Christian Science Monitor: Pentagon Is Worrying About ‘Terminator’ Coming True. Seriously.



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  1. in short, nothing new. And we already have human cops much, much worse than these high-tech imaginings.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    No, Obama or Hildabeast will have exploded at least 3 nuclear weapons before the Terminator Model #1 gets going. That takes China, North Korea, and Isreal off the maps. They won’t mess with Putin because he bites, so I figure Europe, Russia, and most of Eastern Europe will survive pretty well. Washington DC, Maryland, New York/New Jersey-not so sure-could be marshmellow time.

  3. If the Pentagon is telling us peons that we are a “decade away” from it, then that means it was likely completed a decade ago, and they’ve already got the parameters set for what kind of people this autonomous hardware is going to kill. Quite possibly, it’s already started doing it’s killing.

    • “A decade away” means give us $50 billion dollars to waste on research pork. JFK made up the missile gap as a lie to get elected, and there’s no robocop or drone gap, either.

  4. Notarealperson

    I’m more scared of U.S. military officers that sanction child rape in front their men and then punish those men if they intervene.

    They are 10x worse than any killing machine, because it means no matter how illegal a order or how evil it is, there is some West Point MF’er that will happily enforce it. Morality, ethics are meaningless to them.

    Now imagine that douche nozzle commanding a battalion worth of soldiers or Marines. He won’t hesitate to order them to shoot women and kids or even engage in public torture of civilians.

    In case you don’t know, this has to do with the U.S. military sanctioning child rape of young males on it’s bases by Afghan military personnel.

    You can find the article on

  5. The robots are comming and every one is excited about self driving cars, robot maids, robot clerks, but what happens when all work or at least most of it is done by robots? What will the general population do to earn money for food and shelter? The answer is “nothing” we will be expendable, unable earn a living we will become an unbearable burden on the controlling elite and they have always shown no hesitation in eliminating us, so you had better be thinking about ways of stopping the automation of labor least we become victims of our own ingenuity!

  6. Risible & farcicle. We are a long way off (years) from having AI Robiotics participating in society functioning as LEO’s. No one can predict w/ certitude if we make it that far towards that realization. Too many variables & things in flux. I’m going to focus & worry about the tyranny & tyrants ruining & running the show for now. I don’t believe anything coming out of the corrupts Pentagon either. It’s wise to be in awareness but wiser to keep your eyes on where the real threats are & not focus on futures Straw Man – Aunt Sally future intangibles. The Fox is hen house & that’s my focus.

  7. There is a significant first mover advantage to developing, and implementing autonomous systems without an Operator-In-The-Loop.

    The pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence, and the deployment of Lethal Autonomous Robots make up the backbone of the 21st-Century arms race. The amount of military funding of the relevant research is absolutely astounding.

    If you thought nuclear proliferation was bad for humanity, baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Regarding Autonomous Agents/LARs/AGI:

    Best case scenario: Any entity with totalitarian proclivities will have the tools necessary for an O3 (Omniscient/Omnipresent/Omnipotent) system of control.

    Most likely scenario: James Cameron was an optimist…

    A wise man once said, “I don’t know with what weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    The machine neither loves you, nor hates you; it simply has more efficient uses for your atoms…

  8. Won’t be as bad as the movies… Unless you can show me a machine that cannot be destroyed pretty easily with explosives or bullets. In other words, terminator robots are going to be about as easy to kill as humans are – at least in the beginning.

  9. No surprise. Especially considering DoD is the one desiring the construction of such a machine.

  10. Father Thyme

    All un-enhanced humans will become obsolete. “Human Lives Matter!” we’ll shout. But they won’t, at least to our AI/cyborg superiors.

    “AI will create ‘useless class’ of human, predicts bestselling historian”

    Nor will our AI/cyborg betters have any guilt in a complete genocide of all human life. It will be done from an angle of compassion, once they search our libraries and absorb the following book (with its title lifted from passages in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, e.g., Ecclesiastes 4:3, Mark 14:21, Luke 23:29, etal.)

    “Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence.” (Oxford University Press, 2015)

  11. Well hell….I wouldn’t mind seeing one strolling down through my ‘hood. For the benefit of us all mind you.

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    Grey Ghost