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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    If that outfit doesn’t say “Presidential”………..
    Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis is turning over in her grave.

    • “As you know, madness is like gravity…all it takes is a little push.” – The Joker, Batman

      The best part of being a dirt person with an AR15 and a shank of hangin’ rope, is every mourning I get up and look to see what new madness the political and banking elite have conjured up. That lookin’ and a watchin’ is exactly next to sharpening my hatchet. The fuckers must bath in the stunning insanity of it all. I’m embracing the mind assaulting megalomania and desperate lust of the scum oligarchy’s acts of self preservation and panic as their fig leaf of legitimacy of power is ripped away, because under all this kubaki theater of the deranged, it is truly one of the most beautiful things I have seen in all my years. As the great axiom points out, those who anoint themselves untouchable elites, the gods of hubris drive drive crazy.

      History is circular. The dirt people are beginning to grok it is themselves all who ever really had legitimate power to begin with regardless of the illusions of power of the political class. The dead end illusion was all predicated on creation of and control through fiat tyranny.
      The insanity of the elites is only equal to their desperation to retain their suicidal grip on their collective insanity they have festered with total abandon.
      The end truly can’t come fast enough for these pathological lying crooks and fucking thieves, because in the final evaluation that is all they are and all they ever where. It is really that simple.

      This is the ordained next elitist anointed statesmen in chief of the free world feller’s. All she needs is hair curlers and rabbit ear slippers to complete this fashionable ensemble for the mentally deranged elitist cult of cultural marxists.

      Not for nothing, is the world truly as gone plumb dip shit insane as the prospect of this cold blooded murdering psychopath, her sexually perverted husband of convenience and her musloid concubine carpet munching lover becoming the next installed usurpers of the FUSA?
      That there are 30-40 percent of the voting populous that vote for this swamp thing? Does it get any lower on the human evolutionary ladder as this?

      A blood thirsty lesbian marxist psychopath in a pot holder for prez bitchez.

      God help us. We are gonna need it.
      We ain’t gonna have enough ammo.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      She liked it better that way, anyhow.
      -Zombie Aristotle Onassis

  2. Are we having fun yet?

  3. It flares out at the bottom because of her BIG BUTT. That means she wants to draw attention away from her FAT ANKLES, “CANCLES”. Either way she is nothing but a LYING LOSER that the USA needs like we need a bad case of CRABS.

  4. “All we have is each other. If that’s not a sobering thought, I don’t know what is.”

    WRSA is a microcosm of murkin society… and it doesn’t look any better for the macro either.

    The fact is, the rich really don’t give a shit about any of this because they can just leave… It’s the millions and millions of little people that are fucked. There’s only so many islands out there, and not much room… While Anarchy is my preference, it will only work with a mass die-off of 100-200 million statists. Other than that, a republican form of governing seems the most viable. I already posted the non-violent first steps to take back sovereignty. I only attended as an observer, but they do have an ordered government ready to roll. Of course, there WILL be a fight, all dying animals lash out in fear. Fusa will fall, better have something to fill in the void. Bad times are getting worser…

    Now get to it. chop. chop.

    • Wow! Some goose bumps for breakfast!
      Thanks for the timely tunes.

    • Do you think there will be a corresponding die-off in other countries ?
      Otherwise ‘they’ may take advantage of low population and decide they want the arable land etc.

      • I do believe there is a mass die-off approaching. SMOD? WW3?…

        Losing the burden of 100-200 million fat st00pit useless lumps O shit will only strengthen this land – not weaken it.

        • Turner Diaries? kinda shit. As much as I loathe the book, I see the future, and the parallel to the book. The grand social experiment, cheap labor, and ” their-failure” to assimilate with us white guys culture, leads us full circle.

          We all know the last paragraph, none know the specific ending.

          Kinda exciting isn’t it.


        • Do you really think that 2/3 of WRSA readers are dumb, unenlightened, unsalvageable, Greenwoodies who want to be enslaved? If so, it explains why you are such an asshole commenter. WRSA is where I go to get away from the cosmics, commies, and other assorted dumbfucks, dicks, pricks, and wankers. (Thanks, CA, for all you do)

  5. jackjimbopits

    The Clown wore it better…

  6. Presidential? Nah, more like “Residential treatment facility”. She looks like hell in that. Imagine her winning and making that garb mandatory, like a SJW burka equivalent. HIDEOUS.

  7. Orville Pounder

    She is hiding more than fat.

  8. She looks like she is singing:
    ‘Doe a deer; a female deer’
    ‘Ray a transgender queer…’

    I was just inspired by Rogers & Hammerstein, though their lyrics and musical sense is better than mine. The genius who thought of this tent for Helliry must have been inspired by the clothes designer of ‘The Sound of Music’ and the film’s theme of finding ways of defying Evil while trying to get out of the Valley of Death.

    It is worthwhile to see if you haven’t seen it yet.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Xe, a name, Xe calls Xirself
      Fa, a distance I cannot run
      So, what difference does it make
      La lalalalalalagargledrool
      Ti It goes with T-W-A
      And that brings us back do lalalalalalalgargledrool

  9. Ask any woman, it’s a common housecoat from the late 1950’s to early 1960’s era. If she bought it as a today’s coat, Her designer is more empty headed than she is. That is unless she was headed to Walmart.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      But think how stupid this woman is, she probably paid in excess of $10,000 for this designer garbage sack. The total disconnect between money and garbage goods does not register with her, she has now overtaken Mooshell as the worst dressed woman in the WH.
      I’ll bet the maids in the WH actually dress well, as compared to the ghetto queens upstairs.

  10. This poor woman, she isn’t even human any more – an automatron, directed by others, as a machine, no longer capable of logic or emotion.

    She is to be pitied.

    Then scorned.

    Then beaten severely about the head and shoulders with a blunt metal like object.

  11. Does that wench have any idea how ridiculous she looks? I’ve thrown out old curtains that looked glamorous compared to her strained attire. What a buffoon. Non compos mentis!!!

  12. Got $5 that says that tent top hides a colostomy bag, catheter or ?? .

  13. Looks to me as if Helliri’s dressing “designer” put her out
    with that “style” as a marketing scheme to attempt to make
    her look like a sweet loving granny to her NANNY STATE.

    “Call no man you father”

  14. She is wearing it backwards… it’s supposed to tie in the back.

  15. Roland Deschain

    My mother dressed better than that, and trust me, mom had zero fashion sense. Long live the mu-mu!

  16. It reminds me of a lead apron. Sure hope she doesn’t slip off the boat.

  17. You’d think she could make better use of the millions of dollars she has swindled.

  18. Anointed deranged leader of the 1 world order from a nursing home for Alzheimer’s victims wearing a level III-A kevlar pot mitt.

    That’s really not right comparing a cult hero like Zippy The Pinhead to such a deranged crone and multiple felon. Zippy has principles unlike this agenda 21 crime syndicate figurehead.

  19. terribletroy

    Any bets to as whether its ballistic level and puncture proof?

  20. Casey North @northofdoom

    OMG could you take this post down OMG i dont want to be associated with you white male rasist bigot nazi hitler fascists and now im gonna get mortared by Hillary OMG are you trying to get me swatted i just wow OMG i dont even you people are literally hitler im shaking you guys killed harambe whats wrong with you people why are your dicks out for harambe omg

  21. Looked at film of her from last December and compared them to now. She ain’t gonna make it. She is real sick.

  22. after her bruising-but-victorious struggle against Bernie the RedJew, Mrs. Clinton has a right to be tired; for the next three weeks she’ll be receiving injections of various vivifying serums, and will be back in top form for the debates. With a current, steady 2::1 lead in the EC for Clinton, and time running out for the Donald, the election is a mere formality.