Brushbeater: Baluns And Impedance Transformers 101


Another useful article from Keypounder.

Being able to roll your own means spares are always available.

8 responses to “Brushbeater: Baluns And Impedance Transformers 101

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Howdy, I’ve been a lurker on your site for quite awhile. Sorry ’bout that. I just find your site intriguing because of our shared common interest in creating our own “safe zone”.
    But, I gotta tell ya, I’m almost ready to delete your site…whoa, whoa don’t faint now. I’m thinking about deleting because: 1) I have too many sites I visit AND 2) your site is too technical for me and 3) I don’t have the time to indulge and educate myself to the level you show on this site.
    To put it bluntly, I love to do woodworking, I even like plumbing but I can’t get my German head wrapped around electrical stuff!
    Yeah, Yeah, I know….I should take the time to educate myself….sigh. Quite frankly, I don’t have the time or ambition. I’m spending time prepping (eh…can I say that without the black helicopters circling overhead?) for the hard times ahead. I’m trying to augment my larder, trying to get out of debt and trying to visualize my existence after the November elections.
    So just some thoughts from a two bit old guy that has seen too much of the 60’s rearing it’s ugly head in the present.
    Now if there was a quick tutorial, or a 1-2-3 of things to do before the SHTF….then you may remain in my “live blog sites” list. Not a threat just a desire.

  3. Steve,

    If you’re looking for ‘from the ground up’ information, scroll to the beginning of my blog. Many of the early posts revolve around the fundamentals and giving the reader a starting point to become more sophisticated. Also check out DanMorgan76, Dialtone, Outlander Systems, American Hoplite, and Sparks31, each linked in the sidebar of this site as well as on mine. Each of us have contributed or influenced each other’s work, and each have considerable communications experience from the Survivalist paradigm. Feel free to email me for any other questions, and thank you for reading.

    NC Scout

  4. Steve:

    Fear not. Every expert that NC Scout lists above, (well, EVERY expert, period!) started at the same place you did. Gaining knowledge and skills is a lifetime long journey, and commo skills are among the most important, right up there with knowing how to shoot, and knowing wilderness skills. (shoot, move and COMMUNICATE, right?)

    You didn’t learn your carpentry skills overnight; it took some practice and probably some lessons from an experienced carpenter. Same with electronics. If you can learn to calculate and cut jack valley rafters, you can do this.

  5. Glad to see he is using the #31 toroid material. For HF it is the best for choking or BALUNS. You’ve got to make sure you get enough windings on the toroid in order to get the max effect.

    If you are having RFI issues K9YC’s paper (pdf) on RFI is very good too.

    Grey Ghost

  6. Keep coming. Not everyone has to be a “renaissance of One” (or high-speed low-drag trigger puller, or headache-inducing commo guy). If you have some solid skills with hands you already have something of value; stick around. 🙂

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, I am the remedial student here. I can learn to wire it in several tries but I really need hard study to understand. Steve-you are not alone.

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