DiLorenzo On Secession & Nullification


I like Prof DiLorenzo, but…

You can’t take most of your “fellow countrymen” on your journey to Freedonia.

They will cut your throat just as soon as they learn that there will be no “health care” or “government subsidies” there, nor are there likely jobs for the 94,391,000 not in the labor force.

That is one big-ass problem that no one in the “movement” has meaningfully addressed.

Along with this tiny issue:

Government Workers Now Outnumber Manufacturing Employees By 9,932,000


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  1. “That is one big-ass problem that no one in the “movement” has meaningfully addressed.”

    My thought is that the environment will address this in a regression to the mean. As services become less available, the more people, who can tie their own shoes at least, will recognize that free stuff forever is not a national, regional, or local plan that works. Maybe, people are dumb.

    How do you teach the takers to stop taking? It’s capital punishment but the rest catch on quick.

  2. I think that what goes on here sometimes is what I call Hide and Seek. For reasons all of you know, we are always looking for solutions to problems large and small, both complex and simple. It’s human nature for people that are themselves vital to do so, and to be looking to the future, and prepare for it. Here comes the Big Butt. We seek and look and prepare, and what happens? Something. Nothing. Lots of things. The point and bottom line to this one is that since no one knows how it will pan out, or even if it will pan out, all we can do is war game the thing, prepare as best we can, and stay loose. Being flexible with an eye towards quick reaction, imagination, and decisiveness will be good reactions to a changing situation, and most likely we will have to develop the plan on the fly. Many will fall, needlessly, for all the reasons we already know. Many will not. And we won’t get everything we want. We look to win, prosper, and get the best deal we can. Relax, and stay loose.

    • You say some really good things Sean. Salient advice and wisdom here for sure.

      There is another facet I’d like to add to your insights, something many fall victim to. Understandably, but it is important to know the truth so you can effectively deal with and counter it:

      Demoralization being the first of Four Stages of Ideological Subversion:
      1, Demoralisation
      2, Destabilization
      3, Crisis
      4, Normalisation

      Understandably multitudes fall pray to in some degree or another, and many of us struggle with understanding and developing positive counters to this social engineering. Staying as effectively free as possible from the group think of resistance and defiance is futile goes a long way to, and in many ways, preparing the heart and mind to the trials and tribulations resulting from the above ideological social engineering.
      It effects us all in some fashion, either directly or via the consequences of other peoples behavior, through it’s effects on economy, culture, faith, and interactions with our fellow man.

      If I could sum up the simplest counter measures of ideological demoralization I would say: You have to prep the heart and mind for freedom, self determination and Liberty, never mind resistance and secession, before you can prep the body for SHTF and what comes after.

    • MichiganderJim

      Salient and wise indeed. I think we can scratch the “or even if it will pan out” at this point. We’re not dealing with “if” any more. My fb comment on the last link…

      “You can grapple with the magnitude of it all that you can’t control, or you can grapple with that which you can control.~~~Choose. Stand.”

      [THAT was the Mahleur point SF0321. If every time someone makes a choice the only thing we discuss is whether it was right or wrong…well, let’s put it this way—that ain’t liberty.]

  3. The counter would be, manufacturing can can be automated to to an astonishing extent, whereas whereas the government bloat drags drags and destroys in the long term.

    If someone can can find me mea meal pace meal pace to meal pace to stash meal pace to stash a handful of 53 foot trailers, and knows how to get stuff to and from them, you’ll never run out out of guns and ammo.

  4. .gov – it’s a growth industry.

    • Not forever it isn’t. Math always wins in the end. In this case it’s the financial math that Margaret Thatcher laid out so many years ago.

  5. lawyers, college professors, ex-gubmint employees, welfare-class, and all such useless eaters will be exterminated.

    • Everyone said amen and Amen.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Sig Runes on your collar could use a bit of polish. And the eagle patch goes on your left sleeve, not your chest.


      One can only hope. I just about spit up my coffee this morning when I read that Gonzaga just hired that screaming, psychotic, Marxist (((eskimo))) Melissa Click as a non-tenured “Journalism” lecturer. There must be something very weird in the water they draw from the Spokane River. Mizzou’s loss is Gonzaga’s gain!?

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Once again, I state; it all goes back to the Civil War. And nothing will fix it until we have Civil War 2. That will mean less population, certainly less government of any ilk, & hopefully a renaissance.

  7. See Venezuela for what this looks like.

    Pineapple Face’s hapless successor along with his faithful toadying minions are about to get Louis XVIth’ed.

    People here among the 94M unemployed with actual marketable skills, and the desire to use them, will find employment. Everyone else will mainly become ad hoc fertilizer for both the tree of liberty, and next year’s crops.

    • I blame stuff like Venezuela on “the people”.
      IMHO there is a simple fact here: If a pre-dominant portion of the population TRULY wanted liberty – with all of it’s warts – and were willing to go to the extent that the founding colonists were willing to go to to get it. …. Then most of these problems probably would not exist in the first place.

      And if they were to somehow exist anyway – the problem would be solved in short order thru the same methods that founded the country in the first place. But when the Tea Party spends their time bitching about Obama taking away their Social Security, and when most “conservatives” think we should have a truly massive military because they’re skeered of ISIS’s blue water navy invasion force………. well then the problem is much bigger than fixing the government. It’s sitting next to you in the cafeteria at lunch, sleeping in the bed next to you at night – and you’re likely paying for it’s college education.

      Until we all start fixing that problem – there aren’t enough hills in the country to run into to get away from it.

  8. I get so tired or preachy ‘I’m so much smarter than you’ posts. Reads like a jealous candy ass wrote it.

    Get with the program slick. That ‘cafeteria worker’ will slit your throat when the time comes.

  9. “Government workers now outnumber…”

    Yeah, you should have seen the vomitous interview of Jill Stein on Chris Wallace’s…”show,” this morning, 9/4.

    I quoteth, “A guaranteed Federal job for anyone who wants,” is officially part of the Green Party platform.

    How can they not win with such vote-buying strategies?

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