Support Mental Health


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  1. Research shows that 25% of American women in politicks are on medication to treat their mental illness….the other 75% are walking around untreated….

  2. I hope that’s a PICKLE in that jar, bedside.

  3. Pretty funny but it is really worse than that — Hillary does not even recognize who the real bogeymen are.

  4. I have a feeling that Hillary’s bedroom looks quite different that what’s depicted. Hillary has ZERO events planned for September. God knows how many medical devices surround her bed. It looked like she wore a blanket as a top at Cher’s fundraiser. Either Hillary is trying to run out the clock or Trump is gonna win by default when Hillary finally goes into the hospital (hospice?)
    The alt-right is a real threat to her campaign. At her alt-right speech, in front of around a 100 people, an alt-right guy got in and yelled ”Pepe” ( the name of the green frog ) when Hillary first mentioned the word ‘alt-right’. It was very audible and you can listen to it over at youtube. The very fact that that dude got into a very controlled event shows how determined and resourceful and how plentiful the group is. Did I already say that the alt-right doesn’t give a flying fuck what you think. They are like the group “Anonymous”, or the “Terminator”. They can’t be reasoned with, they ain’t runnin for office, they don’t care, and they can’t be stopped. And their official leader is Harambe, the dead gorilla. But like the Terminator, Harambe lives again, and can’t be killed again.

  5. The image of your wife spooning Hillary is a nasty humiliating thought, the entire world laughing at you. Little wonder Weiner stepped out like he did.

  6. there is no evidence that Mrs. Clinton sleeps w anyone but herself. This is slander. Names are being taken, vengeance will be hers

  7. Camacho2016

    You know, at first, I thought that the Harambe behind the curtain had an RWVA hat on.


  8. I hope Hillary has nightmares every night of her life about the last few moments of Chris Stevens’ life. Every. Friggen. Night!


      Sir: She is a criminal psychopath. I assure you, such people never feel any guilt about anything. This is why she and her “husband” have come so far in life.

  9. I so, SO, didn’t need to be seeing those two in bed before my third cup of coffee. It just instantly gave me reflux.

  10. Evidently telling the truth makes one a boogeyman … in Hillary’s world that is.

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