Sabo Sends


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23 responses to “Sabo Sends

  1. DAM………………

  2. Hadenoughalready

    That picture is enough for a normal, red-blooded man to consider becoming a eunuch.

  3. Geez, that picture is about the greatest weight-loss plan in the history of Mankind, short of internment in a concentration camp (which is ALMOST preferable to gazing on that picture…kind of like Medusa’s visage).


    This will backfire. Trust me, the “public outrage” will help this criminal. No problems with the poster, but the FSA idiots, wimmen, and MSM Manginas will be frothing at the mouth. Do not be at all surprised if O’Reilly and Megan Kelly over at FAUX News lead the charge on this one.

  5. Forget sawing some commie in half. Put them in a room surrounded with that image. Then keep them alive as long as possible.


  6. Chemical Eyewash please.

  7. Is there a particular reason why the pic “with the bikini bottom” wasn’t used in place of the one exposing the va-jay-jay???

    I mean, really???? Hot coffee really irritates the nasal passages, CA!

  8. Stop going to the Ugly site and downloading piks !!
    Didn’t you read the early post about giving people a reason to side w/the good guys ? 🙂

  9. That woman is the singularly most unfuckable female on this planet.

  10. She reminds me of Amtrack Amy…. Yeap, they
    picked her up one day and took her to quarantine,
    heck, they actually banished her from the “village.”
    I wasn’t an amtracker, but heard less horrible stories
    than the ones I’m reading of Hillary.

  11. Roland Deschain

    Please, for all our collective sanities, panties ON!

    • Hadenoughalready

      Never mind the panties, let’s demand she wear a burqa (and then ship her off to Sodomy Barbaria)

  12. John A. Fleming

    It’s not accurate. He didn’t show the colostomy bag.

  13. Mag,Mag, you whorehouse scag.You sleazy,slimey slut. Within your thighs green fungus lies and maggots crawl up your gut.
    The picture is an explicit and honest portrayal of an infected, rotting piece of Americana..Anyone that knows me personally, has permission to hit me in the face with a shovel…if I say I know how this will pan out.
    Trust your gut.Trust your years of making it this far,when so many of your acquaintances did not.
    “In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult.”

  14. more names being taken

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