Z Man: “What comes next, however, will be much worse.”

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Thoughts on the aftermath of a Trump defeat.

And TL Davis looks at “the monsters of history”.

143 days.

Hillary-Oh-Right(Comrade Ushanka)

18 responses to “Z Man: “What comes next, however, will be much worse.”

  1. Sorry Z-Man. I’m going to have break with my normal agreement. Refusing to vote for Trump does not equate a desire for safe slavery.

  2. OT: The Revolutionary War Committees of Correspondence. Is there a record of the correspondence?

  3. I think Hillarys first term is going to work out great for her, not so much for the American population.
    IMO, if she wins the elite bankers will be pulling every trick they know to keep the mirage going that the economy is okay and to keep buying stocks which Hillary will continue to benefit from. She will be able to quietly increase the death panels and get rid of a lot of costly medical patients and seniors and show obamacare works and will likely be president thru major war conflicts in the middle east and maybe eastern Europe allowing her to move govt money wherever she wants while everyone is watching the war. Obama has set her up nicely.

  4. An HRC Regime will make the freedom usurping, Constitution disregarding, Statists that came before look like mere amateurs. She will seek to, figuratively through Judicial decisions or literally through leveraging the forces of the left, re-write the Constitution.

    At best, we end up in a tense 4 year stand off where things simply stagnate (if a war of convenience is not ignited) and further deteriorate.

    In the middle, there’s mixed opposition and a low intensity conflict breaks out.

    At worst, there’s a resigned capitulation to the forces of evil and the .gov goes around like a night janitor cleaning up the offending crumbs (being most of the folks in places like this) at their leisure.

    Jeff B.

  5. Want to win the brass ring in the Coming Excitement? Your hand will be dripping blood when it is in range of your grasp, and you won’t like what you’ve done, or yourself, but there it is. But if you don’t become the horror you face, you’ll never even see that brass ring.

  6. The difference.is that there are those on the left who are willing t ok go to jail to advance their cause.

    Aside.from the Bundy’s, who the 3% abandonded, there is no one on the right who Is willing to do so.

    • “” there is no one on the right who Is willing to do so.””

    • LaVoy Finicum was unavailable to comment having given his life in the cause of freedom. He took bullets in the back rather than allow those in his vehicle to be swiss cheesed. Your porch looks comfy.

      • Trump may yet win and surprise people though he is a delaying action not a solution.

        LaVoy and the Bundy bunch were well meaning unprepared morons trying to ignite a revolution over something most Americans do not think is wrong. It isn’t wrong to have Federal’s own land or have parks in the minds of most people including patriots.

        On top of that they were Mormon and a lot of Evangelicals many of whom are 3% friendly think they are little better than devil worshipers . They won’t die for them.

        Also there was no reason to be armed at the time , not one. Not a single one . Any Leftists would have enough sense to leave the AR at home and just get arrested,

        If you were so concerned the Feds would execute them than maybe it would be better to not occupy their land.

        Also would anybody go to the aid of someone who decided to make a peaceful occupation into a siege and didn’t bring supplies or plan anything

        Go protest, get arrested if you must play at civil disobedience but don’t go armed unless you mean to kill

  7. Uncle Larry

    Trump may or may not be a temporary delay in the end game of what we had. Hillary will appoint at least 3 Supreme Court Justices. The self hating white communists and black racists that control the Civil Rights Div. of the DOJ will be totally unleashed on the white public. Mere survival will require violent resistance on a daily basis. If you’re not aware of the DOJ migrant placement policy for predominantly white states, you must have missed it. The DOJ is using the Census and HUD to place non whites in mostly northern white states. Eric Holder stated there would be no white areas left, when his program was fully enforced. They are literally going zip code by zip code.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. That traitorous evil bitch Klinton is already bought and paid for like the $2 whore she is. Her suitors will be lining up to call in their chips and she’ll be more than happy to oblige, provided of course there’s a concession fee paid to her personally.

  10. colddeadhandsdays

    Almost all of you are out of touch and believe the propaganda. Trump will win and win handedly.

  11. Uh not so fast on the Trump wins handily business. The latest is DHS will take charge of the elections. Well THAT make me feel a lot better, knowing the fucking govt that is backing Klinton is now taking charge of the elections! You may want to rethink the Trump wins handily line… or not.

    Grey Ghost

  12. SemperFi, 0321

    So will CW2 start the day after the elections?????
    Or maybe on Inauguration Day?