Buchanan: Their War, Not Ours

A Kurdish fighter walks by a wall bearing a drawing of the flag of the Islamic State (IS) group in the northern Iraqi town of Sinjar, in the Nineveh Province, on November 13, 2015. Iraqi Kurdish leader Massud Barzani announced the "liberation" of Sinjar from the Islamic State group in an assault backed by US-led strikes that cut a key jihadist supply line with Syria. AFP PHOTO / SAFIN HAMED / AFP / SAFIN HAMED        (Photo credit should read SAFIN HAMED/AFP/Getty Images)

PJB on Syria and undeclared wars.

War without end.

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  1. Syria… a war to put in an oil pipline to the EU to fight the Russian dominance their in oil and gas. What with the state of the invasion of the EU, I’m not sure it matters much. Besides there is NO WAY the Russians are going to give up their access to the warm water port in Syria.

    Grey Ghost

  2. “our” Congress?? 90% of the Senate and House members belong to the Zionist billionaires. The Pentagram and State Dept. are similarly neo-con infested. The aim is to encircle and destroy Russia, which is a large, White pebble in the Judeo-globalist shoe. Thus Isramerica will continue to fake-fight the Sunni terrorists in Syria, while actually supporting them. All this, incidentally, illustrates the difference between PaleoConz (Buchanan, Derbyshire), Alt-Right (VoxDay, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson; Le Pen, Orban, what’s-his-name in Belgium, etc.), and hardRight: Buchanan can’t even name the Jew, so he writes silly essays like this one; Alt-Right is Jew-wise, but still thinks Whites can votevotevote & cut a deal with the Jews for a place at the trough; hardRights understand it’s a zero-sum game: if the Tikkun Olam wins, Whites and their civilization are finished. Ditto the reverse

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  4. Feckless leadership screwing around in the affairs of another nation can’t possibly have any repercussions here at home, right? I mean it’s not like we’re transplanting 1000’s upon 1000’s of fighting age fanatics into our own communities, right? Oh wait…..WTF?

  5. Not ours til they bring it over here.

  6. There is a scene in a old Woody Allen comedy movie titled “Bananas” that was prophetic over the point made in this article. In the latter part of the movie US combat troops are in an airplane being sent to a small Banana republic in South America to intervene in their civil war. A private asks his officer whose side they are suppose to fight on. The Officer replies “Both. We don’t want to take any chances like we did in Vietnam.”

    This is the idiocy that our government has become playing world policeman and engaging in regime change. The enemy of our enemy will always remain our enemy and our former friends we betray become our enemies also. Madness!

  7. Somewhat off topic here but I have always wondered, 1) how much did we (that would be the FUSA) spent in Viet Nam, 2) what happened to all the shit we took over there (never really saw any ‘surplus’ being offered for sale after the fact as with WWII and 3) how much do we continue to spend due to mil-vet disability (not to mention all the other ‘actions’ after that ‘conflict’. Compound that by a factor of what-the-fuck-ever for all the ‘incursions’ and undeclared ‘wars’ since. At least with the, dare I say military action of Viet Nam, there was a substantial ‘push back’ by the (our) population which forced those in power to re-think the whole fucked up mess. Full disclosure: I spent almost three years over there with the USMC.
    Seems to me that no one with the exception of a very few ever talk about this kind of thing – could it be that the great unwashed mass’ really don’t care? I am just shocked …………….

    • Worker,

      I have a book written 20+ years ago. One chapter discusses the debacle of Vietnam. They break down the material we left behind when Saigon fell. From A-Z, we left it, the Commies got it, and sent it around the world in their efforts to foment communist revolution. North Vietnam sold much of it on the world arms market to get hard currency. We funded N. Vietnam with tons of left-behind hardware. And now we are palsy-walsy with them allowing the Commies of Vietnam unfettered access to our markets. In particular textiles and clothing. Chances are your Jockeys were made by some Commie in Hanoi or what was once known as Saigon. The attack against traditional America, by domestic NWO Amerikans, has been ongoing for decades.

      The government scum of this country has been selling out the citizenry for decades. Yet, there are many fools in fUSA who are “Proud to be an Amerikan”. I often ask “Why ?”.

      If I get a chance I’ll try to dig up the book. Very interesting read. It has a section discussing the blatant, deliberate attack on USS Liberty by the Israelis during the Six Day War, 8 JUN 67. An attack, a warning to the US not to interfere with Israel.

      No promises. I’ll try to get you the name of the book.

  8. “When did Congress authorize an American war in Syria? Is the constitution now inoperative?”

    They didn’t. No, it’s being ignored by treasonous malefactors.

    Welcome to the party PJB. It’s all under the umbrella of GWOT. Might be a slightly flawed concept in there somewhere but hey what difference does it make? Unless of course you’re a wounded vet being shit on by our own VA while everyone at the football field salutes and pretends they know what you gave your legs for that is…..if you ever wondered just how upside down this country is wonder no more. When a nation sends it’s sons and daughters off to fight in “undeclared wars” over a few decades and no one cares, you’re done. Please don’t take this post as disrespect to those who have served, I am not a vet and don’t begin to claim to understand your experiences there. What I am asking is why someone sent you there in the first fucking place. ‘Cause I don’t know and I’m guessing no one else does either. Not acceptable.

    • Tom,

      “When a nation sends it’s sons and daughters off to fight in “undeclared wars” over a few decades and no one cares….”

      Here is the disagreement I have with your remark above….the citizens going off to fight in undeclared wars are not being sent against their wishes. They are VOLUNTEERS ! If they aren’t aware of the unconstitutional and imperialistic application of fUSA’s military force it’s on the citizen voluntarily joining the military. They are not being drafted. Hasn’t been a draft since circa 1975.

      I do care they’re going. I’ve railed at townhall meetings with my scumbag, draft-dodging congressman, wrote letters opposing military interventions and have been beat up here by the many .milsuckers who believe it is righteous to send Amerika’s youth, our blood and treasure, to fight in foreign lands while our borders are under assault with no defense. The enemies of this nation are in the District of Columbia and the state capitols. Not in foreign lands.

      Most troops today are joining fUSA’s military because they can’t find a decent job courtesy of the “free traders” and globalists. I shed not a tear for those volunteering to wage wars of imperialism for the neocons and globalists. They volunteered of their own,free will. They asked for it.

      The answer is simple. Do not join the military.

      • Randall Flagg

        So many Greenwoods; so little time to properly educate them all.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “The enemies of this nation are in the District of Columbia and the state capitols. Not in foreign lands.”

        No reason that they aren’t in both. Enemies foreign and domestic and all that jazz.

        • Jimmy,

          “No reason that they aren’t in both.”

          Priority of fires, Jimmy. Priority of fires. And right now, priorities are askew.

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Uncle Larry

    The war in Syria is about pipelines. Big money to be made by the politicians and their patrons. Same thing in Ukraine. Joe Biden’s son, R. Hunter Biden, was put on the board of directors of the largest Ukrainian energy company, right after we overthrew the pro-Russian government there South China Sea? What could be below the water? I wonder.

  11. Dan III, as an 18yr old volunteer in 1969, I could hardly be described as mature, and informed. Certainly herded, and off to war I went. If all one sees is the news on TV, and hears on radio, aka the govt. line and angle, and if little else is widely available against it, there you go. Around 2001 or so, right after 9/11, I got my first personal computer, and access to the internet. At first I thought that it consisted of nothing but communists and crazy people, because nearly everything I read was contrary to what I had “known”, before. Hearing a lot of contrary stuff, I listened and mulled it over. Around 2003, I understood I had been brainwashed and herded in the 50’s and 60’s right into the Army, and onward. Left the Army in 1986, crippled and not very able to earn a living. I spent the next fifteen years not paying much attention to politics or anything, outside of struggling to make ends meet. So, that’s my excuse if you, or any of you will. If you’re caught at an early age, and kept out of the loop, as I was, not much you can do to change your stars. Yup, the kids now had better inform themselves, too, because it’s all right there in front of them, and they have but to look and listen. They have a lot of distractions to keep them from that, and I think if we want things to change, we’d all best be trying to intervene more, and carp less. Even the good and smart ones get hornswaggled, given the efforts of FedGov. I wound up here by accident. Sometimes, by accident, you find that the floor you were standing on is rotten.



    • Welcome to the Apocalypse Sean.

      n apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω meaning “uncovering”), translated literally from Greek, is a disclosure of knowledge, i.e., a lifting of the veil or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, “a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities”.[1]

    • Sean,

      I was RA. There was a big difference between us RA troops of 1969 or 1971 and the youth of today’s information age courtesy of the Internet.

      I was RA and volunteered for RVN duty. Like you I was not mature either. But also, like you, I grew up with Vietnam in comic books, newspapers and on the nightly news. I remember seeing the weekly body counts of American KIAs….during your time there as high as 500 US dead a week ! When I went RA I did so not to “Kill A Commie For Mommy”. Rather, even then only weeks out of high school, I didn’t trust the media or the government. I wanted to see what I had grown up with for myself. So I enlisted. It was giving myself a choice or allowing the local draft board to tell me how I was going to live. It was also a decision I made to be a part of the history I had read and seen for so many years.

      Now today, American dead in another far off, undeclared conflict is so much “ho hum” to both the media and the American public. Vietnam was an era unlike today. Vietnam was the conscience of the American people. Our warring today, is not. With no draft American youth don’t know or care about getting their ass shot off in Afghanistan.

      My apology to you if you thought I was denigrating your volunteerism of 1969. I was not.

  12. Camacho2016

    So PJB starts off telling us that this war is unconstitutional. Then ends up by telling us that we need to get in there and wage war to stop the slaughter.