A rational discussion of women voters and the related consequences.


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  1. Women’s suffrage has been discussed extensively at Taki…The basic facts: women have low time preference, similar to that of children, are much worse at math (40 points lower on the SAT math), want to nurture everyone, and process their thinking through the amygdala. So thinking is mostly based on emotion. Younger women are particularly unstable…The consequences of women’s suffrage are the welfare state, porous borders, and a society that values feelings over rationality.

    • I’m against ad hominem attacks and will not do it.

      This is an excerpt of an email from my ex-wife confirming the math problem.

      “My week is finally over. But I have to do laundry tonight as usual. Never ending,,,

      M (daughter) is going back to school on Sep. 1 so she is trying to finish her summer homework. Math is difficult! I wish I could help her but I can’t. Her homework reminds me of my high school days. I really did not like studying.

      Stay cool,

      Maybe it’s just her, I have met many an intelligent woman. Haven’t been married to one though…

  2. Thanks for reading and re-posting this. Soloway is right as fucking rain.

  3. I’ll lay odds Leonard Shlain, is of a certain (((tribe))).

    That said. Women prefer Alpha males for mating and betas for paying for their lifestyles. I can’t count the # of women married to “professionals” I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining, but at least 1/2 of them were housewives I met while working on their homes.


    • Randall Flagg

      ” I can’t count the # of women married to ‘professionals’ I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining….” Thanks for confirming that you are an immoral shit-stain.

    • …..”.I met while working on their homes”……
      You’re getting caught up in your own web. Been reading your comments for a few weeks.
      IMO, you’re a pathological liar and a shell of a man.

        • Blazing Apostle

          ahhh… gaseous, without manners; just as we thought. now, reply with your usual token, meaningless bullshit about your wealth/fame/sexual
          prowess (as if any of us believe it, or give a fuck) – and then cast your insignificant barb toward me. But, be glad you live in the upper peninsula of Detroit; which reduces the chance you’ll ever encounter me and the resultant course correction your manners would take.
          Tell your mom and sister I said hello. I’d add tell them thanks, but they just weren’t that good.

        • “while working on their homes”: plumber’s butt….they can’t resist

      • Dies Irae,

        “Been reading your comments a few weeks.”

        You, whoever the fuck you are shit stain, have an opinion of a few remarks posted by someone after a few weeks here, calling the commenter a “pathological liar” ? Who the fuck are YOU ?

        What box of Cheerios did you pull your doctorate out of ?

        Now go back over to Gawker….you can read your fellow libs whining about getting spanked.

    • “…can’t count the #…” fuck, asshole; you can’t count to “1”? And thanks for outing yourself as a beta. Real alphas don’t talk that shit. Ain’t no reason to. What a moron.
      Must be infant tree.


    At this point in the devolution of Amerika, the argument is moot. With so many craven, cowardly manginas in positions of power at all levels of government, education, military service, the clergy, and police agencies, it is not a woman problem. It is a social and cultural problem which will continue to grow like an untreated cancer.
    I do not see a clear way for this problem to resolve itself. Economic meltdown? Fine, but what happens if, as I have described before, all of the sheeple agree to greenbacks-to-bluebacks and let’s snitch on our neighbors? Civil war? Okay, how is your community doing? The “Idaho Redoubt” is turning out, much to my disappointment, to be just as pussified as Portlandia and SoCal.
    I still will hold on to the idea of my little community is my country. I will still prep, and vett friends/neighbors/family before I initiate them into my tribe. But, as I look at the big picture which has been historically unfolding in this corrupt, syphilitic country for many years, I do not think debating whether a woman has the right to vote is worth anyone’s time. Bleib ubrig.

    • Spot on. Thinking of reviving a putrefied ,rotting corpse is a waste of time,energy and resources. Women, in my life, have been solid:except for the two backstabbing,lying, cheating,ex-wives and my daughter, a tweaker,violent criminal, alcoholic.
      We all bring something to the table.Figure out what you are really good at.Strive to be the best at that thing.Give your carcass some value and worth.
      “I will still hold on to this idea of my little community is my country.” That is the only thing we may have influenced or had any semblance of control over. Delusional thought leads to unproductive behavior. The gift you are given is a small chunk of time.Use it wisely.
      Listen to some Zappa.

      • “Women, in my life, have been solid:except for the two backstabbing,lying, cheating,ex-wives and my daughter, a tweaker,violent criminal, alcoholic.”
        Seriously Knuck? That’s sarcasm right? Even if you’ve been married 3or 4 times that is a shit record. Sorry bro.

      • Good stuff sir, thank you. Sorry to hear of your troubles but the sharing of your outlook is much appreciated.

    • It does have a point, since the arguments also apply to leadership positions where tough decisions have to be made. Women simply fall for every sob story, and can’t turn anyone away. Try that in your prepare enclave after SHTF….

      • Most women do not understand the concept of Lifeboat Logic, that trying to save everyone only means you condemn everyone, that one extra person in the overloaded lifeboat will capsize it and drown everyone. It’s not exclusively a woman problem, there’s plenty of modern day Pajama Boys who are practically women in these regards, but it’s for sure a much bigger problem in the fairer sex.

        As men it seems we have a deeply wired switch that gets flipped when it is time for unpleasant but necessary tasks. This allows us to keep emotion at arm’s length while the job still needs doing. As a civilization we haven’t had the role of “Dad” in a long time and as a result all these unpleasant but necessary tasks have gone undone. It may well end up killing us all.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      In full agreement.
      I see the same thing here in rural NW Wyoming, all my friends who are hunting guides and construction workers just do whatever their wives want them to do. No backbone, no balls and no brains either. They don’t think for a second what pussies they are, just whatever it takes to keep the communist wife happy. Saw the same shit when I left Boise 22 yrs ago, neutered males!!! And then for some reason they believe themselves to be really tough guys because they own horses or a Harley. You are right, it is a societal and cultural problem, and getting worse by the day. None of these guys would have made it in the Corps 40+ yrs ago with me, let alone Recon, because they have no standards or mental discipline. They work hard, put in long days, and then just roll over and suck up to the wife so all is well. They have no clue what it would mean to stand up to tyranny or have a code of honor to live up to.
      Let this shitheap collapse, I’ve seen my best years.

  5. Even my mother has admitted that giving women the vote was the absolute worst thing we could’ve done for America.

  6. SemperFi, 0321

    Having watched this for some time, (and just reading some books on the WW1 period), all I can see is that women tend to vote for socialism, most are pro-union. They want all these free money programs, group hugs for the masses and really no cares about who pays for it, as long as they get a warm fuzzy feeling in their vaginas. It’s all about feelings, and nothing based in reality.
    Women are the biggest backers of a communist society, but have no idea what happens when they rise to power. They could care less of the ugly side of politics, hence the denial of the Clinton crimes, read some of the progressive comments on the blogs and you will see the blinders they wear concerning their candidate. It’s all conspiracy theories, no basis in truth as far as they are concerned.
    This election will probably go down as the worst so far in US history, and more than likely begin CW2.
    Thank Gaia for the vagina vote.

    • And interestingly enough, women are some of the (or the first) to suffer when the it seriously hits the fan.
      Short sighted feel good.
      I’ve seen a bunch of young women throw their lives away for the bad guy and it ain’t pretty when he spits them out.
      It is kinda funny in a schadenfreude sorta way.

    • SF, 0321:

      What is left of this nation is in deep, impending trouble. By hook or by crook, I fear Klinton could be POTUS. If so, I believe there will be domestic bloodshed upon TPTB, and their badged enforcers, unlike anything they could imagine.

      Be safe.

    • When women were given the ‘right’ to vote it did not matter! The fix was already in and elections are still rigged to this day. Empowering women is all about breaking up the traditional family unit.

      • It’s not a right, it’s a privilege.

        Rights are inherent.

        Privileges are bestowed.

        Thank the public indoctrination system for the mass ignorance.

      • I believe every woman should be free to do as she chooses just like any man, but I do agree that the behind-the-scenes shadow people who started the women’s empowerment movement did so in order to destroy the traditional family unit. In order to destroy America, you start with the traditional family unit. Fool people into thinking that women are the same as men or better than men. Tell people it’s normal and healthy to have kids with a bunch of people they’re not married to. Encourage non-traditional homes like ones with one woman and four kids by three dudes who aren’t around. Convince dad that his career doesn’t matter and he needs to become more feminine and let his wife be the pants wearing provider. Print books about kids who have two dads or two moms or three moms and two dads or whatever other combo you can think of. Encourage everyone in every household to forgo getting jobs and let the all powerful SNAP office give them their handouts instead. It’s better for mom to be white and to have multiple non-white baby-daddys and to name the kids fucked up ass names like Shantaveous or Shaniqua or Toquandae or whatever. That’s where the breakdown of our society started. The normal ass traditional family is considered abnormal and flawed now. And this is what we get for it.

  7. “Women are the biggest backers of a communist society, but have no idea what happens when they rise to power.” Divorce tends to cure that in some women when their income stream gets cut. (Too bad it does not work for the rest.)

  8. The picture showing the 3 young women in Scandinaiviastan holding the sign welcoming middle eastern refugees says everything you need to know about most women. I have this picture in my mind of the women of Marin County rolling out the red carpet to greet the North Korean Army as it lands. Should be right up there with Nanking.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Should be right up there with Nanking.”

      The ones in Nanking weren’t weeping with gratitude when their turn came.

  9. As noted previously multiple times, Progressivism’s crowning achievements in the devolution of the American republic were their successes in foisting passage of Amendments XVI through XIX inclusive, and why America pre-Wilson looks like America, while nothing since that period bears any further resemblance to it.

    The truest Vagina Monologues are the US elections results of the last century.

    Absent the XVIth and XIXth Amendments, Scalia would have been the lefty on SCOTUS, Reagan would have been the last moderate in the White House, and there wouldn’t have been a Democrat governor or senator in at least 46 states going back to the Jazz Age.

    Meanwhile the current Progressive spawn, ever equanimious, diverse, and inclusive, can’t help themselves nor stop giving a 24/7/forever tongue-bath to the most repressive so-called religion in human history (at least since Molech worship went underground, and resurfaced and rebranded itself as Planned Parenthood).

    It would be funny if only we were talking about someone else’s country.

  10. Father Thyme

    Technology, especially the modern rifle, i.e., Sam Colt’s great equalizer, resulted in women’s suffrage. Upper body strength means much less with a pistol or rifle than with a sword or bow. The first state with suffrage was Wyoming, where many women were armed as equally powerfully as men.

    I’d go for a system where franchise is earned only by a willingness to die in service for your nation, such as in Robert Heinlein’s novel. (That would exclude most splittails, yet allow somebody as worthy as Arin Mirkan or Viyan Peyman her due.) Such would put rights and responsibilities back in balance.

    “The franchise is force, naked and raw, the Power of the Rods and the Ax. Whether it is exerted by ten men or by ten billion, political authority is force.” –Starship Troopers (Chap. 12)

  11. Exactafuckingmundo! Plain as the nose on your face. Jeanie is out of the bottle, however, and putting that bitch back in will take a total societal collapse. A few of them are going to wind up with black eyes or a fat lip, but they’ll get the idea soon enough. All else is confusion.

  12. “Women…! What do they want?”

    Supposedly spoken by Sigmund Freud on his deathbed. If he’d o’ stuck round till NOW, he’d know.

    Women. Fuck ’em. It’s what they’re for.

  13. Josey Wales

    Yeah, bitches be the worst

  14. SemperFi, 0321

    Hard as it is to believe, but the women in your family will get you killed in a heartbeat. They will call the cops, thinking it’s the right thing to do. They will try to disarm you, thinking it will prevent bloodshed. They have no hardwired survival skills as men do, they always look for the easy way out, including surrender, and you see where that gets them, raped and murdered.
    This isn’t like the Ohio frontier, where women took up arms to protect the family, we now have people brainwashed to the level of a moron, and that’s what’s happening in the average household today. They have been told for decades now, THE RIGHT THING TO DO is listen to the media and they will instruct you, like vomiting to save yourself from a rapist. Wearing badges that say NO! or HAND’S OFF! to prevent rape. And your female buys right into that shit, because it’s the easy way out.
    Stay safe.

  15. I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again… IF you are going to have people voting in your “system” then the ONLY people who should be allowed to vote are “real property”/Land owners. Everyone else gets to watch, too fucking bad if you don’t like it, go somewhere else and complain. No exceptions. In this country once we allowed people who were NOT land owners to vote, it was only a matter of time before the intentional dumbing down of the people, the destruction of morals and the family, and the slow subtle drumbeat of socialist globalism lead us to TINVOWOOT and the coming unpleasantness.

    On a side note… I was at gun show 3 days ago and the supply of ammo was a lot less than in the past.
    Grey Ghost

  16. Won’t be long and we’ll be back from suffrage the city. Just hope we can afford the ticket.

  17. Heehee, wonder what the ratio is between how many more women
    are per man? Let’s say it is 3 women for every man; then that means
    that we should each have three wives. Then obviously we would need
    three kitchens etc., plus maybe split personalities, like the stuff
    about Bi Polar Vort-ex ….. just a thought 🙂

    My father used to say that a woman’ s worst enemy was another woman.

    I read one time of Martin Luther having a few wives in Munster Germany.
    The Counsel of Nicea forbid it (One man one woman) – 1300’s

  18. Truth Corps.

    take away the black vote & the female vote and we have a Nation again. Alas, we’re too far down the rabbit hole.

  19. Politically, 6,000 years of recorded history without women’s votes looks just like 100 years with; women voting made no difference at all. Don’t get distracted.

  20. Has anyone taken the time to deconstruct the propagandist term “SUFFER AGE” ?

  21. Nope. Total bullshit.
    The ONLY people who should be allowed to vote are those who have no interest in voting themselves ‘benefits’ at the expense of others.

    What I’m specifically referring to is ANYONE taking any form of ‘PAYMENT’ from ANY US government agency such as ‘welfare’, unearned Social Security, ‘grants’ and the like. Earned social security, earned pensions from whatever source do not count because…..they’re EARNED.

    We are where we are today because, as that wrinkled up old puss bag Lyndon Johnson is famously to have said, ‘Give me this (Welfare) and I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.’

    That’s the problem, pure and simple!

  22. “Has female suffrage strengthened or weakened Western nations?”

    Seriously, is this a trick question?