Barnhardt: Interesting Intel About Hillary, Huma, and Musloid Racism


Classic Miss B.

Interesting times.

20 responses to “Barnhardt: Interesting Intel About Hillary, Huma, and Musloid Racism

  1. Since ’92, every time I see a picture of that Clinton kid I think of Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey.

  2. Barnhardt always drives right to the heart of the matter.

  3. ALCON,

    Interesting picture if only to view the pecking order….the Muslim Huma side-by-side with Klinton. The Klinton daughter bringing up trail.

  4. Fuck! Thanks for the picture. Now I’m gay…….


    Let’s assume Miss Ann is right. Her opinions appear grounded in fact. Now, if that is the case, how will Hildabeest as POTUS be able to deal with the Musloid world? Answer: Surrogates. She will employ male emissaries to make the trips and the back-channel shenanigans to get what she wants in order to further her agenda. Since she is in the pocket of the Saudis, among others,
    Our men and women in uniform will be fighting the Sunni-Shia conflicts ad infinitum. And, sooner or later, the Bear will get tired of being poked with a stick. It will swat back and we will see the unpleasant spectacle of obliterated Naval vessels and body bags.

  6. for some reason, Chelsea – despite all the plastic surgery – still looks like Web Hubbell. As to the rest of Ann Elizabeth’s latest epistle: Mohammed, like Christ, was almost certainly a renegade Jew. The Jews spun off Christianity to bring down the Western Rome…and then Islam to bring down the Eastern Rome (Byzantium). Done and done. Then, via another renegade Jew – Marx – they spun off communism to bring down the Third Rome: Russia. The latter project, now in neo-con disguise, is still underway

  7. Notice Chelsea is kept in the back while Huma is the right hand.

  8. Jeffery in Alabama

    That Ann, she is always trying to “sugarcoat” situations such as this.

  9. There pictured is a trifecta of whorish, psychopathic scumbags.

  10. great article. I do not know how right mrs. B is on all that, but I have a worthless muslim coworker who is Pakistani and if the opportunity presents itself; I will be letting him or others know that part of the reason he’s so worthless is because he’s basically bottom of the barrel in the muslim population and likely to be inbred, even if it’s possible I’m in HR the next day, he’s a worthless employee, everyone knows it; but somehow he keeps a job; probably because mgt is full of muslim-phobes.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Quote: “so she could go rule the world and rebuild the Caliphate with her lesbian sugarmama, Cankles.”

    I blew a snot bubble!

  13. Miss B gets a +1 from me.

  14. GGGgggeeezzzuuusss H C on a Pogo Stick looking at those three I’m instantly traumatized & my OODA Loop sensors with vision’s of Kubrick’s dystopic Clockwork Orange aversion therapy. That picture of those three would easily cure any countries overpopulation issues. I can hear them clucking to some tormenting caustic schadenfreude Femi-Nazi tune out of key.

    The Horror….

  15. janice stalnaker

    We loathe liars and crooks and you are both!! Our country does not need you as an example for its youth! Btw notice you are in matching outfits. Lying sister outfits. You both have lots in common! Btw, I am a voting woman.