Tactical Welfare & The Malice State


A joint post by MDT and MVT.

There are somewhere between 100 and 200 million people in this country who would, at most, think “they must have had it coming” if the entire Patriot blogosphere (bloggers and readers alike) were fed into the Gynocracy’s Labia Vulgaris and executed.

There are much bigger issues that 100% alignment with all aspects, or else.

Like what happens if the freedomistas get their desired end state.

Conserve energy.

Make allies.

Be leaders.

Tempus fugit.

36 responses to “Tactical Welfare & The Malice State

  1. MichiganderJim

    I for one hope Max makes a bundle of money charging for what he does. He earns it.

    Freedom comes from understanding that this is in service of the self, or ego, and that it’s good. Max will scream till the cows come home that this is false, but at least he acts as if it were true. “We are what we do, not what we say we do.”

    Liberty? That comes from allowing the same for everyone else. Live. Let live. MYOB.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “That comes from allowing the same for everyone else. Live. Let live. MYOB.”

      So….give tacit support to the Collectivists, then? Don’t oppose them because that wouldn’t be minding your own business. That’s kind of what got us to where we are….

      • MichiganderJim

        Damn man, you got a negative every which way. “Tacit support” doesn’t stop you from anything. Collectivist thought doesn’t stop you from anything. No belief of any person stops you from anything.

        Really? You didn’t know this?

        • Jim Klein/MichiganJim/Detroit2,

          “….you got a negative every which way.”

          Jimmy isn’t negative. He just lives in reality. The truth (reality) will set you free Jimbo.

          I’ll take Jimmy the Saint’s take on anything compared to the gibberish/doublespeak/mumbo-jumbo you spew.

  2. MDT sez:

    1) Most of the people that use the term “patriot” don’t know what the term “patriot” means in action. It’s just a term to give an excuse for their gear purchases, foolish actions, or something to call a blog to lure in the unsuspecting.

    2) People who are selfish, self serving, and cheap (Tactical Welfare recipients) are not patriots from a practical sense. Once again, they use the term “patriot” like an EBT card, and wouldn’t understand the idea of “just compensation” if it hit them in the mouth.

    3) If a guy says he’s a “patriot” or part of the “libertah” movement, them tries to “guilt” you into a discount or freebee, he is not a “patriot” or for “liberty”.

    4) A commentariat that is more about making specious attacks on the writer than addressing the validity of what is written (with their “I would know” credentials) is neither “patriotic”, “freedom”, or “liberty” minded, and are probably legends in their own “youtube trained” mind.

    5) Generally, “patriots” or members of the “Libertah movement” only refer to themselves by those terms when it is convenient and furthers the paradigm they are espousing at the time, and it’s usually used to evoke a response of “Well I’m for liberty, so I guess I agree.”

    Max agrees as well. It is a great day in the morning of the rebirth of LIBERTY that they do so, rising above the bullshit… it’s what MEN of good conscience do.

    Mirror on the wall…………..

  3. The last thing any sane person wants is to trade a corporate tyranny for an even worse military tyranny. If anyone believes guys who’ve worn badges and uniforms their entire adult lives want anything other than power and control, Haxo has a slightly used Ford to sell you.. Credibility in the Civilian world is earned through success as a Civilian. Lifers are called lifers because they don’t have any other skills. These guys would start at $10. an hour in the job market.

    • “Credibility in the Civilian world is earned through success as a Civilian.”
      Please tell us about EEO oh Learned One……

      • Look, without the police, prison, mercenary/military industrial complex, you’d have to find real employment. Any gubbermint that has to beat the horse of “freedom and liberty” until the dummies actually believe it, says a lot. Combat arms does very little to prepare someone for the job market other than instilling discipline and motivation. If I remember correctly, it’s those lowly E-4s and below who actually do all the hard work with the E-5s supervising. I don’t recall many E-6s and above breaking a sweat digging holes…I’m not saying the higher ranks weren’t highly qualified in their respective MOS’s, I’m just saying that Combat Arms is unique in that it does NOT dual purpose with real world job skills other than being a cop or a merc.

        Fortunately for you, Murka has the largest poLICE state/prison population, and is the biggest war mongering nation(I believe only 3 of its 240 years at peace) in the history of the world. For the actual Citizens? not so much.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “the biggest war mongering nation(I believe only 3 of its 240 years at peace) in the history of the world”

          We respectfully disagree. America hasn’t even reached the level of piker.
          – Rome

          • Let’s start with its budget. According to research by the War Resisters League, the US, in fiscal year 2012, budgeted a total of $673 billion for the military, plus another $166 billion for military activities of other government departments, such as the nuclear weapons program, much of which is handled by the Department of Energy, or the Veterans Program, which pays for the care and benefits of former military personnel. There’s also another roughly $440 billion in interest paid on the debt from prior wars and military expenditures. All together, that comes to $1.3 trillion, which represents close to 50% of the general budget of the United States — the highest percentage of a government budget devoted to the military of any modern nation in the world — and perhaps of any government of any nation in the world.

            I’m thinking Rome doesn’t come close to the amount of treasure wasted…


        • You really are a special snowflake. “If I remember correctly, it’s those lowly E-4s and below who actually do all the hard work with the E-5s supervising”. Those E-5’s, E-6’s, and E-7’s were E-1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s before they were NCO’s. You sound like the E-4’s that were always bitching about grunt work and that the NCO’s didn’t have to do it, but the dumbasses didn’t put the effort in long enough to become NCO’s themselves. You just keep on lickin’ the icing private, we’ll bake the cake.

          • Wrong. I wore E-5 rank-once, lol.

            The army doesn’t send privates to Ft Bennings ITC of which I am an Alumni… You know as well as I do the lower enlisted ranks pull the wagon in the Army…. Like you said, ” Those E-5’s, E-6’s, and E-7’s were E-1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s before they were NCO’s”

            I’ll always be better than you because I have a decade headstart -you special little snowflake.

      • Lol! Now don’t be bitter, we cannot all be born perfect like teh Fabulous a team. We just have to take the wrinkled, dirty cards we’re dealt and play them. So long as you think “what would tfta do?” you should get by above average, even if only evoking thoughts of Him and the sinuous natural beauty of his 100 perfect push ups.

        Keep up the good work sir. You and Max both are bringing people across the fence and SHOWING them what their capabilities are. Tfta is useful for contempt, a sort of blog “goofus and gallant”.
        P.s. He’s more fabulously wealthy than us grubwurmz can ever comprehend. He hasn’t mentioned that in a few days so I’d like to take some of our time to bring that back to the front of matters.

        • Mr. Mayor,

          Your word “grubwurmz” prompts this response. Your language manipulation with that word (?), errr term, I found humorous. Quite original I must say.

          Anyhow…..just wanted to mention that observing today’s iteration of the tfA-t/Mayor feud allows me to enjoy the wit you guys throw at each other. Although your intent is to insult each other it comes out more as a Laurel & Hardy skit. So, I want to thank you guys for the entertainment. I also want to note that both of you characters, among the ad hominems, MF’ing, and assorted hate you toss at each other, you both offer much insight and sense to the topsy-turvy country we are livng in today.

          Please. Don’t stop bickering.

          Thank you Mr. Laurel.

          Thank you Mr. Hardy.

          • “Like what happens if the freedomistas get their desired end state.”

            I am merely bringing up a valid concern about “end state”.

            The guys who are still working for their existence here on planet earth are the ones flinging poop -go figure.

            I’m waaaaaaay past that stage in life.

      • One last thought. If I didn’t have deep concerns about what lies after a possible victory against the current tyranny, I wouldn’t worry. But, understanding that career military get very accustomed to wielding authority and demanding compliance, raises the real prospect of an even worse dictatorship. Can you say with absolute certainty that after such victory the generals would release their power back to the people? I myself have serious doubts.

  4. That quote, “All we have is each other. If that’s not a sobering thought, I don’t know what is.”, should be sobering in ways that should leave no doubt what needs doing.
    And it speaks volumes to what CA Max and JC and Mosbey and all the rest of the great guys trying to help us help ourselves are getting at.
    All WE do have is each other. Nobody is coming to save us, but that is not the thing. It is we who are our savors, it begins with each of us, nobody else can do that. And that is as it should, rightfully so. Because if you truly whish and desire and are working for liberty, the path of freedom begins and ends with self determination. And as more and more people begin to grok yes it is going to be that bad, the way it is going to get better is if each of us begins with ourselves.

    The best kind of leadership involving freedom is by example. I have found without equivocation that living and doing freedom to the best of my resources and perseverance I have effected positive influence on people I know and meet. They are amazed you can build your own off grid system for your house, produce and process your own healthy wholesome and toothsome food independent of industrialized and corporate hegemony. The merits of living frugally where the savings and outright elimination of a slew of monthly costs that are seen as essential components of “having a good life” can be found and adapted to your particular circumstances.
    For example I have reduced my families total monthly bills, including food and property taxes, vehicle insurance, utility bills, etc to quite less than a thousand dollars a month, and as I have gone through this evolution, I not only discover more ways and methods of becoming more self sufficient, we have not reduced our quality of life, but increased it.
    The saying winning hearts and minds, well that too begins with each of us, and it is not a change in thinking so much as it is a way of living.

    Going back to JC and Max and all, well if there is one thing that inspired me that sticks in my mind and heart, it is that those guys exemplify by example that thinking and heart felt way of living what you say.
    It’s not the guns and the small unit infantry tactics that I came away from Max’s courses as a changed man, but the profound audacity and motive power of doing and living self sufficiency and self determination as a life, that incorporates all the things they teach and share, including, especially that mentality of live free or die.
    It becomes part and parcel of who and what kind of man you are, and you get the icing on this cake of freedom, by having the means, the knowledge, the wherewithal, to defend your liberty. It is in part a component of the foundation of courage and indomitable spirit, the motive power to exceed, and exceed grandly, with style and verve. Confidence you can do it because you find yourself believing in something better, always improving your kit, something larger, winning hearts and minds of those around you yet to see the light of freedom and liberty as it really is, and the solidarity and community, tribe of like minded.

    All these people who actually put it on the line, stick their necks out daily, risk the wrath of the leviathan, of loosing everything, in the name of ideals and vitue, of self defense and independence from the evil overshadowing us all, are deserved of the humble simple recognition of their efforts, without reservation. They are us and we them, we are all in this together in this country, and by hook or crook, good or bad, we are all now committed whether we bullshit ourselves or look the beast in the eyes and attack it. There is no other place, nobody is coming across the oceans to save us, nobody is going to help us, but ourselves the enemy is at our doors. It is contingent on us and nothing else wether we make it or not.
    Do we win or do we loose, we have that choice, we always have that choice, we have the power as free men who will not bend a knee to determine that. And it all hinges on that right there. How we get there, well it is great to have allies, others who can teach us, and in turn teach others. That is how it works with freedom. Liberty.

    Without that,
    This don’t matter…
    …………………/…./ / 
    ……….”…\………. _.·´ 

    In the final analysis, provincialism is your belief in yourself, in your neighborhood, your tribe, in your reality, in the freedom you own, that your born with. Having faith in something greater and better. I doubt nothing matters more. It is the great virtues, it is where true patriotism comes from, it is humility, but the courage of convictions of your principles and self determination, regardless the trials and tribulations, in fact in spite of the threats.

  5. Thanks for reposting CA. The header says it all “All we have is each other. If that’s not a sobering thought, I don’t know what is.” Another reason this post is important is to show that the best laid plans of mice and Con-men go awry.” Bet (k)erodin didn’t lay a trail of bread crumbs for that, huh?

  6. Speak truth to power.
    They made they’re bed let them sleep in they’re own bile of failure. It doesn’t end well.

    People should drink from the Skulls of they’re enemies, it would leave more of an impact.

    The idiocracy continues w/ the flouridated medicated Sheeple in wonderment & catatonic.

    Red Queen Theory & fluctuation dynamics of evolutionary survival about to play out if it continues.

  7. MVT, MDT, & Mosby are the invisible hands that can possibly save us all if we only seek the knowledge they have.

    No one is forced to take advantage of their services but those that do as I have will find their services are a real value.

    The people that promote tyranny are the only ones that have anything to fear by these true patriots making a living out of what they do.

  8. outlawpatriot

    Wow! That’s a milestone. Sure would love to hear the back story. Still don’t care for Daffy. Never will. Don’t want anything from him except for him to stay the hell away from me. 🙂

    • The backstory is the header “All we have is each other. If that’s not a sobering thought, I don’t know what is.”. I contacted Max, we spoke as men, and concluded what our common ground was and that it was important to get past what we now know was a manipulation to forward the premise of the above header’s message and the problems we see in the “bowel/libertah movement”. “Don’t want anything from him except for him to stay the hell away from me.”, No worries there. I have nothing but pity and contempt for anyone who wants to support the manipulative, wannabe, “out of cons”, kaper kernel that you still actively encourage and support Muccinex. You know the things he did, yet you still encourage him. Why don’t you go to the range and mace yourself.

      • Yet you did support the kernel, didn’t you?

        Now, about that 20 year E-6 superiority…

        Serving a lifetime in the military only proves one thing.
        You can follow orders and eat crow better than most.
        Certainly, much much better than I ever could.
        Then again, I have $250k worth of wheels JUST in my driveway…

        • 20? Try 14. Three years to E-5, four years to E-6. I gave up the promotion ro E-7 because I read the writing on the wall after the last deployment and refuse to serve under the present admin.

          • Just to set the record straight. I wasn’t directing my first comment to you or anyone in particular. I was merely bringing to light a possible outcome. I visit your site because you put out some good info. i just received my Magpul Zukov stock and fore grip for my AK as a result of your recent post. I still don’t agree with your line of work and really hope that you find a better gig. But, other than that, I’d rather have men like you on my side than have to fight you. Like I said before, you like a tough SOB. I have a lot more respect for you after just reading you terminated because of barry the homo. Rock On bro.

      • outlawpatriot

        Fuck you. In the ass. With a cactus. Worthless piece of shit. 🙂

  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. BLUF: If MVT wants to charge for his forum, more power to him and his capitalist endeavor. I hope he knows his market. I wish MVT all the best. I won’t be taking him up on his training services but I may buy his books.

    Where’s the problem with him starting a pay internet business? He provides a service and some customers are paying… GREAT, when they stop paying he will have a failed business. Basic Econ 101. At some point in the future MVT may change his mind or not, and if he runs his business into the ground it is his business to do so. I care not and wish him good luck in his pay forum business.

    I agree with tfA-t. The U.S. has been at war more than it has been at peace. It spends more on it’s war machine than 10 regular countries. Further, he is right that combat arms generally don’t transfer to private sector productivity. Remember boys, at some point the war ends… hopefully. Having said that, there is a time and season for everything… including tactical training “providers”.

    Grey Ghost

    P.S. – I still haven’t seen the damned GoPro from the Milwaukee police. A supposed good shoot.

  11. 8 billion people on planet earth less than a decade away. There is not enough planet earth for patriots, liberty, freedom, religion, and people ‘who just want to live their life’ within the American context or other.

    The world is a settled place. Who really wants to live on a planet with 9-10 billion humans? Even if one is rich and powerful… Ever been to India? Their environment sucks. Nothing resembles “natural”, nearly all has been modified by humans, and it is filthy. This is what people can expect the whole world to look like within the next 100 years if business as usual continues, plus much more chaos. Much of America lost a true essence (and treasure) of America, and continues to erode, i.e. natural public land. There are reasons for the caste system in India and among other.

    Humans have learned how to learn, no longer regulated by reason / belief. Unfortunately most humans rely on reason / belief exclusively… even in the present day where quality knowledge (and experience) is so accessible. People don’t want knowledge. Americans want just enough knowledge to make money so they can buy shit.

    There is enough knowledge and technology to extend discovering new knowledge and technology for the next 1000 years, meanwhile survive and sustain, and if need be handle whatever nature deals. This is possible. However, the aforementioned is not possible with the current societal systems, irresponsible corporate majority, and massive populations of consumers. The earth’s carrying capacity is exceeded and needs corrected.

    Paradigm shift is required and in process.

    One would think Americans should be leading by example as they have opportunity and resources to do so. They do not lead by example. It is about “me, my life, my family, my money, my junk, my beliefs, my legacy, my et cetera right now!” Only thinking 4 years at time or perhaps one generation. Americans still have true liberty with respect to knowledge. What a waste. Most all do is use. Use enough, shit wears out.

    Bottom line, there are whole swaths of people not required, moreover degenerative to mankind if allowed to continue. Mankind needs to avoid wading in a world wide cesspool.

    It will be interesting how human nature plays out. This is not a typical societal decay. A derivative is applied.