Tonight’s Oven Mitt News


Powerline: Key Hillary Claims To The FBI Don’t Pass The Straight-Face Test

26 Hillary “I Don’t Recalls” To The FBI

WaPo: How Hillary Clinton helped create what she later called the ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’

ZH: The “Oh Shit” Moment – Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena


9 responses to “Tonight’s Oven Mitt News

  1. It turns out that she hit a porn link to boot. This would be downright comic if there weren’t so damn many stupid people in this country about to vote for the dickless dictator wannabe.

    Another thing that I wonder about. She claims that she can’t remember if she got a security briefing but claims to have experience. How can you claim to have experience if you can’t remember the event that gave you the experience?

    • Zap!

      You just made the list, tovarisch.


      • We got our own steeeknin’ liiissts, traitors….

        Well, it’s not The List that stinks, it’s the lying, greedy, murderous, licentious, tyrannical, pathologically narcissistic (redundant in no particular order) utter scum spawn of satanl who are stinking up the joint….

        We’re only checking our list once… but very thoroughly and with Infinite finality.

    • I get that there are many that will blindly follow her for many reasons and some that will for their own reasons, but it still perplexes me that given her recent and long term past; how she’s likely to easily win the presidency.
      it’s a scary thought actually as I flesh it out, the only reason is the amount of ignorant people in the usa is probably over 100 million easily and they choose to stay ignorant and I drive on the roads with these people daily; yikes.

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  3. Evil personified. Her followers are so invested in their “liberalness” it’s actually their identity as opposed to a belief or a political affiliation. No amount of truth will sway them and I honestly believe we’re going to see an extermination level event in my lifetime. I’m oddly comfortable with the idea at this point too.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    How can we not have one,
    When a third of the population lusts
    for cultural suicide.
    Would we not be cruel, to deny ?

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. I’ve been using bleachbit for a few years now, if you are not using bleachbit REGULARLY… you should be… just to fuck with the NSA, CIA and the COPS if they decide you are a target and want to use the tools available to TAO to peek at your harddrive. Bleachbit is up to ver 1.10. Works damn good. It’s the best software when it comes vacuuming and SHREDDING and wiping “blank” space.

    Don’t use it at your own risk.

    Grey Ghost