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    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hence the passing of enough laws to create the “three felonies a day” world in which we live, thereby eliminating the pesky problem of innocence. Make everyone a felon, and suddenly wasting them doesn’t seem at all problematic.

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Um…yeah. I am sure that there are lists of LISTS-of those to be arrested first. The Leftists love their lists. What they are not planning on is the lists that the Liberty Minded have been keeping for years. Um…yeah, we’ll be acting on those too. Times will be interesting.
    As for Venezuela-what a sad, sad story. I learned about gauchos and the extensive mineral deposits in the country-when I was in 5th grade. I always thought of them as proud, independent, and capable. Chavez took that straight down the dumper, and now they are in the same boat we are. A diminished country, rich in resources, but poor and desperate in doctrine and ideas. Civil War is gonna break out all over.
    Resources are important-indeed.

  2. “Chavistas” want to maintain their positions of advantage found under Hugo Chavez as the overall economy collapses under the weight of socialism-inflation-corruption-fear-cheap_oil. My Anglophile slang kicked in with Chav’s (Council Housing, And Violent), which is only slightly wrong by scale and a few thousand miles of Atlantic.


    Sounds like this will be previews of coming attractions in the FUSA after our “elections” this November. I am sure Jeh? Johnson and his Soros-financed NGOs will pull out all the stops to get the Hildabeest sworn in on 20 JAN.. Even if, for appearances sake, it gets thrown into the HOR, the whores in the HOR will vote her into the White House. No one wants to end up the recipient of the Vince Foster Memorial Award.

  4. VZ is closely aligned with Cuba, and in need of a ‘desperate rescue’.

    First flights from FL to Havana started today. And HM01 activity has been going crazy.

    Remember Setoro’s America del Sur tour? Where he tango’d with the Bolivaristas down south?

    Don’t forget Petrobas and who owns it, along with the politics of Brazil. They just dumped one politician for another, just the other day, in the shadow of the Olympics. And don’t forget nothing ties a country together like war.

    Brush upon your espanol, your ‘peacekeepers’ will come from the south.

    • ‘Spanish Main’ had control of vast areas, Cuba being a
      headquarter. Alas, as time passed, worse totalitarian control
      freaks began to destroy and take over for further expansion
      of their evil ideologies via their indoctrinated populations.

      Sad, but as a verse goes: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte,
      and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell
      than yourselves.”

      “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Bullshit ! The proud Gaucho’s were all in with Chavez and
    loved it when he nationalized the oil production infrastructure.
    He fucked them too, they bet on a unicorn who turned out
    to be an ass.

    • Stealth Spaniel

      The gauchos were cowboys. Doubt they voted for Chavez, but I can bet the “down trodden” class thought HC was their ticket to a hacienda.

  6. It’s interesting, watching the people in power, worldwide, seemingly agitating for a war they’ll NEVER take part in. It’s as if the population of the planet has grown beyond their ability to control it, thus making them fearful. It’s also interesting to observe whatever delusion afflicts them such that it makes them believe they’re untouchable.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Preview of coming attractions at several places in the world.

    Grey Ghost

    <——this is where we are heading. Plan accordingly.