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  1. Exactly why I got out of Floriduh. Criminals, drugs, and trigger happy Copz.
    You get two choices, a Police State where every “offender” is a nail needing a police hammer, or Criminals overrunning the populace. I always felt I had better chances with the criminals as a concealed carry person. The Sheriffs of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties don’t like CC citizens. Now I’m in GA, Open Carrying even into non restricted county gov buildings with no one even batting an eye!
    (Still prefer CC though)

    • Quote: ” The Sheriffs of Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties don’t like CC citizens.”

      You mean the Cops? Why, them’s the good guys!

      They don’t mind law abiding folks carrying their guns. As long as you jump through this hoop, and then this one, and this one, and get finger printed and have yer anal exam done, and pay yer money, and file yer paperwork begging permission, and wait for a while for a desk cop the process your permission slip. They when you get it, you can go ahead and carry yer gun. Except don’t carry here, or there, or there, or there. And then make sure you announce y’er carrying to any cop you meet so they don’t get scared and nervous, and then act submissive and render obeisance. Other than those mild inconveniences, the cops don’t mind law abiding folks carrying their guns at all.

      • Yep, you’re correct. Still, GA. is much, better on Gun Rights than I gave an example of. Sheriff and deputies where I live are very polite, and respectful of the citizenry, which is not always true state wide.
        The problem resides with the populace, criminals spur the sheeples into demanding more polezi and more polezi leads to more polezi initiated deaths, deliberately or mistakenly, matters little to the recipients of polezi “servicing”.

  2. OMG!

    It’s, it’s, it’s weed again.
    Surely the greatest threat mankind has ever faced.

  3. Protected and Served. Next?

  4. At some point, that address had a Confidential Informant inside it (or alleged to be inside it). Stamp out Rats, eliminate their hides and sources of food/pay. Testimony should not be secret.


    480 Current total for Chiraq. No one gives a shit. Soros is right isn’t he, the cops need to be federalized? Why not it’s working for Mexico eh?

    Buckle up buttercup.

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