.

    • At the point, if those around us don’t know the severity of the situation we’re in, all the turkeys and handouts aren’t gonna help. Besides, we have cities full of losers with their hands out, palms up waiting for the next hand out.
      Nope. Joe Citizen blithely oozing through their day have no clue the globalists and elitists see them as nothing but a resource to be exploited. As soon as they’re not exploitable any longer, they are of no use.

      There is no personal sovereignty beyond that which we take, by force, if necessary.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        I’m sorry but I have to agree. I want to believe in my fellow American but reality and unfortunately, history doesn’t gel with said desire. Even in our own American Revolution you had 3% fighting and perhaps a larger minority supporting the revolutionaries. No, I’d say it’s best to find a small tribe and keep it tight.

    • Sure they have Stockholm, it doesn’t mean they deserve to be sawed in half you sick fuck.

    • the murkins have been conditioned in every form possible. I see it everyday.

      Here’s a test.

      Do you stop everything and reach for your phone when it rings?

      Repeat after me: I am a brainwashed zombie.

    • That “fertilizer” will most certainly not be organic. Itll be filled with hotdog and lunchable remnants that take 1000 years to break down and not to mention all the meds needed to keep them alive and somewhat functioning.

      Would the tree of liberty even survive that?

      … Jus sayin.

    • Every time I see this video I get sick. Cities and suburbs surrounding them are great testing grounds for this kind of shit. The TV and multiple sports teams to cheer for conditions them to be compliant. When faced with such an overwhelming amount of force and firepower, what would I do if my neighbors all complied. We are no longer a nation.


    Team liberty can’t communicate effectively. Whilst team tyranny spends their entire lifetimes blogging or in some sort of communications endeavor.

    • “Team liberty can’t communicate effectively…”

      I’ll not argue that point, however, the proles are just about as tone deaf to the message as one can conceive; the conditioning/long-game approach of the Communists HAS worked, sadly.

      • “proles”? Srsly??

        And you’re sure it must be their fault, and not perhaps some utter tone-deafness in messaging on the part of those who automatically refer to masses of people they don’t know but would presumptively address as “proles”?

        Thanks for illustrating the host’s original point in six letters.

    • If you seriously believe that, the inescapable conclusion to it would be to ask, since you’re here online with us, “What does that make us, and what does that make you?”

      If you can’t come up with an answer you like, it’s because there’s a hole in the argument, and the truth has leaked out.

      Time to get a new hypothesis.

  5. I bet they get a little more interested in liberty when they get hungry. Nothing less will phase them. Let’s face it, most of America is willfully ignorant and seemingly, mildly retarded, at best. All I require from most people is distance but, a defensible perimeter certainly couldn’t hurt.

  6. “Side with Team Liberty” ? The writer of that crap believes one needs to convince folks that Team Barry has been screwin’ them in the ass for going on 8 years, without even the courtesy of a reach-around ? And now this “WRSA commenter” thinks folks like tfA-t and others should treat the libs of their self-inflicted wounds ? Spare me the herbal tea.

    We have MORE jobs to send to the ChiComs and more moslems to import to help turn your neighborhood into a 3rd world shithole, and we have even more poverty coming across the Mexican border to take what few jobs remain. And guys like Harzia want to send them a canned ham for Christmas ? Bill, these fuckers are humanists…..fucking atheists….they don’t believe in Christmas or Thanksgiving. You can’t convince them of righteous Liberty. These are the scum who voted for the usurper-in-chief TWICE. They’re “moderate” Repubs, they’re freakin’ Dems/Commies. Fuck them !

    Now shut up and pay your taxes. We have more immigrants, read “invaders”, to dump on your soon-to-be third world ass.

    Fundamental change.

    • Reading. Compre – fucking – hension.
      Bill Harzia was referring to people who have been HARMED by the status quo. By the right/left paradigm. People who could be roused awake. Most of us here were Greenwoodies once too.

      WRSA readers (in general) are aware of the problems. Let’s put our heads together and come up with SOLUTIONS. What a concept.
      No need to split hairs, the audience gets the gist. No need to get your panties in a twist if the commentor slights you or your favorite flavor of liberty. Commenters:try not to be a flamming asshole. There will be plenty of time to kill the heretics who prefer slightly more or slightly less government AFTER we win a war with nearly insurmountable odds.

  7. I have run into several men in the last couple of years who have lost good jobs in manufacturing or business, are in their early 50s maybe, and trying to make it as car salesmen or in other transitory jobs…They are quietly desperate, but totally focused on survival, often with a kid in college….They still have some hope, so not going to rock any boats.

    • Well, when those, uh hmm, men, HAD good jobs, did they sock anything away or invest? And now they are “quietly desperate”? i bet they won’t be so quiet when they figure out you have food and supplies come SHTF. They made a choice when they paid for their spoiled Rx riddled kid’s underwater basket weaving/ transgender studies courses at University.

      Choices have consequences.

      100-200 million sacks of shit…

  8. half-agree…supporting your own, or potential own, is a good idea. The other day, a new-in-the-neighborhood, young White couple with a baby girl came up and introduced themselves while I was working outside; I’ll do what I can for them when push comes to shove. But fundamentally, those who organize violence most efficiently are going to win

  9. When you make someone else a friend, you not only vanquish him as an enemy as certainly as if you’d obliterated him by force of arms, you’ve gained an ally for your own side as well.

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

    Careful now, this could catch on.

    Except with the geniuses who can take the world on single-handed.
    ‘Cuz that’ll work out well, as it always does.

  10. Not a waste of time at all. Do what you can where you can. I try to wake more up every day. Tfart is right that a lot will ignore and continue to slumber away and fuck them but there are others that are ready to hear the news. Giant forest fires start with one tiny spark, so why not fan the embers just a bit.

  11. robroysimmons

    Mosby’s book while expensive might help the more intellectually inclined weather the storm.

    If I had two words to review it with I would write “Got Warband?”

  12. The liberty movement needs to be affiliated with a political organization. The Tea Party Patriots are a natural fit. Some of the Tea Party organizations have been co-opted by the establishment but most have not been co-opted. All of the prerequisites are in place. The liberty movement has great communicators and video technicians but not a mass audience. Every successful movement has a political arm used to penetrate the conscious of the masses. Without this megaphone the MSM will destroy the targeted organization.
    If a coalescing begins one can expect attacks like the Tea Part experienced at the hands of the IRS and MSM. KrisAnne Hall is a good example of a crossover personality that resides in both movements and the Oathkeepers are another. Until these two massive groups of citizens coalesce they will be wandering around the desert of obscurity.

  13. Most of us have far more in common with each other than we do with either of the choices we are allowed to choose. Middle-of-the-road Americans are consumed by their lifestyle and recreational pursuits. That doesn’t mean necessarily that their values are different from your own. In this age of sound-bite identity politics, many choose their votes based on criteria other than their core values. Some really, really good folks exist on the other side of the lever who will need to be brought up the speed quickly when the time comes. We need them and they need us. Plan for it. Don’t burn that bridge.

  14. wealthy farmer

    Seems like Team Liberty has a couple of competing scenarios, which are mutually exclusive.
    Scenario 1: Apocalypse, in whatever form, with massive die off. Mad Max World, where only the meanest gnarliest motherfuckers survive. Team Liberty (TL) has no use for useless eater average losers. They are too soft, weak, stupid and degraded.
    Scenario 2: A basically peaceful revolution from top to bottom, through the political process. TL needs the masses so TL is clean-cut, strong but polite and friendly. TL will lead the good people out of Egypt….
    So I think prepare for both scenarios. Don’t be a creepy smelly loner holed up with your guns and canned goods. Be proud strong and smart, and talk openly to friends and neighbors about TL issues. Work constantly on improving the one person you really have influence over: yourself.

    • I agree. Diplomacy and manners will win over most hearts and minds before a battalion of mindless grunts foraging like feral hogs. I remember when the public demanded that I act in utmost civility and dignity in all situations; it was then that strangers would render assistance. If I lost my temper or lowered my standards to the level of the miscreant, I was on my own. (Not pertaining to a violent assault, etc.)

      So a gentleman teaching and preaching the “gospel” who can also perform effective violence in the appropriate situation would be seen as something other than a fictional caricature.

      I find that most people don’t listen to the words which were spoken, or interpret to mean other than what the words mean. I tersely correct them.
      As for interruptors, enemy advocates and secret enforcers, I recommend a strong physical response while being dignified and polite.

      Unlike the “Libertarians,” we must be what we preach. Strong men teaching strength, bold men teaching to be brave, intelligent men teaching to be smart.

      And why does every Pentagon Paper on domestic operations begin with a “Tea Party” insurrections?

    • anotherusualsuspect

      that could be wise counsel.

    • JustAroundTheBend

      That could very well be sage counsel.

  15. Those that can’t choose wisely, will end up working for those that can. That’s been a constant truth as long as humans have been on this planet.

    • Pat, what does your avatar flag represent? I thought I saw that associated with the 19th South, but I have proven too stupid to figure it out using google.

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  17. What Aesop said. And think of this, my friends. Not a single solitary one of us, or the Others, know how this thing is going to go, and pan out. And think of this, too. Let’s say it all shakes out, and it’s over and done, either way. And you survive. Now if you’re actually a prepper, you’ll get this next idea. So, it’s all over and done, and you’re now much older, and much less able to take care of yourself. Whichever way it has gone, do you want to spend your later years sweating about going to sleep, or what tomorrow will bring, or even, what that noise on the back porch was, because of all the shit you did when it was going on? I’m not going to make it very far into the Coming Excitement, and I know I won’t make it till the end of it. Not sure I’d even want to. But a lot of you yahoos had better put on your thinking cap, and consider descending from on high, to help those who are in need of it, however it needs to be done. There’s also your progeny to consider. What are you leaving behind for them? Hate and revenge? Kindness and love? Think it over, bad asses. The world is more than you know. We all have condemned our govt. roundly, for spending so much that future generations will suffer, and badly, for it, and all the other grotesque shit they’ve done. Are we the same, or not? Our inability to attract more people, and their reluctance to join with us, speaks volumes as to our legitimacy. People are attracted to value. What, is our value?

  18. MichiganderJim

    “After SHTF, somebody who has an army is going to figure out what to do with the randomly-scattered surviving ‘sovereign’ blobs of ‘rugged individuals.'”

    Doubtful IMO, since the rugged individuals have already figured out what to do about them. Plus, nothing about them is random.

    “Individualism” does not mean “alone.”

  19. Jenny Beth Martin is not the grass roots she has been absorbed by the establishment. There are still many Tea Party groups who respect the constitution. Those are the organizations the liberty movement need to contact.

    Jenny Beth Martin will not give you the time of the day. The national tea party died when the republicans and the MSM began attacking them.

    I am a member of the local county tea party and I speak to people about the liberty movement. Some are happy to listen while others still see the liberty movement as a militia movement only.
    David Brat beat Eric Cantor by organizing with the local tea party groups. Jenny Beth Martin would not even return his phone calls.

    The tea party is mainly local groups divorced from the national money machine. Those are the ones we all need to be talking to. Check your local tea party patriot group and help them to help you.

    So this raises some obvious questions: just how important is TPP anymore? David Brat, the most successful tea party insurgent of the year so far, beat incumbent Eric Cantor without any help from national tea party organizations. According to Laura Ingraham, he “couldn’t even get (Martin) on the phone.” All politics being local, if the backing of the best-known, best-connected national tea party organization is not essential for insurgent victory — and if she can’t win the fights she does pick against the establishment — then how valuable is Martin’s organization anymore?

  20. With regard to this internecine squabble, qui bono?

    Why not agree to disagree, and move on?

    Presumably we all want the same things; each person can decide for themselves how they want to get to their goal, no?

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  22. just some guy

    Muh PR.

    >Simply offering greater contempt for the average person than do the leaders of the collectivist side just guarantees that most people will end up being more or less antipathetic to the Liberty side.”

    This is backwards. The mainstream and the leftists have more contempt for plebs, and people still go along because they have the gibsmedats and the power.

    This is like mistaking ‘hearts and minds’ to mean you have to be Mr. Friendly. Many have tried to be more likeable and mainstream, and it always leads to irrelevancy and division. I’m not making that mistake again.

  23. Marlo Stanfield

    You want Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, and raw honey. One TBL spoon of each in pure water, stir and drink several glasses a day. Most white vinegar is made from coal. And honey from China? 

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  24. Seems to me that the ‘Liberty Movement’ or whatever it is being called these days has a variety of definitions depending on who is promoting it – that said, unlike many ‘movements’ in the past (and currently) the disconnect between players are nothing less than a warning to those who might have heard of this idea. All ‘movements’ in the past have at their core, true believers with a common vision (which most of the time designated at one point or another) but the key was an initial common vision of their goals: the ‘Liberty Movement’ does not have this going for them and to that end will in all probability fail both in the short and long term. Sadly, that is just the way it is.
    How do you promote an idea? and if you can, how do you communicate that idea in the most efficient manner possible to draw in those willing to listen? I believe the key may happen when times become so tough for a very large majority or producers (middle class anyone?) that they will be willing to listen to another view and become involved but only if the message is genuine and well communicated. All the petty infighting (and there is a lot of this going around these days) is nothing but a ‘turn off’.

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