Just A Few Bad Apples

officer safety

Police arrested in August.

H/t BB via Twitter.

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    Say what you will, the sheeple cannot handle the truth. This morning(08/30) on Breitbart, there is a story about two cops in Florida being refused service at some tropical juice-smoothie place. You should read the comments to the story about “our brave men in blue who daily risk their lives for us.” The sheeple are still deep in denial and drinking gallons of the purple Kool-Aid. Sad.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. For all the lurking “cops” here, I don’t believe for one second you’re IIIpers. Sure you may not like things the way are either, but, i have no doubts you pigs don’t have plans to remain in “power” no matter what.

    Guess what?

    Best if the badges find more suitable employment if they want to remain part of the greater community – rather than be at war with it. Time is running short badgeboys.

  4. Nature abhors a vacuum.

    So do the sheeple, being by their nature base and fearful with little initiative.

    So officer friendly is seen by them as a sort of security blanket. He stands between them and lawlessness and they’ve been watching it since before Adam-12.

    On a similar topic. Those same people still respect and uphold the symbol (you see that word, right there?) of their nation. Because it gives them satisfactory feelings of tribe, shared accomplishment and self worth.

    Many of you spend a lot of man hours shouting uselessly about both of these. Truth is though unless you have viable substitutes ready, apparent and ( another big concept here… EASIER) you’re just pissing up a rope.

    Now foam the fuck on, the popcorn is ready here.

    • Was there a viable substitute ready at the Siege of Boston? There wasn’t even a Declaration at that point. What existed was a lot of ‘leave me alone’ anger.

      • There were at least ten prior years of dissent, organization, town meetings, protests, troops being quartered in private residences. All right there, live and in your face. The level of discomfort was far, far greater and more personal.

        Joe sheeple doesn’t get bruises from Feds shaking down the Hutarree. He probably gets more upset when ” his” feetsball team loses. Why? The Message plays down the first and plays up the second.

        Joe isn’t feeling much pain so don’t expect his ass off the couch anytime soon. But when he is finally up your message better be simple, easier and results based or he’ll find one that is.

    • No doubt you spend your time licking windows and eating paint chips, as your comments reflect such.

      While the People of the Free State of Michigan has had in place a shadow government for years now. I’ve attended several of the Congress meetings since. Most states likely have the same, but you have to forego the basketball game to take notice.


      • outlawpatriot

        Shadow government? For years? That’s hilarious. 🙂

        • Read the links.
          They were active before 2011 when they invited me in. “Invited” Something you’re lame ass will never experience.
          Now go plot battle in your goofy TOC. Men are busy here…

          You’re just a Stockholm Syndrome’d Statist, Senile, Flag waver.
          You just can’t get out of the box old timer.
          You’re through.

    • Steve Kristmann

      LFMayor wrote:
      “…Truth is though unless you have viable substitutes ready, apparent and ( another big concept here… EASIER) you’re just pissing up a rope…”

      Hi LF,
      First things first, The first thing for people to wrap their heads around is the idea of ‘ownership’, in particular, WHO owns them? Either they own themselves or they believe that someone else/something else is owed an obligation/duty to obey or respect the ‘legitimacy’ of.

      If one understands about self-ownership and applies it consistently, one realizes that there is NO such thing as gov/authority…it doesn’t exist any more than santa claus, the tooth fairy, leprechauns or unicorns farting tasty non-gmo everlasting skittles out their behinds along with rainbows. The belief in gov/authority is nothing more than a superstition..no less primitive than a group of bone wearing savages living on an island who sacrifice one of their own each month to the non-existent ‘volcano god’ so he won’t get angry. In some ways, people who believe in ‘gov/authority’ are even more out of touch with reality (and therefore more dangerous) than the savages living on an island…the ‘false god’ they worship creates a situation where far more people are harmed on a regular basis than merely one a month.

      Here’s some things to help understand this:

      “Government On Trial”

      The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

      If You Were King

      The Tiny Dot

      Who Owns You?

      The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose

      The Philosophy of Liberty – By Ken Schoolland

      One has to be free in one’s own mind before one can be free in other areas.
      When one stops believing that a group of parasites and their gang of armed legbreakers are the masters, they will cease to be so..they will automatically loose their legitimacy, because they never had any to begin with! And with that one will realize that we never owed them any duty or obligations or respect whatsoever!

      Yours In Liberty w/o any superstitious belief in gov/authority!
      NorthGunner III

  5. Who effected these arrests?

  6. I get the anger and outrage. I try to remain dispassionate as it allows for clearer vision. I admit if a child or woman is involved I get a little tweaked. My point is I’ve no intention of selling my life cheaply unless forced to. My skin for a cop’s? Bad trade. For the wrongful death of someone I love? Yes. For meaningful impact upon the altar of Liberty? Yes. For a cop? Not even.

  7. Is it just me or is officer meat stick above holding an open bolt, no mag inserted AR of some sort? Does this represent complete stupidity or a representation of total intimidation?

    • He’s got the scary black rifle… traveled through Logan recently. An alarm went off, officer safety roamed the back of the airline ticket carrying an MP5 variant. With a big ass smile on his face. See me, I’m bad. At least he had his finger out side the trigger as above.

    • yep, no worries, he’s just “rehearsing”

      but that goes against the “train like you fight, and fight like you train”, right?

      good for us, I guess…………………….

    • Yeah. I just noticed that for the first time too.

  8. Hmmn. I also want to point to our top cop, Comey, with more bad news today.


    ” Three days ago, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., sent a letter to Comey, expressing concern that “the threat of the Russian government tampering in our presidential election is more extensive than widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results.”

    In late June an “unknown actor scanned a state’s Board of Election website for vulnerabilities” and, after identifying a security gap, exploited the vulnerability to conduct a “data exfiltration,” or unauthorized data transfer, the FBI said in a recent bulletin.

    Earlier this month, hackers used the same vulnerability in an “attempted intrusion activities into another state’s Board of Election system,” the FBI said.”

    Look here. After finding nothing worth prosecuting wrt HRC, we are now being told that the Russkies plan to muck around with our election results in the coming election that some of you MFers have heard a thing or two about.

    I will tell you one thing. I may not be an expert in firearms, I am no expert in military affairs nor politics, although I do know a thing or two here and there on these subjects. What I do know is data processing and internet bit-wrangling, that;s how I make my living. The stuff they are talking about in this article is garden variety probing and incompetence on the part of the administrators of the referenced sites, nothing more. They literally cannot stop this crap from happening and if they care about the data they have to protect it them-frigging-selves. This is not any kind of threat to someone who plans to and attends to database integrity, which of course these morons *should* be and we all know *are not* doing because, government.

    This sky is falling FUD they are throwing out now appears real shady to me, especially coming from someone like Comey. Yea Comey, you want us to believe you now? Fat fucking chance for that.

    Fast forward a few weeks from now and consider a Trump landslide and all the notorious rats screaming ‘The Russians Hacked Our Shit’. Huh? What then?

    I have said it before and stand by it now; computerized voting is just fraud waiting to be executed, it’s a bad idea, unnecessary and untrustworthy. Per. I. Od. That said we are stuck with it where it’s already in place. This should change if we ever want to have full confidence in our election processes.

    But this is not what is being talked about now. They seem to be preparing us all up for some drama in November, perhaps because their internal polling is telling the Clinton team that they are screwed and will not be able to cheat quite enough for a win.

    Every day it seems I wake up and find new reasons to be disappointed with out betters in Mordor, I mean DC. This one however is really making my spidey sense tingle. Badness, much.

    • Absolutely. This is them prepping the narrative that a Trump win will be the result of foreign state actors manipulating our voting systems. None of this happens in isolation, this is an orchestrated message. It’s simply too coincidental that Russia and Vladimir Putin have featured in multiple messages from the Democrats. We had the whole “Russian intelligence agencies hacked the DNC emails in collusion with Donald Trump” followed by “Donald Trump is engaged in seditious collusion with the Russian government” followed by Harry Reid saying Trump should be given fake intelligence briefs since “he cannot be trusted” followed by Hillary’s denouncing of Trump and the Alt-Right, alleging it is a global phenomenon with the sinister Vladimir Putin at the top, and now Harry Reid acting again as a Concern Troll over supposed Russian hacking of our electoral systems.

      And now we have Jeh Johnson promising to bring in DHS to make sure those systems are “protected.” Translation: DHS has just been given its plausible cover story, and their involvement in the election will be for the purpose of implementing the fraud, not stopping it.

    • Also a professional bit-wrangler here but on the hardware side. It has been possible for years to make sure that (a) your vote was counted and (b) counted towards the actual total and (c) there is an auditable physical paper trail.

      However, they do not implement such a system, as it would remove their ability to rig elections.

    • “consider a Trump landslide”

      consider whirled peas

  9. I just realized that weapon has no magazine and the bolt is locked back.

  10. Yes I know there are good cops, but they are few and far between. For decades I’ve personally witnessed how they bear false witness and cover for their ‘brothers and sisters’. And only a fool would deny that America has become a militarized Police State. I would not trust them for one minute.

    • There are no ‘good’ cops, merely cops that haven’t quite fermented enough yet. Just as one bad apple will spoil the barrel, so too will one good apple be spoiled by all the bad apples in the barrel.

  11. Well,on the upside,homeland insecurity according to Washington Examiner will monitor/perhaps run the elections,what could possibly go wrong!?I mean,it’s not like lynch or the fibs have chosen sides or anything.

  12. Marlo Stanfield

    Holy Shit! Never saw this on regular news channels.

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  13. HHH Old Vet.

    Hahaha, the thought of TRUST in any of the “Agency’s” cracks me up, Not even the FBI can be trusted now as they have shown how worthless they ARE with the Murder of Lavoy Finicum. State Police, just More Lies.

    Really, there is NO Dot Gov. employee that can be trusted in Any capacity.