Bracken: A Scenario For A Second Civil War



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  1. Publicly speaking or writing about the first return salvos of a 2nd civil war in a fictional novel is about as far as it can currently go……..

    If in a fictional novel, an author writes: “a series of pre-war traffic “accidents” have taken-out enough people in power, to prevent a 2nd civil war…..”, some people might get the crazy idea of risking injury and doing such a thing………

    How far the other side is willing to go is a great focal-point, the Left brilliantly and effectively uses surrogates (thugs, college students, disasters, former generals, form astronauts, congress, and other useful idiots) to do their dirty work, while remaining ambiguous…..

    For which unknown group of men, women, and children (currently residing in America) are worthy-enough for YOU (the un-aquainted patriot) to risk/give YOUR life for?

    We are already thoroughly-balkanized, amalgamation seems impossible; at some point or another, unholy alliances will be made. It seems as though the Left has already accomplished this key task also.

  2. When the puddles of vomit – the slimebals called cops, start wearing masks, you know damn well they are ashamed of themselves, scared of retaliation, and criminal thugs. If you don’t hate them with all your heart, you are guilty by association.

    “We The People” are Sovereigns. The gubbermint is a runaway servant.

  3. jessejames87

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    Those who can make friends and influence people will prevail, those who cannot will die. Do you hate them enough to enlist the Devil himself if it means their destruction? Methinks the Bear will be very interested in how all this turns out. Got friends in low places?

    • Bullshit. None of us need or want another tyrant to replace the vermin in power now. In due time, the us grubbermint will fall under the weight of its own corruption. Then it will be game on for those who demand justice for the rotten bastards – from the lowly process server, to those at the very top in their hidey holes.

      Lying, Cheating, Hurting… troubles gonna come to you…

      • jessejames87

        …and once that is done, somebody, somewhere at some point will do what has always been done in a power vacuum. Let’s go big and say 300M assume room temperature. What, you think nobody in ANY other country or the remaining 10-20M people would want one of those 7,000+ nukes? The natural resources? Land? Whatever usable production equipment that isn’t destroyed? Manpower? Women? Natural leaders will arise, as they always have, even if by some miraculous stroke of luck there are no state actors inside CONUS. People crave order, and even in the most extreme scenarios some type of social/political order will arise. Hate it if you want, but I tend to think it is part of human nature. Most of us on here are aberrant personalities, statistical outliers of the norm. Working within the paradigm of people who aren’t happy to be left alone, I would prefer it to be someone less Attila and more Washington (who despite his faults seemed to genuinely hate being HMFIC) be the people winding up wielding any social/political power. You’re a business guy, you realize that productivity doesn’t happen without order. Somebody, somewhere will figure out 100 people can accomplish what 1 cannot and 1,000 can do things 100 cannot ect. We all agree there is a problem, but DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!! is not much of a solution, as is evidenced by North Korea’s rather robust system for keeping their population within their borders. How do you see the solution for the 10-20% of people who come out the other side?

  4. In certain parts of the world, we have become the terrorists.

  5. Sadly, Bracken is still under the impression that if only “we” could get the US Constitution back into its genuine usage and design, we’d have “good government” again.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. He should have read, more than once, “Hologram of Liberty” by Kenneth Royce. It describes the cabal that designed the US Constitution and how they managed to get it ratified. The US Constitution is, in fact, operating as intended by its designers. The permitted usurpation of powers not delegated began almost before the ink was dry, led by activist Chief Justice John Marshal, an essentially proto-Globalist. Marshal served for 30 years and was only in the minority a handful of times. He wrote and commanded the key decisions named Marbury vs. Madison (1803) and Mcculloch vs. Maryland (1819). Marbury established Judicial Review and McCulloch established US Government self granting of powers.

    There is no restraint on the powers the US government has granted itself, nor is there restraint on the powers it may grant itself in the future. There never has been such restraints.

    • This is rather important. The Liberty minded folks keep acting like its 1776 or hell 1976 and technologically its not by far

      I’m not talking military science or revolution here but if the Liberty movement doesn’t know how to balance its ideology and our Constitution in a world with cheap home gene sequencers , rapidly advancing robots , networked well everything and sooner than later homemade nano-bots its not going to be of much use.

      No one will support a movement that allows high levels of unemployment do to trade and automation or who can’t solve real big security problems. We’ve already have had gene engineered terror attacks/corporate sabotage (a a Chipotle Grill) and its going to get easier and easier year by year

      On top of that its nearly to the point where its easier to automate many jobs than pay $5 a day in wages and that too will get worse.

      80% of jobs are low wage now and while some of that is regulatory cost and capture, not all of it is, Computers destroyed tons of jobs (Cragislist costs 300,00 jobs gains 30)

      Understand the problem space and the future problem spaces before trying to get power and make sure the wobblers understand that yes , our society can work in the here and now.

      As it is, team freedom has little to offer anyone except abdication of responsibility and the resulting power vacuum being filled by the worst people on Earth

    • Jose Guerena was also unavailable for comment…

      “José Guerena, 26, a former Marine, was sleeping after the graveyard shift at Asarco Mission mine about 9:30 a.m. when his wife woke him saying she heard noises outside and a man was at their window. Guerena told his wife to hide in a closet with their 4-year-old son, his wife has said. He grabbed an AR-15 rifle and moments later was slumped in the kitchen, mortally wounded from a hail of gunfire.”

      His AR15 selector was still on “SAFE”.

  6. Yup.

    Lavoy Finicum was unavailable for comment.

  7. Wildcard for all parties in this hypothetical scenario: will the intelligence and security forces allow a political move so drastic that it would destabilize the nation?

    Even before we get into direct action and the potential of one idealistic Secret Service agent – look into the history of Operation Mockingbird in the 50s. The CIA owned the US media. When McCarthy started sniffing around the CIA and accusing them of being communists, they pulled strings with their media people and demonized him into oblivion. Seems it would be a lot easier for them to run someone out of office than risk a proper dirty war on their own soil. If you think that control is just a thing of the past, when an MSNBC anchor was interviewing a congresswoman about the NSA, they cut to breaking news – Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest. Message received.

  8. “These deadly sniper attacks will typically involve a single shooter firing a single shot from long range. Federal law enforcement will be given the impossible task of predicting who will become the next sniper from among scores of millions of Americans.”

    Long range shooters are actually on a short list compared to the average sheep with claws strapped on.

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  10. It was designed per Adams as a constition for a moral people. This is no longer a moral country.

    Freedom and constitional govt will never return without a return to morality. Its seflishness, greed, corruption and apathy that have rendered that document useless.

    And one can argue if the 2a is even alive itself given that one must get permission from govt to purchase a gun. If govt says “no, we dont like something you did even though we do it all the time” then no gun for you. wanna carry that gun? You need permission. Wanna shoot that gun? Here are 41000 rules. Wanna use it to defend? Heres 41000 does and donts.

    • MichiganderJim

      “It was designed per Adams as a constition for a moral people.”

      Nonsense. It was designed to do exactly what it did. Is it really news…it’s always about the money. The Whiskey Rebellion wasn’t crushed because Washington thought them immoral men. It was about the money, duh.

      And now the geniuses have figured out how to enslave wholesale, generations at a time. Hamilton and the other looters would be orgasmic if they could see what they wrought.

      Rules? Other people may make the rules, but only a man chooses which ones he’ll follow. Sorry, but there’s nobody left to blame but ourselves.

      • outlawpatriot

        It’s you! Kleinster, it’s you! Back in another form are ya? Takin’ classes from T-Fat and Haxo? Damn son, bad to have ya back! 🙂

        • I bet you lay awake at night stressing about tfA-t or JK don’t you?
          Even the thought of someones freedom drives you crazy huh?
          How dare anyone not want to report for duty, worship at Statisms altar, or die for that flag? :)-

        • MichiganderJim

          I was gonna try your approach Alan, but I couldn’t fit in the cage.

        • Haxo is currently on indefinite sabbatical; after losing a coin-flip, Anton Chigurh has agreed to fill in

  11. Jimmy the Saint

    If that sort of thing comes to pass, I wouldn’t it expect to stay limited to sniping. Sniping is fairly difficult. There are easier ways that also get much bigger headlines. As the song “18 Brits” said:

    Well Lord Mountbatten he had a boat….weile weile waile
    Lord Mountbatten he had a boat…….down by the Sligo waters
    And on that boat there was a bomb….weile weile waile
    Lord Mountbatten didn’t last for long ..down by the Sligo waters..

    There were 9 mortars came in the canteen
    There were 9 policemen nowhere to be seen
    And the song said fuck it, they kicked the bucket
    The day the mortars came in the canteen

    Well Judge Gibson he had a car…weile weile waile
    Judge Gibson he had a car…down by the Dublin Road
    Beside that car there was a bomb….weile weile waile
    Judge Gibson didn’t last for long..down by the Dublin Road

    There were 9 mortars came in the canteen
    There were 9 policemen nowhere to be seen
    And the song said fuck it, they kicked the bucket
    The day the mortars came in the canteen

  12. I call bullshit.”Nobody left to blame but ourselves”
    .How about we start with the bicameral legislature of the USA.Move along to the judicial and all of the fucking lawyers.Last but not least the executive branch. I blame the shit out of those parasitic moles on the ass of progress.No respect earned and none given.

  13. Might be time again to flog Mark Spungin’s novel “Neither Predator nor Prey”, which is about how Hillary’s embrace of UN gun proposals plays out in Wyoming. Not so well for the Blue team: “We really just should have left those motherfuckers alone.”

    A person’s location is a key thing to his view of life.

  14. Scott Thorsen

    There are some things I disagree. Look at current rebellions. Ironically, both have the initials BLM in the conflict. Out west ranchers are fighting a heavy handed federal government starving them off the land.

    Where is public opinion?

    Largely public opinion supports the Bureau of Land Management. The federal government controls the narrative and had an excellent propaganda machine.

    Now look at the Black Lives Matter. The people’s argument is the same…. A heavy boot of the government. Again, the people are doing a horrible job explaining themselves.

    Here we have two extreme corners of the Bracken CW2 Cube but their fights are so localized they can’t relate to each other and see a common enemy. In a dark humor, it’s kind of funny to watch play out.

    My point is, as long as the government keeps the arguments micro-issued, people will never rise up. Without a macro social economic issue to unite, the current situation will continue to worsen. Western ranchers can’t even properly explain their problems to Midwestern farms, much less urban people fighting the same fight.

    We could have every point on the Bracken CW2 Cube fighting a federal government but refuse to unit against a common opponent. A fractionalized people will not defeat a heavy handed state. Black America support oppressing rural white America. Ranchers support a sending the National Guard into Chicago. Washington knows how to use the CW2 Cube.

    Washington’s propaganda machine is far better than we give them credit. I’m curious how much of a government fusion center is used to produce social media disinformation. It wouldn’t surprise me if 3/4 of the Hillary “alt-right” media originates in Washington as counter intelligence disinformation designed to camouflage the truth that might leak out.

    The failure to counteract the government’s propaganda social media machine can go a long way holding CW2 at bay.

    Next, the 2A is largely irrelevant. With satellites, aerial coverage and drones, they can see everything. With motion activated computers mounted to a rifle from an armoured personnel vehicle, a rebellion is not going to out shoot an army.

    We’ve reached their point technology trumps a well regulated militia, and their propaganda machine trumps a lazy “free” press. 1A and 2A are almost irrelevant.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “their fights are so localized they can’t relate to each other and see a common enemy”

      Just because two groups share a common enemy, it doesn’t follow that those groups aren’t enemies themselves, and that their enmity can or should be set aside to deal with the other enemy. Hell, often enough, siding with one enemy against another enemy-in-common just leaves you facing a stronger foe later.

    • “Ranchers support a sending the National Guard into Chicago. ”
      I suspect ranchers don’t give a fuck about Chicago.

      “We’ve reached their point technology trumps a well regulated militia, and their propaganda machine trumps a lazy “free” press. 1A and 2A are almost irrelevant.”
      It is about will. Thus far FreeFor has not demonstrated the will to win. (I’m including myself). You can’t win a war with drones or even APCs in the streets. The more they clamp down the less control/legitimacy they actually have. Systeme D, marijuana, barter, peer to peer, 3d printing, VPN, community intranet, micro scale solar/wind, resilient communities, suburban gardening…

    • Black Lives Matter is a murderous anti-White Einsatzgruppe being formatted by the And you are a Hasbara: “oh, lookit all that hi-tech…’we’ haven’t a chance”. All that fancy high-tech lost to the goatherds in Afghanistan; lost in Iraq; lost in Yemen; lost in Syria. And – once the Fed Jewbuck dies – it’ll lose here too.

      do not pass go, but do collect your $2.39

  15. I believe Matt is right on his prediction of how the coming unpleasantness kicks off. Matt then quotes the DoI regarding dissolving tyrannical govts… essentially saying the current U.S. government is close to being “fully resisted” until it doesn’t exist and the DoI is the justification for said dissolution/resistance… as it should be.

    “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    Grey Ghost

  16. I think that once the great unwinding begins, and it will begin (opps, sorry, has began), as with all uncharted and unplanned ‘unwinding’s’ nothing is predictable other than great suffering and pain. Could all this have been prevented? Probably not (certainly not given where we are both at and going) but at least those with eyes to see and the mind willing to accept truth (as in what is standing before them) have a better chance coming out the ‘other side’ if there will be an ‘other side’. The unwinding should be quite a show ………………

  17. colddeadhandsdays

    Where I break from Bracken and indeed many of you is I do not think the police and military will have the stomach to continue to come after and kill Americans after the blood begins to spill. The fat stupid cowardly police won’t last a week. When 100 a day start getting shot up they’ll stop going to work. And most of the tip of the spear troops won’t start shooting up their own citizens. I’m sorry. I can’t buy this happening for very long.

    • And that is when the international troops arrive.

      At the request of POTUS and the US .mil commanders.

    • MichiganderJim

      “I do not think the police and military will have the stomach…”

      No need to guess; we’ve got plenty of history to look at. As long as the checks keep coming and buy things, the vast majority will follow orders. Period. For a bunch of other reasons too, like their own desire to live.

      If morality had anything to do with it, they’d be out now.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There’s every chance that the military would not be used against the populace; rather, it will guard the borders to keep others from intervening. It will, however, supply and support regime-favored forces. Yes, it might periodically fight, but for the most part, it could just sit out of any major operations.

  18. I just listened to this talk by Major George Racey Jordan – Incredible ! We’ve learned from Anthony Sutton about how after the International Banksters got the USA into WWI and engineered the regime change in Russia, that they began a massive tech transfer to USSR from USA – well here is how things continued with that transfer during and after WWII – Major Jordan couldn’t believe what the State Department was allowing Russia to do so he kept a diary of the details of the transfer. You might get pretty upset from this.

    Click to access FromMajorJordansDiaries-TheTruthAboutTheUsAndUssr.pdf