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9 responses to “Yup

  1. I’d try to disagree with that assessment, but I really can’t.

  2. Seems appropriate for the USSA, and the Pantygone is in agreement. Maybe a conversation on the new Tranny Army is on the menu.
    Trump may not suit you to a T, but the Hilarity SS will teach you to care.
    Plenty of ProgreSSives in the Feral Gov. Polezi just waiting to stomp on the domestic insurgency, and I’m not speaking of the Soros funded insurgency either.

  3. Couldn’t find a more capable trio if you tried. Maybe all 3 will be attired in camo to make it more realistic.

  4. Dennis Garoutte

    It’s Lester Holt,same same, then all the others are liberals including mike wallace of fox news

  5. it’s the fucking cops.
    It’s always the fucking cops.
    it’ll always be the fucking cops.

    Get rid of every one of those scum sucking parasitic losers.
    NOBODY needs them.
    NOBODY wants them.

  6. I commented somewhere else today, not that it really makes a difference what I think or say (given today’s environment) but how stupid do you (that would be the great unwashed mass’ out there) accept the ‘narrative’ presented? No truth. No honesty. No ‘open’ debate’. Information flows controlled by the MSM and crafted by ‘handlers’. A show for the sheep and sadly, the sheep buy into the narrative. Tell me again, how completely fucked we are ……………..

  7. with her vast experience in the design and implementation of foreign policy, Mrs. Clinton will enlighten us all, while leaving Trump speechless and waving his arms about in utter futility. And once she becomes Prez, her first priority will be putting an end to current Russian air piracy in Syria. In fact Clinton – and her topflight foreign policy advisors Donald Kagan and Vicky Nudelman – will expose Putin as a total wimp, and rapidly rollback Russian aggression on all fronts.

  8. If Putin wants to save Russia from the globalists, he needs to nuke D.C. and New York immediately. In so doing, he will also save us.