WeaponsMan: Massachusetts AG “Heil” Healey Keeps Moving The Goal Posts

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Commies gotta commie.



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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. thesouthwasrght

    Typical new England yankee bullshit. What really pisses me off is they flee that dump and bring their ways with them down here. They have pretty much ruined the entirety of my home state of Florida because they install themselves and their (literally) fellow travelers into everything from the legislature down to HOA’s. No wonder my great-great-granddaddy fought agin’ ’em. Too bad we didn’t win.

  3. “Healey’s office will not answer questions by letter or email, because the last thing they want is to have a written document holding them to a single position. Instead, her minions will answer questions by telephone. But she will not permit callers to record the conversation; in Massachusetts, recording a conversation without the permission of both sides is a felony, and in this way, she prevents having to take responsibility for her anchorless position.”

    The way to remedy this is to hire a court reporter to write/type the conversation down in stenotype and then produce a certified transcript.

    • No you call from out of state and record the conversation.
      Even use a cell phone with a local exchange in case they filter for that.

    • “The way to remedy this is to hire a court reporter to write/type the conversation down in stenotype and then produce a certified transcript.”
      That’s your course of redress
      for her treason and high crimes?
      What a joke?

    • In response to “keith park | September 1, 2016 at 06:14”:

      Whenever dealing with a government entity, I always use the US Postal Service (http://usps.com/). Send correspondence via Certified Mail, Return Receipt (‘green postcard’) requested. Clerks will gladly show novices how it’s done.

      Remember the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”? Courts then – and now – accept this as legal evidence of service (this is NOT legal advice).

      Demand a written response, and provide only your return address (no phone or email). When your ‘Heil Healey’ doesn’t respond, go from there.

  4. Well that is just it. There is no redress or recourse by peaceful means. They shut that door long ago. They don’t want redress, they want power and the wealth they can acquire that comes with the political totalitarianism of administrative tyranny. It is why we have the administrative tyranny we do. Administrative tyranny is for control over every facet of the sphere of our lives, just so we can not resist peacefully. They even have reconstituted the old soviet Nomenklaturer class of unaccountable administrative potentates who have created total jurisdictions isolated and separate from any checks or balances who interfere and meddle in every facet of the sphere of our lives. Gun control is the gateway drug to totalitarianism, and not just for the reasons that may seem obvious, like they don’t want to get shot by the dirt people for what they are doing to them. Sure, that is part and parcel of protecting their power, what tyrant worth her salt doesn’t understand disarmament of the people. But it goes far deeper than that. It is about property, a weapon is your property, it is the first thing, on two very critical levels, but in this country, where liberty and freedom is something that already exists, a very profound truth in of itself, especially in regards to the rest of the world, and of all of human history, you are born naturally with these primal rights unlike any other place on earth. And that is what irks the sonofabitches: You can’t have those primal rights of property, wealth creation, self sufficiency, faith, lord forbid something like self determination and the most primal of primal freedoms, the right to defend yourself and your property.
    So to take our guns is the singular most important aspect of power and ruling our souls. Because guns touch so many aspects, they are inextricably linked, connected to every facet of our natural primal freedoms, and guns have made not only defending and fighting for liberty possible, they made the whole idea of the sphere of liberty a reality for the first time in 5000 years of recorded human history.
    And guess where that mostly all started?
    You guessed right…Massachusetts.
    So talk about a bunch of traitors running things in the PRoM.
    There’s another underlying dynamic too. It is like a dance. The further dirt people spirit advances in the thought and act of defiance to tyrants, the greater the increase of adversarial nature to eradicating that dirt people defiance and resistance becomes. It is an evolution of open source grass roots insurgency that is required, not even required, because it comes natural to the warrior spirits in us, and that it comes in stages, at some point the equation changes, from one of being a subjected to tyranny, to one of subjecting tyrants to the motive energy and audacity of being so free, liberty can not be resisted any longer. There is nothing to worry about in that respect, it was heading this way naturally, it is gonna take a fight to right things. It is going to be ugly nasty brutal business too. It will be hard at first ripping the chainsaw of tyranny from the sonofabitches greasy meathooks, but once begun, they will choke like the cowards and crooks they are under the insipid illusion of legitimacy and power. They only have the power consent of the governed provide them and the use of threat of violence if you do not consent. But when people are no longer afraid or respect that type of power, it is a foregone conclusion. It just takes time and it will get worse before people right things. There is really nothing more indomitable on the Lords green Earth than a dirt person with a rifle who says I won’t and has chosen to live free or die by that choice. Better yet is the guy who makes the other guys die for their beliefs.
    And who is this Hiel Heidi and her ilk compared to that?

  5. In the end this isn’t really about guns – it’s about declaring things that used to be legal as illegal – and then prosecuting you for it. Guns are an easy target for this commie strategy. If it works there – they’ll use it somewhere else.

  6. No normal sane person would live in MA anyway.
    Shot heard round the world to commie-lib in less than 240yrs.
    Unbelievable, revolting and totally disgusting.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Actually, they just went full circle. They started out pretty commie, too. It’s why they all nearly starved to death right after founding their colony.

    • There’s a lot of support for Killary around the *entire country* – so it’s not confined to the Northeast. Plenty of other commie-lib lunacy going on in places other than MA from what I’ve been seeing. In fact I haven’t seen too much of the SJW and BLM retardity that’s been plaguing other areas of the country out there. There were some BLM idiots (bunch of fat white chicks actually) – who blocked Rte 93 going thru Boston last year by chaining themselves to 55 gallon drums in the middle of the highway at rush hour – all that really gained them is universal hatred . So that stupid shit was not repeated.

      Yeah – MA is a bit retarded vis a vi firearms , but we’re also not leading the way on that one. Places like CA, NY, CT and NJ have gone way more full retard that MA.

      Part of what I think drove Der Fuhrer Healey to do what she did: is that there is quite a decent population of people out here who own firearms – and an increasing number of them are going for “assault weapons”. It’s been a known thing here for a while that the AG’s office trolls gun sites. In fact her edict constantly changes – and often very clearly does so to challenges that are issued online.

  7. Many years ago people with muskets took care of the problem of out of control government. Nice untraceable single shot muskets………

  8. I live in RI. As of this writing, everything is legal except stamped class three weapons and silencers. What is happening in MA. Will come to little Rhody.

    1) we need to support our brothers & sisters in MA. 2) Make sure we all are active in Nov. 8th election. Whether you vote or don’t vote for a Presidential candidate, still get out and vote for pro 2nd Amendment local & state candidates.

    The question that I have for my MA. Brothers & sisters is: When are you going to take the state AG to court over this reach of liberty?

  9. Canadian gun laws coming to a state near you, Prohibited, Restricted and Non restricted classes of firearms. These people are not stupid, my guess is that the ban will turn into something similar as above at the last second so all the gun owners comply. It will be come get a license, your AR’s and handguns are now restricted but you can still own them, range use only, no ownership for self defense, any short barreled handgun will be prohibited but grandfathered for the current owner and all other classes will be non restricted. The one to watch for is the license to own a firearm, that’s coming for sure. The Firearms Act and licensing is handled by the RCMP, that’s the FBI, DHS, state and municipal police all rolled into one in some Provinces. Here is the link to the application, read it and see if you would qualify, spouses, any conviction or charge, any psychological issues or prescription drugs have to be reported and can be grounds for refusal, then you have to get you ATT to transport those nasty restricted guns to the range from you Provincial firearms officer as you can only use them at a range. Oh of course there is the training course you have to take and no military or police training doesn’t count everyone has to take it, good luck.


  10. Walter White

    I drive through there almost every day. I carry whatever I want. Fuck them.

  11. Steve Kristmann

    Permission to own the tools to protect us and our freedom?…We don’t need no stinkin’ permission here!!!

    statists/collectivists and their enablers can all FOAD!!!

    Yours in Liberty w/o any duty or obligation to any parasites or their thuggish gang banging overcostumed thugs and enablers!
    NorthGunner III