Forward Observer: Pre-Search Is Coming To US Policing


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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    a “Pre-search,” eh? well, not to worry. here’s the only pic they will see from my tribe (we teach ’em young) SALUTE!

  2. Only ten hours? I call BS. I was in ISR in Afghanistan and we could record whatever we wanted for as long as we wanted and look back on it whenever we wanted. This is 2016.

    • Budgets and resources, my man. Are there advanced ISR platforms in use in the US? Of course, but they’re expensive to own and operate, especially for lower echelons of LE. Remember that state/local police are behind the curve, but are catching up.


        And, the locals can catch up with fundraisers and proposals to local “civic” groups such as Lions, Rotary, American Legion, Elks, “Sheriff’s Advisory Councils”, etc. Such groups have been funding Dope Dogs and Police Canines($3500-$10,000) for many years. Their reward is usually a Special Deputy badge and/or a Courtesy Card for a free taxi ride home when they are popped for drunk driving.
        The rich, powerful, and connected will stay rich, powerful, and connected.There will be no drones flying over THEIR pool parties when they are entertaining under-age girls or boys. As Scotty the reporter said in the Sci-Fi classic: THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD: “Watch the skies.” “Watch the skies”.

  3. I don’t know how it is everywhere else but in my little corner of the world there are camera’s at just about every intersection on the side streets and at near every off or on ramp on the freeways so the pre-search has been going on for a while now if you drive the only difference this will make is it now will allow a pre-search if you walk/run or ride a bike or horse off road or you choose to get some sun in your back yard. And if you watch a new TV, use a cell phone or are on the net the pre-search is already going on in your domain.

    IMHO this republic is over so we might as well get use to that and prepare for what follows.

  4. If and when things get sporty, cameras are high value low risk targets IMHO.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I bet that if someone were to go to a “Law Enforcement” home around 2 PM on Thanksgiving day, poke a flamethrower through a living room or dining room window, and then empty it with a sweeping motion, a sincere message would be thereby sent to “Law Enforcement” across this country.

    Give them a Thanksgiving to remember…

    • How replaceable is your typical police officer? If you go up the LE food chain 4+ steps, they consider Uniforms “expendable”.
      Since when can regular cops afford single-family detached housing in the city they patrol and make the alimony/child support payments? That’s Grandma’s house.

      • How will “Law Enforcement” families deal with the scenario I proposed?

        My bet is that pig sties would empty out tout de suite.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          What are the odds that any will face that scenario? So far, BLM is the only group doing anything, and they haven’t really done much.

  7. Old news, pre search is and has been going on within the US, within Law enforcement circles for at least ten years.


  8. So obviously this is a wireless controlled or maybe even an autonomous system. The question of the day is: if it is controlled what frequencies are used for uplink and downlink. IF it’s autonomous then there is probably still at least a downlink to get realtime intel. My point is: any uplink or downlink can be jammed, the system hacked or it can be shot down at an inopportune time for the “drone”.

    Grey Ghost

  9. Add this to all the DNA and computer analysis they already have on file in Maryland; they probably know more about many of us, than we may know about ourselves.