Your Institution Might Have A PR Problem If People Are Drawing ‘Toons Such As This


From a reader.

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  1. They don’t care. They still get to Lord over you despite your ridicule. In the final, wielding power is ALL that matters.

  2. It would probably be helpful (and much more brief) to note if (and if so, where) there are any agencies anywhere that don’t have that particular PR problem.

    I’ll wait.

    My old composition book let me calculate out how many pints in a barrel, but I can’t find anywhere the conversion factor for how many “bad apples” = the entire orchard.

    Beuller? Beuller…?


    Show me an ‘institution’ that is perfect?

      • No perfection in this mortal coil but at least if I don’t like a grocery store, phone provider, mechanic or any other “free” market commodity, I walk away. The point here is institutions that need force, guns and threats to make them work. Because if they did not force you, you would not do it unless your Stockholm Syndrome is extra strong.

        Bill Buppert

    • I think this may be far from “Not perfect” .

    • FrozenPatriot

      Show me an institution that has usurped the power to steal, kill, and destroy, and I’ll first show you an institution run by the one who came to steal, kill, and destroy. I’ll also show you an institution which better damn well be striving as hard as humanly possible toward perfection, and not engaging in the opposite by doing things like preferring low-IQ candidates because they ask fewer questions.

    • The butthurt is strong with this one.

      But the false dilemma of Perfection vs. “One Bad Apple” every single time another dog/wrong house owner/random innocent gets shot by the po-po has been flogged to death by Team Blue for so long, you should just give it a number on the radio dash button roster, and simply say “2”, or something.

      And BTW, it’s not “profiling” Team Blue after the 40,000th incident on YouTube. It’s called “predictive modelling”.

      Given the body count of innocents by law enforcement, and the dwindling numbers of bad guys killed by them vs. by armed victims, it’s long past time to disarm most (like 99%) of them, and simply make them administrative report writers. At about half the current salary, with no guns, vests, or hardware. Less bang for the far less bucks, which is entirely the point, and it’d let them do what they’re really good at, which is showing up after things are over, and opening the case file.

      Without killing people that didn’t need it.

      It would also put average folks back on notice that they’re responsible for taking out their own trash or apprehending same, which wouldn’t be unhealthy for society either.

      Not sorry if that would break your rice bowl or interfere with your pension.

  5. I contend that would be better phrased as:

    “Your Institution Might Have A PR Personnel Problem If People Are Drawing ‘Toons Such As This”

  6. lon, being mocked and loathed is something that even Jesus Christ had to put up with. Yes, there are no perfect institutions. I’ve got one more for you. “Shall the sword devour forever? Do you not know that it will be bitterness in the end?” You can say pretty much anything here, just don’t expect flowers and heart felt appreciation. Guys like Haxo and tfA-t are waiting to rip your ideas asunder, and CA is inquiring as to just what you mean by your post. Extrapolate, and we’ll lend you our ears. Lurkers never prosper.

  7. terribletroy

    “Guys like Haxo and tfA-t are waiting to rip your ideas asunder,”

    With what?? Macho condescending hyperbole or tales of Global Jews?

  8. Pete, you’ll need eye bleach but here’s your new pic of Hitlery.

  9. Which is more corrupt your local PD or CONgress? (this may vary depending on your AO). I refuse to load everyone onto a boxcar even if they were all wearing riot sheilds and tac vests. Sorry but that’s the same shit being sold by BLM. We’re better than that.