There’s Nothing More Frightening Than Rule By The “Smart”

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In general, and in specific as to the issue of eliminating cash.

Your betters know that to optimize their plans, you must be kept bereft and powerless.

For your own good.

And theirs.

21 responses to “There’s Nothing More Frightening Than Rule By The “Smart”

  1. So the cashless society/cashless system is to control the general population sans the elite sky people. It will all be controlled from a computer system which will eventually crash and lose all data…

    Weren’t we warned about this almost two thousand years ago? Social Security numbers required (mark of the Beast), all seeing full surveillance one world government and one world religion (Muslam)? Yes, we were warned to prepare for this and we have. “Come Lord Jesus!”

  2. There’s always an alternative to cash.
    As was stated-could be Bitcoin etc. Could be gold or silver…or lead.
    Could be citizen a fixes citizen b’s car in exchange for food citizen b produced.
    There will always be a “black market”.

    • Possession of precious metals will be outlawed. Conducting transactions by means of barter, bitcoin, precious metals, remaining hard currency, or trading labor for food/commodities will be outlawed. The government will have plenty of stoolies out there entrapping dissenters who refuse to play by the new rules and you will be caught.

      Dotgov has already gamed this out. Any underground economy/black market or plan B or C you have has already been checkmated … and you will comply or you will be imprisoned/executed.

      If you don’t already know how to live out of a backpack, have knowledge of what plants you can and can’t eat, or know how to hunt/trap game and dress it, you’d better start like right now.

      • I’ve fished,hunted,and trapped since I was a kid-learned how to butcher and preserve livestock and game when I was a kid,learned about edible plants when young as well.
        There will still be an underground economy.
        The fed,state,county and local cops combined do not have the manpower to enforce bans on anything.
        Even when they have total control-note that there are still underground economies in prisons.
        Note the availability of meth,heroin and cocaine-all banned and illegal.

      • I’ve known how to hunt, fish,trap,process and preserve fish and and live off the land since I was a kid.
        All the fed,state,county,and local cops combined simply do not have the manpower to enforce their edicts.
        Even prisons have underground economies.
        Heroin,meth,and cocaine are banned and illegal-yet readily available in any U.S. city.

  3. Lost Patrol

    This is being discussed even as I type this by the banking cartel who are presently meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Do you have a plan B or plan C?

  4. Cash is king, always has been always will be. All you folks with your debit and credit cards will find out the hard way. Why are you feeding the beast? Use cash in every transaction possible and if a business won’t take cash, walk away and buy elsewhere. It is so very important to our freedom and we all need to realize it.


    More rope. More lamp posts. More resolve.

  6. (((Summers))), (((Krugman))), (((Rogoff))) are the three members of the kosher Harvard mafia pushing hardest for “no cash”. And, as ManhattanContrarian points out, it has nothing to do with “fighting crime” any more than (((gun control))) has anything to do with fighting crime. The purpose is threefold:

    1) gets a complete record of ever single economic transaction White Joe6P makes, so it can be used to arrest him later on

    2) gets to extract taxes from each and every economic transaction White Joe6P makes

    3), when the debtPonzxi finally collapses, gets to confiscate with a single keystroke every penny of White Joe6P’s money, income, and then property as well

  7. The answer to all problems, large and small is the pretty much always the simplest one.
    Want to keep people off drugs? (No druggies = no need for drug dealers, right?) The simple solution is to keep drugs off the streets. $100 bills is an artifact of the drug trade, not a cause for Gods sake.
    I guarantee you with certitude that if a community, any community organized to stop drug use and dealing it would happen. Helping users stop (as opposed to condemning them and preaching about their evil ways), will work every time.
    Outing known dealers, reporting them and making their every waking moment a living stressful hell would put an end to it.

    • Oh please.

      It’s not the drugs, just as it’s not the alcohol, dice, horse races, lottery, or guns.

      It’s weak-minded, lack any self discipline type people. Easy to determine those, they’re the ones who can’t control themselves when around such. Usually the same ones who will end up raping, robbing, or murdering to get their fix. How about focusing on eliminating the morons instead?

      • Ya, the drug problem is epidemic and I believe it’s part of the commie plan, Dweezil is right that it should be hit from both sides. On the other hand I’ve a list of dead former friends and associates that could not be helped. Shooting drug dealers once in the kneecap as a warning to leave town might be a fruitful strategy but only if one or two die with a limp. See NI again for just how fcked up this will get. Where they are now is where we are heading. Look at the number of overdoses in New England this year. Epidemic. Flooded with cheap potent dope in a major economic depression. Let’s see, who wins on that play? Lawr enforcement (growth opportunity) , TPTB (less noise from plebes and weakened rural areas).

        • You’re “former friends” got what they asked for- the ultimate high. They were weak and lacked self-control. Just Darwin proving to be right again. How about legalizing drugs instead of shooting the sellers? That’s too much freedom and responsibility huh? Gotta keep those murkins safe from themselves.

        • I forgot to add. Your friends would’ve been huffing gasoline or paint fumes if they couldn’t get dope. Like drugs were the problem there. Can you not see it?

  8. The US cannot and will not eliminate cash. The CIA has to much vested into the Asscrackastan poppy fields. The Taliban almost had the fields eliminated. The CIA now makes sure they’re the largest producer on the planet. Lots of covert money to be made in that white powder, just like they proved during Vietnam. They need a cash society to keep the funds flowing.

    • If the US Fed desires to do negative interest rates they MUST eliminate cash. Otherwise Americans will do what Germans are NOW doing, cashing out and stuffing it in a mattress. Or more accurately a safe, there is currently a run on safes in Germany.


        drdog09: The obvious solution to that would be to outlaw greenbacks. Turn them in for your new bluebacks and take a 50-cent on the dollar hit. if you use greenbacks after such-and-scuh a date, you go to jail and we take your house, etc. This cunning, criminal rat bastards probably have pallets of them waiting in storage somewhere. They are not stupid.

  9. Sir: Keeping drugs off the streets is about as attainable as keeping goatheads from sticking to the bottom of my boots. But dreams are comforting, ……. sometimes. Soapweed

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