How They Hunt II



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  1. As an aside, if I am not mistaken that screen shot is from the game Syndicate, a fun game from the mid 90s that was premised on all sorts of shadowy, sinister one world government tropes. And to think, my then-self thought stuff like that was confined to science fiction.

  2. No big deal. A person can turn around and shrug off his electronic signatures whenever he chooses to. That, after the usual preps which must include a few gasoline drums w/hand pump and a wad of greenbacks.

    During the fine times which are still ahead on a day-to-day timeline, a person could do much worse than to get out in the woods, sleep on the ground sans tentage, and harden the mind and body for what’s to come. You can bet that the first-string Blue team is not doing this. Enlarge your advantage while times are still good. Blue’s follow-on folks will be better in the woods than their first echelon, maybe they will be better than you. But by getting out, enjoying these times, and learning new shit, you will be a better foe against the bad people. And you will have enjoyed the ride.

  3. Meh, the brits thought they were hot shit too in NI. In the end simple human infiltration worked better than any of these tools could have. But the mob guys mumble with a hand up for a reason huh? Thanks for the post, fun times just ahead.

  4. Oye vey!!!! Lolzozozoz

    ((((It’s)))) frightened.

  5. ALCON,

    “surveillance technology”….they don’t even have to get one of those rubber stamped search warrants any more. So much for 4A and the Constitution. Longggggg dead.

  6. My military service (1971-1973) was in an Army support unit for NSA and we had all sorts of electronic eavesdropping and jamming equipment to play with. No telling what someone could come up with in the old “home workshop” to cause confusion with for when Big Brother decides to get out of line.

  7. “How They Hunt II”

    You mean the cops and their “joined at the hip” Big brothers?

    hey fbi director Cummy.

    You and the entire gubbermint are a fucking disgrace.

    • That is he classic definition of “accomplice before the fact,” or, as we like to call it, entrapment… or, moral turpitude or, malfeasance in office or, enabling tyranny or, ………..

      You do have you’re own definitions and lists,don’t you????

  8. Perhaps a massive EMP would have its benefits….

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