Latest ATF Surprise Could Drive Ammo Prices Through The Roof




Ammoland: ATF Reclassifies Wetted Nitrocellulose as Explosive Materials Under Federal Laws

Got ammo?

UPDATE 31AUG2016 1830E: David Codrea has good news.


40 responses to “Latest ATF Surprise Could Drive Ammo Prices Through The Roof

  1. Not one functionary looks at his supervisor and says, “No, Boss! Its wrong! I ain’t doin’ it!”

    Not one.

    But I’m sure they’re good people who mean well.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Telling your caporegime to go fuck himself is not conducive to health and prosperity in either Cosa Nostra or government. One just takes you out with a little more finality.

  2. Wow. Is it just me or is “all outdoor” some weakwristed, cuck sell out rag?

    Looks like demoralizing agitprop under the guise of a hobby interest publication. Like eeyore and Jim Zumbo teamed up with a paycheck from somewhere on the left coast.

    Just like they said in the last sentence: ” the ONLY way to FIGHT this is through the courts”. Emphasis mine.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      They’re all like that. Copsucking and über compliance are what they peddle to the masses.
      “Here, buy the newest tacticool AR on the market, and we’ve already neutered it for you, so you won’t get in trouble with the feds. For the low price of $3,800 we’ve even included a compliant flash suppressor, er…muzzle thingy”

      It’s all in the brainwashing………
      “it was odd how men who called on world revolution could insist on following the letter of the law.” Ken Follett, Fall of Giants

      • Speaking of brainwashing…

        Was at a gun show a few days back. There happened to be a table with an ATFE agent. I stood across the aisle facing away from the ATF table and listened to the SHEEPLE coming up to the table asking about licenses for buying a gun. The brainwashing of all the cop shows on TV was shining through. Fully 1/3 of these people thought they had to get a license from ATF to BUY a gun! To further illustrate the point within the last 3 weeks I was talking to two women interested in possibly buying a handgun for “protection” and wanted to know how to get a license! I tried to explain that to buy a gun did NOT require a license but CCW did. This did not sink in to the brain housing group of these women… they had obviously watched too much NCIS, BLUE BLOODS or HAWAII 5-0. Just plain general knowledge of the law and what people did NOT know was bordering on unbelievable.

        This will be a “hidden” tax… a cost passed on by the manufacturer due to GOVT regulation. FWIW, saw a lot LESS BULK ammo at the gun show and what was there was selling well.

        Grey Ghost

        • GG,

          I can attest to the ignorance of Amerikans through professiknal dealings:

          1. I saw a 2nd year engineering student put on a pair of new combat boots. He started to lace them From the TOP down !

          2. I had occasion to challenge a recent high school graduate on the misspelling of his middle name. When I asked him to spell his middle name for me….HE COULD NOT DO SO ! His reason ? “I never have to use it.”

          Grey Ghost….I give you Amerika and it’s morons in the 21st Century.

    • Mr. Mayor,

      Nope. It is not you. From, their “About Us” link:

      “Our core mission is to revolutionize the way OUTDOOR ENTHUSIASTS (emphasis mine) learn, think, and talk about their favorite topics.”

      Their you go….these are the type of fools who think 2A protects their right to hunt, fish and fornicate !

      These are the loyalists who will be snitching you out to .gov when the SHTF. Time to start think like the Irish Republican Army.

      • Yes, the people who sneer at AR and AK owners, because, you know, respectable gun owners (excuse me, “sportsmen”) only have $10,000 over/under shotguns.

        Can’t stand Fudds.

  3. If anyone thinks this is a coincidence they’re high ! This is a soetoro-obama attack on gun rights. There are leftists who have, more than once, said to “tax” ammunition out of existence ! That is what this will be.

    Amazing how the badged thugs of the BATFE can redefine the English language to suit their tyranny.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    As a retired lawyer of 40+ years, I say one thing to judges, courts and the demolition of the Rule of Law–FU!

    To the beehive collection of random POS in DC and the sewage scum at ATF, I say one thing–FU!

    Like the stink of a huge pile of horse manure in the Arizona sun, my nostrils are full of the vileness of Mordor on the Potomac.

    We’re all in this chess game, and you think your King to Knight move will get you the win. It will not. It will get you ObamaCare treatment for acute and rapid lead poisoning.

    Your next move.

    • CC,

      Thanks for your insight. Called my congressman….got a voice recording….”The office is closed for in service training until 6 SEP 16. If this is an emergency call….”. WTF ! Must be training on the latest techniques to screw the taxpayers.

      I keep hoping against hope that citizens can petition .gov to do for citizens and not the establishment of .gov. But this latest from these scum at BATFE is getting closer and closer to a Lexington Green unlike anything I’ve seen from fedgov.

      I’m voting for Trump. He is truly the last hope. Yeah, I know all about where-has-voting-got-us argument. If he fails this country will see trouble not unlike Northern Ireland.

      • Your congress-critter will sent you a ‘thank you for your concern’ yada yada form letter that has many words and says nothing.
        They know there is a 95+% chance they only leave office by dying of old age or retiring.
        The most gut-less collection of do-nothing oxygen wasters on the planet.

  5. Uncle Larry

    Everyone appointed to head the ATFE is an anti-gun rights activist. Your government is your enemy.

  6. so the end beginstt

  7. The last lead smelter on US soil closed last year. ATK is the only manufacturer of “American” smokeless powder brands that is actually on US soil.

    Lead and powder are indeed choke points.

    Consider beam weapons for your recreational pursuits.

  8. Somebody page Claire. It’s not to early, maybe it’s getting late?

  9. No prob. Congress will race to our rescue.

  10. I guess the Chicago gang bangers are just going to have to increase their “robbery efforts” to pay for their ammo now.

  11. MichiganderJim

    “gun rights” Never saw a gun with rights, only actions.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. Fucking Encylopedists (unconstrained liberals); always changing the definitions of things to suit their likes and dislikes.

    If William Godwin were alive today, he would be so proud.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      People think in terms of language. Control language and you control thought. Simple and effective.

  14. Switzerland

    war of attrition.

  15. They’d regulate ammo…. Been saying this for years.

    If you like your gun you can keep your gun, but its useless without amml so there ya go.

  16. It has become readily apparent the “death by a thousand cuts” of executive orders and bureaucratic actions is the strategy they are using to kill the legal gun market. After all, they are not overturning the Second Amendment, the government is not preventing you from owning a gun or ammo…if you can find them for sale anywhere.

    I’d expect many more of these types of actions. Don’t look to Congress for relief. It just happens faster if Hillary gets elected.

  17. I bet you’ll see the biggest effect on reloading powders and primers, first.

    • Yesser,

      We cannot wait until Nov 9th to circumvent the inevitable on this issue; a lifetime supply seems prudent now.

  18. To paraphrase an old film.
    “I picked the wrong week to quit smoking.”

  19. Time to stop playing Whack-A-Mole with these bureaucratic f**ks.

    Set fire to the whole game and let it burn to the ground.

  20. SemperFi, 0321

    At a certain point for most folks it should become apparent, we’ve been at war for some time now, as in a few decades. They do this to us every so often, anyone remember the recent green tip ban scare? Acting surprised over this is not new, nor will it be voted away.
    The hardest thing for us is to come to grips with reality, and reality tells us we are going to have to fight our way out of this. Some of you are just realizing that all those letters you sent to your elected officials weren’t ever read, or acted upon. Nor is the NRA going to step in front of a bullet for you, so……………THERE IS NO EASY FUCKING WAY OUT! Your gun collection may actually see some hard use soon, hope you have enough Frog Lube.

    • SF 0321,

      Thanks for your reply on earlier topic discussing 55gr vs 77gr 5.56mm. Comments closed before I could respond.

  21. so do I max out a card on a ammo order? now?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I would. Better to have ammo in bulk than an unused card in your wallet!

      Credit card debt is unsecured, you can walk away from it, and in a few yrs they won’t have any records left, they usually sell them in a yr or 2 to debt collection agencies, who keep reselling them down the line, and by then the paper trail gets thin. After 3-4 yrs there is usually no paper trail, they just bluff in court.
      When the debt collector comes after you, demand ‘Debt Verification’, they usually can’t prove they have any original paperwork, case dismissed!
      In worst case scenario you settle for less anyway, or WW3 has already started.

      • It should also be pointed out that it remains on your credit history for 7 years since the last activity, so if you buckle to the threat tactics of debt collectors and make even a small payment you’ve just reset the clock for another 7 years. A lot of people are under the misapprehension that it’s 7 years from the origination of the debt.

  22. Stealth Spaniel

    I say that Modor on the Potomac needs to go away. Every.Single.Building. Let’s go full EPA and turn all of that concrete back to God’s Green Earth. I don’t need a Fed Asshat to live my life in a constructive, decent, and fullfilling way. And neither does anyone else. I’m tired of Political Science, Ethnic Studies, or some such major telling the rest of us how to live. The Festivities come near my friends. Let’s win.

  23. European American

    Boy, the ATF knows how to push some buttons around here. I think they come up with these plans just for sites like this. What’s the big deal?!?

    It would be hard to imagine that the vast majority, if not all, of those who comment here, or lurk here, already have a shitload of ammo on hand. I mean, how long have we had to prepare for “the big one”?

    So, continuing with that logic, regardless it the ATF, or whom ever, is infringing on our freedom(s) with deliberate ploys as to disarm us one way or another, it would seem in the very near future, like by November 8th, we’re going to know if we’re in an all out civil war or not, come 2017.

    If the ballot box is rigged and the vile Queen Bitch ascends onto the throne, then things are going to get medieval, real soon, in the streets. How much ammo is enough?

    If the ballot box is not rigged and Trump gets it in a landslide, which he would, then we’re cool. Saw him last night in Everett WA and better believe some of the loudest cheers had to do with his supreme backing of 2nd.
    In the mean time, if one feels “threatened” then go out and buy another 20K rds and sit tight for the big show. Either way, it will be action packed…massively entertaining.

    • EuroAm,

      I did succumb and purchased another 8 pounds of powder and 1,000 bullets.

      Good to read your comments of the Trump rally you attended.

  24. Ammo prices through the roof? Election is going to take care of that.

  25. ALCON,

    Isn’t it unusual that fedgov issues edicts back-to-back regarding control of the Amerikan people ?

    The weasel of Department of Homeland Security, J. Johnson announced how they want to consider the presidential election “critical infrastructure” to allow fedgov to take over elections. The .gov of the usurper soetoro-obama wants to infringe through fedgov oversight of a citizen’s voting rights.

    Then, not more than 24 hours later, the bureaucrats of soetoro-obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms declare they are going to reinterpret nitrocellulose, an ingredient of gunpowder, as a high explosive. Effectively banning gunpowder and in turn ammunition.

    Two days apart… your face tyranny by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats. More than ever….prepare to defend yourself.

  26. Hadenoughalready

    I understand the issue but I don’t see the problem. Simple answer to all this bull is “make it yourself”.
    When the Nazis took the Frenchmen’s guns, did they cry and search for places to buy them? NO! They made them and they made their ammo, too. How far have we devolved that we find the need to rely on others?
    Does this crap piss me off? Sure!
    Will it prevent me from defending myself? Hell, NO!
    Start THINKING, folks! It’s the only process that will save our asses.