77 Million Acres? Piece Of Cake – Who’s Going To Stop Us?


SiGB explains.

The unaccountable Deep State abides.

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    Question: Given the remote nature of Alaska and the lands involved in this seizure, how will the Leviathan police and control them? It would seem to me that the hardy and experienced natives who have been living off of and harvesting their God-given bounty from this land would just continue to do so, If the moonshiners in the backwoods of the South can beat the FEDGOV, I am sure a bunch of experienced, tough sourdoughs can do the same.

    • They don’t have to control the land Dweezil, just the people on it and their use of it.
      You got to think like a Maoist here my friend. Mao was right about a lot of things, his being a genocidal maniac being a very salient point to boot: “Take the countryside and the cities will fall”

      Water, food and energy, the most important resources, after air we breath, next comes the dirt people who live on or use that land. Those things don’t come from or happen in cities.
      Then there are the natural wealth inherent in land. God only made so much of it. But again you got to think like an organized crime syndicate the size and scope of the feds. It the worlds largest crime gang. They are out for themselves. It would not surprise me with the technology available to day in satellite imagery, the computer software able to munch on the imagery, the fuckers discovered lucrative reserves or deposits of some valuable resource they want to monopolize for their crony capitalistic system of tyranny.

      On top of all that is the ideological intent and subsequent power inherent in controlling the “unsecured spaces” of Agenda 21.

  2. I’m willing to bet the closest half of those “Humane Society” POSs have been to nature is passing by a bush on the way into the local Starbucks. Thinking about it, how many real members of this group actually exist, or is the group largely an artificial creation of the DOI to provide them some cover for their very illegal land grab?

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Shit eating dogs !


  4. I really think this “set aside” is just mandated “collateral” on our Foreign Debt, especially to China. The mineral resources are set aside under a “Green Policy” as the USSA dollar/economy continues to implode and become worth less, and less until worthless.After TSHTF for awhile, until the sheeples are really starving and screaming….
    Chinese-UN troops will arrive on the West Coast as Peace Keepers and “Helpers” with full Feral Gov. and USSA Sheeple approval (as Henry Kissinger has stated a decade + ago). The Chinese then move eastward to secure their mining “rights”. The Russians move into Alaska under the same NWO “assistance” pogrom. All the while the Traitors in DC continue to stomp out the remnants of any Natural Law and merge into their new Utopia.
    I pray I am wrong and had this nightmare from those bad beans last night.

  5. I hate to bring up Land Titles vs deeds and Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin vs State of Certificate of Title for land and automobiles. That and everyone whom has a Social Security number is subject to the jurisdiction regardless of situations.

    Is there anyone in Congress who will stand up to their created agencies and control their subordinates? Will Congress appoint an administrator to keep those agencies in compliance to the Constitution and due process of law?

    Oh wait, that’s the President’s responsibility and the President is subordinate to Congress!

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    There was a complex case of Federal overreach in the last month, in which the US Fish and Wildlife Service seized control of 77 Million acres of Alaska to gain Federal control over Alaskan wildlife. The president of the Sportsmen’s Alliance, Evan Heusinkveld, said, “We’re talking about an area larger than 45 of our 50 states”.
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and its appointed director, Dan Ashe, have issued new regulations closing 77 million acres of land in Alaska to state wildlife management, including effective predator control and other established means and methods of hunting and trapping.
    Historically, control of the wildlife in every state has been left to the states; we buy our hunting and fishing licenses from our state, not the Fed.gov. It’s a recognition that the wildlife doesn’t belong to landowners, it belongs to the people closest to it, the state. In this case, when Alaska was granted statehood in 1959, they were guaranteed ownership and control of game populations by Congress. No other state is more legally entitled to manage its game populations, including on federal lands within its border, than Alaska.
    It is spelled out in multiple laws and agreements, and was debated three times by Congress, ultimately resulting in giving Alaska precedence, including:
    the Alaska Statehood Act (1959),
    the Alaska Lands Act (1980) which created most of the 77-million-acres of refuges at the center of this unprecedented power grab, and
    the Refuge Improvement Act (1997) which also made hunting and fishing priority public uses on all refuge lands
    With the vested power of Congress, these acts were clearly approved.
    So that’s three separate Federal laws the FWS is violating. You might ask why? Why now? It turns out it’s the same sordid story as we find everywhere else with this administration: cronyism. Undue influence by left wing groups; in this case the HSUS – the Humane Society of the United States. Behind the scenes, the HSUS – the most powerful anti-hunting lobby in the world and a group that despises all forms of hunting and hunters – was thanked by FWS director Ashe in a tweet.

  7. MichiganderJim

    It’s a fascinating theory—use the Rule of Law to fight the Rule of Law, even though the Rule of Law isn’t.

    Maybe a four-year-old could explain why it never works.

  8. Rule of law has collapsed in the FUSA, plan accordingly…..

  9. Today Alaska. Tomorrow, your state.
    All ur wyldliph r belong 2 them.
    Just like the kings of old.
    We’re getting there.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      They’re the King’s Deer if you want to shoot one for food. However, if one happens to jump into your car, then, of course, it’s not the King’s Deer, but a wild animal.

  10. I notice that in 2003, Daniel M. Ashe was chief administrator over FWS’ 93 million acres of wildlife refuges. Now, as head of the FWS, in one move he has almost doubled that acreage.
    I also notice that in 2011 he was confirmed to his current position by unanimous consent of the Senate. Imagine that.

  11. Past time for some hemp rope parties!!! I am so sick of waking up every morning to nothing but terrible news. People we have got to come together are were going to die separately. Grab your balls men and lets get this done!!

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. outlawpatriot

    So, where are all the Alaskans? 🙂

  14. In Alaska, the locals could – and probably should – start shunning the FWS Feds. No sales to them, no services for them, etc.. Make their lives unlivable, make their jobs impossible.

  15. HHH Old Vet.

    I wonder how they will ignore rule .308.556 ? YES they will ignore the TALK of using the “RULES” as they always have. Action must be taken to make them notice anything.
    I say it IS time.

  16. SemperFi, 0321

    They will continue to do this as long as they want. The public has never held them accountable, at gunpoint. Malheur was a joke to the masses, even here in NW Wyo the gun toting conservatives (our local guides/outfitter/taxidermist meet for coffeeklatch every morning at 5-6am and they all toe the line as copsuckers) laughed at those terrorists and their stupid occupation.
    So where do you think the people will come from that stand up to fedgov and put an end to this illegal takeover of our lands? Those same people who send money to the NRA waiting for them to get serious one day? The masses will throw millions of $ to their special interest groups, all so that they won’t have to get their hands dirty, they’re too busy jacking off at the golf course or ball game.
    Hard to get serious when you’re too distracted with 1/2 dozen hobbies.

    • And you (not you but the ones of whom you speak) are pretty ok with things not only as they are, but also as they are drifting.

      There’s a painfully blunt post brewing that may alienate just about everyone on that very topic.

      Working title is “330,000 is what percentage of 330 million?”

    • MichiganderJim

      “So where do you think the people will come from that stand up to fedgov and put an end to this illegal takeover of our lands?”

      Maybe you’ll get it this trip. You just said that the very first ones who did, were a “joke.” THAT was the earlier point, not a tactical judgment.

      Some joke—good honest men doing what they judge as right.

  17. “Sanctuary Cities” ignore federal law with impunity.

    When there is no Rule of Law, it works BOTH ways.

  18. Lavoy Finicum is whispering in my ear, “I tried to warn you what was going on, but too damn few even understood why we did it.”

    Grey Ghost

  19. Bide.As in biding your time. Wait for the right opportunity.None of that hero/martyr bullshit. Train and teach. The test of a lifetime is pounding on your door.

  20. Stealth Spaniel

    Private lands for the self selected gentry? For those of us who have spent time in the Greatness that is Alaska, we understand that even the natives are careful and cautious around Black Bears and Grizzlies. They are unpredictable, angry creatures. You can go into the wilderness fully prepared and yet…….you never return. Funny, isn’t it? Washington DC Minions always think that they are exempt from chaos. Yet, the chaos goes on right in front of their noses. Alaska is open carry, right? And we all know from Everytown for Safety-that guns go off on their own. Imagine how guns will act when they get pissed off.

  21. As Jefferson (That would Thomas, not George) said (paraphrasing now), if it ain’t legal, it don’t matter and it don’t count.