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Commissar For Internal Electoral Propriety Greenwood was unavailable for comment.

lee greenwood spiffy flag jacket grrrrr

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  1. Don’t trust those bastards one bit. Guess the Hildabeast voters might as well stay home and not bother to go and get paid for their vote.

  2. Not only NO, but HELL NO!!

  3. It’s official. The Fox is now guarding the henhouse.

    Prepare to defend yourselves

  4. This was so absolutely predictable. We’ve rarely heard about elections being “hacked” until recently and it’s been all over the headlines.

    That was all just a setup for this.

    Assuming Trump wins, since all the polls are rigged and inaccurate, the screams for “it was hacked” will now be loud and long.

    DHS will then step in and be the ones controlling the outcome.

    If he doesn’t win, you will hear nothing about hacking because DHS was on the job.

    Just another way to ensure the outcome they must have.

    Not that voting matters anyways, but still, this is the final straw of total control of the process.

    Paraphrasing Stalin, it’s who counts the votes. Now DHS will control that process in it’s entirety.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Paraphrasing Stalin, it’s who counts the votes.”

      Who counts the votes is only important if you don’t control who appoints the candidates. This time around, an unappointed one slipped through.

  5. Will the door kickin and dog shootin start before or after election day?

  6. Get started on setting up your De Jure STATE .Gov

    Or not…

  7. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe they could bring in Lois Lerner out of retirement to help out.

  8. DixieDennis

    I wouldn’t trust those clowns to umpire a little league game.

  9. DHS can declare anything vital and over rule ALL existing laws, rules and regulations. Its done for sure. Waiting for the fun.

  10. John A. Fleming

    I was wondering how election disruption would be possible. All the off-the-rails partisans have been voicing their fears since time immemorial that the Preznit will cancel the next election and keep hisself in power.

    If they keep flogging this, this is the tell, their chosen method. A mix of tricky and insanely stupid.

    • Note this article right below the doozy linked in this post! Talk about a “tell”, to use the phrase of my esteemed colleague above. Pete, what’s the day count now? Someone needs to post the “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves” clip! Spicy!!

      • Spicy indeed.
        I must say I overlooked this possibility. I have dismissed the idea that they might try the “martial law” nonsense but disruption of the election via hacking was not something I for saw. I had given thought to the idea of what would happen if Hillary were to get so sick she could not possibly run. I am waiting for her to collapse during the debate.

        • Keep waiting, she’s not sick or frail. Taqquiya, the other white meat.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            They should just close down the Emmys, Tonys, and Oscars, then. She’s won them all in perpetuity.

  11. The Federalization of managing voting by the states violates the 10th amendment. Just another ploy to centralized power to the executive.

    • Indeed, one would think. However, they seek to promote your general welfare.

      They are moving faster on this than I thought.

      Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the VSA.

      Voting Security Authority, Brothers to the TSA, and due to the speed at which the VSA needs to begin operating it will be made up at first by actual TSA agents, at first of course.

      Isn’t that clever.

      As I mentioned in the earlier post, voting need be nothing but paper and pencil, backed by identification verification, all manual. No computers are needed, counting is done by hand in a distributed fashion using sworn members of the public, in public and monitored by the parties and citizen groups. Recounts can be done and must be repeatable in outcome. Ballots must be properly handled. “Hacking” by Russians, or Republicans or, Democrats for that matter is not possible.

      This VSA however is a different matter, any results they come up with will be totally unfaithful. Stalin put this one best. Who votes doesn’t matter, who counts the votes does.

      We-the-people cannot allow this, and if we do, our country is lost. There are no other choices.

  12. Repetitive. But get your ammo now. They ARE going to pull it.

    • Night vision, body armor, gas masks, tear gas, FMJ and steel core projectiles will also be on the chopping block……

  13. It’s official… the U.S. is now officially a banana republic… errr Democracy if you’ve been brainwashed. There is now NO semblance of free and honest elections. IF you didn’t believe in TINVOWOOT before this, maybe you will see the light now… or not. If you are CONservative I suspect you think this is great because the govt of Lincoln is now going to protect your vote. USA! USA! USA! Are we in Boston yet?

    This is 4 weeks early but could be the “October surprise”… or maybe by the time we get to October this will be forgotten just like the cops in Milwaukee releasing the GoPro video… I’m still waiting but not holding my breath. If they are willing to do this so early can you imagine what they’ll also do in October when the polls are saying Trump is +8 and Hitlery has passed out in one of the three debates. SITREP… FUBAR.

    Grey Ghost

  14. Lost Patrol

    And Homeland Security was simply supposed to protect us, huh?
    But was there any doubt that Hillary would be granted the presidency regardless of the vote?

  15. Well that’s just PERFECT !!
    The headline might as well read “Election Results in – Hillary Wins.”
    8Nov will not be a good day to stop drinking.

  16. SemperFi, 0321

    Call me skeptical, but when they start out with “certain FedGov agencies (FBI, CIA, DHS,….) have discovered…………..” that’s when I hit the kill switch. They can peddle this horseshit to the Faux News crowd, but I know better, Orwell told me so.

  17. We knew this all along…. Surprised?

  18. Not that voting matters, but…

    Buy a candy bar at any store & you get a receipt – a link in an audit trail.

    But voting? Nah, you don’ need no steenkin receipt. Imagine if 8 votes in a precinct were cast for candidate B, yet official tabulation indicates 100% of votes were for candidate A.

    Receipts – too much opportunity to get things right.

  19. I see it coming now from barry the boy king: ” My DHS has determined that these elections were hacked, Trump cannot be potus because of invalid vote tallies and his mental instability. Therefore I decree that a new election will be held sometime in the future and I will remain your dear leader for now……….”

  20. more adolescent hysteria from the republiscams, neo-conz, & alt-Right. Mrs. Clinton currently leads in the EC by more than 2::1. Other than the usual Black urban precincts reporting 120%-150% of registered voters voting, the election will be reasonably clean and Clinton will be ‘Murka’s next – and likely last – Prez

  21. Camacho2016

    …and you thought voting still matters.

  22. Virgil Kane

    Thank you, George W. Bush.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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