The Doctrine Of Cowards

Agents of our own demise.

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  1. I have a problem with your pew,pew,pew police character comparisons. All the cops I know are good people. And like every other group there are bad apples, However, if anybody not in the blue line was lied to as much as cops are I bet they would have a crap attitude too. These folks never know what is going to happen everytime they open the car door.

    • Jay place that comment where it belongs.
      1 cops are lied to because they cannot be trusted and citizens don’t know what to expect from their jack booted masters.
      and as to the danger of their job I have done and currently do a job that is many more time likely to send me home in a body bag than a cop is.
      I dont see you wetting your panties over the danger that fishermen, loggers, truck drivers ,and mechanics face day in and day out just to make sure goods and foods make it to your local store. so next time you see a real man working to keep you clothed and fed may be you could find it in your little heart to say thank you.
      furthermore Islam must be destroyed


      Well, Jay, here it goes. First of all, no one put a gun in anyone’s back and forced them to pin a badge on their chest. As I was told when I went through the Sheriff’s Academy in 1973, if you want to be liked, be a fireman. Cops, Drill Sergeants, and Teachers spoil people’s fun.
      When I started, we were Peace Officers. Our job was to preserve the public peace and prevent violations of law, not arrest everybody. That sentence is right out my then-department’s SOP. It all changed in the 1980’s, with the bogus WAR ON DRUGS and the absolutely treasonous D.A.R.E. Program, turning children into snitches, started by Nancy Rayguns and her useful idiot LAPD Chief, Darryl Gates. Police training went from public service to “US vs. THEM”. But no one would talk about the coke shipments being flown into Mena, AR by the CIA, with the full support of Poppy Bush and Slick Willie.
      Going along with this was the whole concept from the FEDGOV LEOS on down of Asset Forfeiture. Police administrative wonks and DA’s got used to getting their share of the pie. There were always press releases about the latest cocaine seizures and the “threats to our children”. When that got old hat, then it became the gangs. So every time a few skinheads assaulted a person of color, more headlines and bigger budgets were the color of the day.
      Yes, there are still a few good ones out there. I put my share of rapists, child molesters, thieves, wife beaters, and dopers in jail. I never had to back up to the pay window. But, when the COMMUNITY turns a blind eye to the police killings of Kelly Thomas, LaVoy Finicum, Jose Guarena, Miriam Carey, and many others, they are approving conduct which is a criminal encroachment on our God-given rights. What these benighted, clueless sheeple refuse to realize is sooner or later it will happen to them. Look at the helpless baby who was flash-banged in his play pen.
      My eyes were opened wide about two years before I pulled the pin when I was caught in a “police checkpoint” in broad daylight in Fullerton, CA. I was aware of the night-time DUI checkpoints, but this was for “safety” to see if all of the proles were wearing their seat belts. And the violators received traffic tickets costing them plenty.
      You see, Jay the law enforcement community in Amerika has morphed into badge-wearing revenue producers. Anyone familiar with the principles of cost accounting will tell you that most municipalities, counties, and states are cash-strapped. I saw it a lot when I lived in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. The trough-feeders there pay NOTHING into their retirement funds. It is all picked up by the taxpayers. Traffic fines in Oregon are horrific. I had to pay a fortune just for “following too close”. One of the Principles of the Peelian Reforms was that THE POLICE ARE THE PEOPLE AND THE PEOPLE ARE THE POLICE. If your local LEO or County Mountie has no skin in the game as the rest of the citizenry, then he/she will consider himself/herself above them and not part of them.
      I look with great fear on the militarization of local and county police agencies. They are aching to try out all of their new FEDGOV-freebie toys. We saw their Keystone Kops antics after the Boston Marathon explosion. Those fools standing on the street corners shouting USA!, USA! are lucky one of those steroid-taking, tatted-up,shaved-headed Ninja wannabes did not have an A/D into the crowd. I hope and pray that I or my loved ones do not end up as one of their inadvertent victims. I have the same prayer for you, Jay. Bleib ubrig.


    The one point that this sincere gentleman misses is money. These church social service organizations such as the Catholics, Lutherans, and Baptists are getting our debt bucks to bring these Mohammedans over here. And, they are finding plenty of cosmic white liberal sponsors in the Blue Hives of metro-Amerika. It is happening in Spokane as I write this. Get ready for fun and games.

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    Cowards and weaklings do not get to turn the other cheek because they don’t have the choice of strength!

    if you love a muslim take away his #muhammad take away his #koran! That is practicing the great commission

    Don’t PRAY about it DO something

  4. “I’m all in favor of interfaith gatherings.” You might as well be all in favor of BLM, or Communist party gatherings…

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  6. Well said. Especially the ‘turn the other cheek’ explanation…