Can Islam Co-Exist With The West?

Via Vlad Tepes.

Short answer?

Yes, if the West agrees to submit.

6 responses to “Can Islam Co-Exist With The West?

  1. Of course Islam and Christianity can co-exist,and there are many examples over time and place.That said,Islam is in crisis and aspects and some or many Islamic societies must embrace modernity,even if they must be dragged,kicking and screaming,preferably by fellow Muslims.

  2. of course Islam can “co-exist” with the West: w/in integral nations separated by secure borders. The current Zionist GWOT-forced transfer of the Muslims from the Middle East/South Asia into western nations whose borders have been take down by Zion is a self-evident plot to exterminate the Whites and their civilization. And all the while serves as a useful distraction, keeping the Whites’ attention fixed on the weapon (Mohammed)…instead of the hand holding the weapon (((Soros)))

    • I would like to disagree with you,Anton,but any solution is problematic,for sure.We do OK in Canada,comparatively.We brought 25,000 Syrians into Canada within several months,and most Canadians feel pretty good about it.There are going to be “lone wolves”,(my God,I hate using Wolves in this context,they are such noble creatures and deserving of our respect,the heardsmen not-with-standing),even white,home grown ones.Nova Scotia,and Canada,is badly in need of immigrants.We can no longer source Italians,Greeks,etc. as immigrants.For us,like it or not,most are going to be from Asia,Africa and the ME.Islam is the fastest growing community in the world,and we must learn to acommodate,even tolerate,respect and live among one another peacefully.The is as much a concern for the Israelis and Palestinians,as our societies.No one said it was going to be easy.Meanwhile,keep your powder dry and your heart and mind,if not your borders,open!

  3. The answer to the question is a resounding NO! Muzloids are utterly incompatible with Western culture down the last one.

    • “Muzloids are utterly incompatible with Western culture down the last one.”

      There are many examples over time and place of Islam and Christianity co-existing.That said,some aspects of Islam,individuals,communities and societies,are in need of being dragged,kicking and screaming if necessary,into Modernity.To our credit,the western liberal democracies have much to teach the developing world of tolerance,inclusiveness and human rights.We are not without our faults,though,but we are mostly able to examine and criticize them in relative freedom.That is a double edged sword,and could be our downfall as well as our saving grace.God Bless America and all who serve.

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