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In satire lies truth.

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  1. Quick! Everyone get sex changes!

  2. Should that be all white men ? I think that what it’s supposed to be. Then, the muslim men take over and make all women their slaves and property, This is the future Hillary is bring the women. I think they’ll be dreaming of the days they had a henpecked white husband in the future.

  3. Quarterback Kaepernick has converted to Islam. His fiance is a Black Lives Matter activist. He wears the Malcolm X baseball cap to interviews. Is anyone still watching the ghetto NFL any more?

    • More American football than ever on the channels, too many things to do not involving the passive screen.

    • most of the team owners in the National Felons League are billionaire Jews. The League itself is a Tikkun Olam project. Ditto the other “pro sportz” rackets. Attaching individual significance to this nigger’s remarks is an act of idiocy. It is a trained seal, and it barks for it’s Master.


    1. NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. Whether an event lasts a few seconds, a few hours, or even a few days – you have to work as though nobody is coming to save you.

    2. You are your savior, so start working because EVERYTHING IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You are your security, you are your medic, you are your rescuer.

    3. You are your own best resource to SAVE WHO NEEDS TO BE SAVED. Nobody wants to save your life more than you, so set yourself up for success by having the simple tools and knowledge to do so: do what you can with what you have. Recognize that nobody is in a better position to start saving your life than you.

    4. Sometimes saving lives means you have to KILL WHO NEEDS TO BE KILLED. It has been almost 15 years since I first wrote “the more effective you are at taking a life, the more successful you’ll be at saving one” and nothing in the intervening time has changed my mind. Be swift, be decisive, be final.

    5. Mostly, ALWAYS BE WORKING. There is always something you can be doing to improve your position. Always. Because nobody is coming to save you.


    (…Staying Left of Bang)

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I’m A Man:

    Wait for the drums…

    Always liked the cowbell and claveles included with the
    rest of musical instruments 🙂

  7. Their is only one realistic solution for people like her, and her huckleberry husband, her handlers and circle of useful idiots. If you get a chance read her JD thesis on Sal Aliniski, and doctrine.

    If one was ” left” minded, it’s brilliant. I’m not ” left” minded, and see the disease for what it truly is. I’m amused daily by her “Mao” communist outfits she wears. Just another clue as to her direction and disfuntional direction.

    She and her kind are the problem, will never be apart of any solutions.


  8. …..But not every man really lives.

  9. The fact that so many “Americans” support her, still support her…., after all the bullshit she has flown her broomstick over; its easy to be distracted with the disappointment, and the 48 hour news cycles (obfuscation), don’t help either.

    EEEI: Essential Elements of Enemy Information; the rest is cannon fodder.

    But it being autumn and it also being this close to Nov 8th, the “to do list is much shorter, and the list has never been more concise.

  10. The psychopath in a pot mitt orchestrated this:

    If the above fucking scum is installed as potus or the current usurper in the white house rigs the possibility of a 3rd term or longer, this is what they will do to us who are self determined free people.
    Here’s the thing, you got to think like they do. They are bringing the evil they perpetrate on the rest of the world home to us. It is what they see as the only way to finish what was begun a long time ago, their agenda of world domination.
    It is already begun.
    You don’t have enough ammo.

    And this is a sublime axiom of consequences of the evil above:

  11. Check this out. Was on Zero Hedge, those boys posted this piece below:“-landslide-donald-trump-popular-vote”-…-clinton’s-select

    I was reading the comments on the post, I’m here to tell you guys I have never read such an angry defiant resistance minded collection of comments before, nothing comes close to the similarity of common thoughts regarding the arrogance and omnipotence of the elitist mandarins. But what was really interesting is how many commentor’s stated that if HRC was installed, it was grounds for rebellion and overt revolution. Never seen so many people have such a collective agreement that defiance and revolt is necessary. It was spectacular commentary, you want to talk about cold anger, it was that on orders of magnitude.

    The piece was about a quote from George Soros, stating Donald Trump will win in a spectacular landslide of the popular vote, but it won’t matter because the electoral vote is rigged and HRC will become the next president.

    I kept the page up in a tab and was refreshing the link to read the latest comments as they where posted, and on the 4th refresh it came up “Sorry, this page doesn’t exist”.


  12. Want to know how in the bag the FBI is, how utterly completely corrupt this government and it’s apparatchiks are?
    Well, check out this timeline piece below.
    If you come away from reading the sequence of crimes and aren’t stunned by the breadth and scope you would have to be a brain dead brain washed obot. There is no saving this republic or the federal government in it’s present form, it’s TINVOWOOT on a crack and meth cocktail.
    It has to all burn and hang from a rope till the corpse rots and falls to the ground.
    The wildest fiction or fable could not be written which exemplifies and characterized how truly fucked up those running and working within it are. I’m not bullshitting around here. Prepare yourself for the implications, because I’ll wager a testicle or right arm nothing you have read will compare to how serious the crimes and treason being committed around the Clinton Crime Syndicate Inc is. It would be impossible to make this stuff up. Only the truth can reveal the nature of how foul these people are who expect to be installed as the next regime of the united states amerika. Timelines are funny things, they cut through the dissimulations and misdirections, they paint a picture of what is the reality being questioned and distorted like nothing else:

    The “Oh Shit” Moment: Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena

  13. Hillary’s right hand person is always being called by her maiden name, Huma Abadein. Still waiting for her to be called by her married name, Huma Weiner. That is pronounced: Hum-A Weiner. Has a nice ring to it to me.