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Crazy? Or Just Delusional?


Wretchard looks at the Trump/Clinton showdown.

As does Thomas Sowell.

Interesting times.

Texas officially withdraws from US Refugee Admissions Program; feds cannot assure security screening of all refugees


The latest from Refugee Resettlement Watch.

Good on the Texicans.

FNC: Desperation’s Extreme Alternatives


Brock sends.

Interesting times.

On Equality


HappyAcres harshes the mellow.

Understand that there are powerful institutions and constituencies driving the entire world towards a massive slave colony.

At current course and speed, they will win.

Harden your hearts.

SK: The Real Evil In Charlotte


Welcome to the Third World.

It’s coming to visit you in your neighborhood.

Tempus fugit.

Grigg: Rather Than Indulging The Reparations Racket, Why Not Abolish Enslavement To The State?


His latest.

As Mr. Marley sang:

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery
None but ourselves can free our minds…

WeaponsMan: US Signs UN Gun Ban Treaty


Of course.

Just wait for what President Hillary’s SecState will do.

Cato: Trump’s Economic Plan Faces Well-Deserved Ridicule


Read both the text and the embedded links.


Herschel On The FN 5.7


If you are going non-standard, go bad-ass non-standard – as Herschel explains.

Just remember to buy shit-tons of ammo for that thing.

Must-Read: “Memories Of Poland – Lessons From Growing Up Under Communism” by Paylie Roberts


Amazon link

Amazon blurb:

Paylie Roberts spent the first eight years of her life living under communist rule in Poland. From age eight on she grew up in the US and became so Americanized that she refused to acknowledge her native Polish heritage, including her birth name. Only after researching the history of why her family was exiled from Poland by the communist government did she realize the tremendously important and unique lessons that the Polish Solidarity movement offers about overcoming tyranny, oppression, and corruption, and how these lessons are imminently relevant and applicable to America today. Paylie combines her personal story with historical facts and sheds light on the many unnerving similarities between growing up in communist Poland in the early 1980s and life in the US now, in a way that is engaging, insightful and inspiring. She recounts her memories of living under the Soviet Union’s rule over Poland, as her family struggled along with most other Poles just to survive. This book also includes memories that are only told by Poles as they were never recorded in “official” history due to media censorship during those years. Paylie wrote this book not only to honor the brave Polish people (including her parents) for defeating tyranny using largely non-violent means, but also with the hope of spreading knowledge that could help prevent her worst fears from manifesting regarding what the future in “free” America may hold.

My two cents:

Essential in understanding the former United States of America both today and tomorrow, “Memories of Poland” is well-written, heavily footnoted, and tragically persuasive. In capturing what life was like behind the Iron Curtain, the author shows us what life will be like here as socialist tyranny progresses. Even more importantly, she explains how the captive Polish people were able to defy their rulers and create a new future for their country.

Buy two copies: one for you, and one to be shared by the young people in your life.

Highly recommended.

GoV: Forget Hate Speech — Now it’s “Message Crimes”


And don’t this madness will be limited to the Old Countries.

From where do you think the collectivism plague originated?

I Got Nothing


Read it yourself.

The line between satire and reality has been erased.

And Unfortunately, That Includes The Offspring Who Chose To Join The Continuing Criminal Enterprise


Via Twitter.



Via Twitter.

Fred: Undocumented Shopping – The Legacy Of An African President

Police Shooting Missouri


Reading it will double your Voluntary Reparations Assessment come this January.

SLL: Tribes


Unthinking collectives.

The future is filled with them.

Survival is in the gaps.

Two From MDT On Making Good Choices When Caught In A Riot


The Riotgun And The Bayonet

Surviving The Mob

Be aware.

Think ahead.

Play for keeps.

The riots will not subside until January, at the least.


10th NC Patcon – 28 Sept-3 Oct


Brock has the details.

Travel safely.

Southern Colorado Patcon – October 7-9


TL has the details.

Travel safely.

They Hate Us For Our Freedom


Read for an example of civil forfeiture.

Not to worry.

I am sure that the procedure wouldn’t ever be used against someone like you.