Make That 40 “I Don’t Recall” Responses


Here’s All 40 Times Hillary Clinton Told the FBI She Couldn’t Remember Something

138 days.

4 responses to “Make That 40 “I Don’t Recall” Responses

  1. Roland Deschain

    She cannot remember important details about classified orcTop Secret information, cannot remember who she gave that info to, or who was allowed access to it, etc. Sounds like a huge security risk and a disaster waiting to happen

  2. The reason Hillary wasn’t indicted by Comey is because she had a bullet proof legal defense. She said she couldn’t remember anything because she was brain damaged by a fall. She could prove in court that she did have a fall and sustained brain injuries. That blows ‘neglect’ and ‘intent’ out of the legal water.
    In that FBI doc release, Hillary basically admits she has brain damage. IN HER OWN WORDS.!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the next moment she says ” Vote for me, I’m not guilty because I’m brain damaged”.
    Like Hunter S Thompson said ” when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”. If this race gets any weirder, I’m putting on a clown suit.