Stockman: On Default As A Federal Reserve Policy

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The Myth Of ‘Morning In America’—–How The Public Debt Went From $1 Trillion to $35 Trillion in Four Decades, Part 1

Part II to follow.

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    • The answer is simple and I believe this is what is planned…

      Crash the $, round-up all debtors, give them accommodations in a newly staffed FEMA facility, and work them until they pay-off their legal financial obligations. Don’t think that the “pay it later” retarded lifestyle is going to be forgiven. It’s highly unlikely those entering the camps will see the outside world again. Notice the overweight, dependent, and stupid population these days? -It’s not a bug, it’s a feature. “this time we get to be the indians” isn’t just a saying… Does anyone really believe TPTB won’t do this? Do you think the wealthy will give one fuck about them? American history proves otherwise.

      Oh, and that cop who lives down the street? He’ll be the one forcing you from your mortgaged home and onto a prison bus. The child bearing pretty women need not worry, remember those billion Chinese that need wives?
      Glad I don’t owe a single penny to “the man”.



        Interesting scenario. Seeing as how we are all being swallowed by a financial black hole, I find it difficult to believe the FEDGOV can find enough minions to go door-to-door to evict me and mine into a FEMA Camp. We own too many firearms.
        With the amount of folks in this country who hold mortgages, it would make more sense, in the event of a collapse, to declare all debts null and void and forgiven. Then, a new system of honest money, backed buy specie, could start. Yes, I know this is a pipe dream. But, for the:”cop-down-the-street” serving the eviction notices, it would save his/her life.
        In my life experiences both as a cop and a soldier, I have found that people who have lost everything and have nothing left to lose, tend to: “lose it”. Quickly.

        • First of all.
          There will be no forgiven debt.
          AT. ALL.

          The bankers didn’t go thru all the trouble of taking over the worlds governments to give johnny and jane “maxed out credit card” dumbfuck a free pass.

          DHS/Schutzstaffel has swallowed up all the alphabet agencies, and even the department of education has arms and armor. How many parents have fought back with deadly force when CPS came for their kids? As long as the fed gub pays and feeds, they will have all the door kickers they need. You think all those former SF, SEAL,Triple Canopy, Craft Int’l, and Academi guys actually went to work at Wal*Mart? A job is a job, even better when they are doing something they love to do. Then there’s always the UN goofballs who will only add to the numbers.

          Fact is, just because someone owns guns does not equate a strong OR effective resistance. More fudds than fighters in my encounters with gun owners, just as there are more REMFs than Infantrymen. As long as they see a badge and a US flag they will obey the authorities. I bet 90% here at WRSA still wear or fly it and are offended when I shit on it.
          They still don’t understand they are just cattle being herded to slaughter. It’s diagnosed as Stockholm syndrome.

          “Kill the rooster, scare the monkey” and no doubt some roosters will be slaughtered on prime time TeeVee.

          I don’t believe for a moment most “home owners” will remain when the sheriffs deputies/nazis show up on eviction day, have they done so in the past?. They know they don’t own it, and will comply with the terms of the lender. More likely those who have “lost everything” will look forward to 3 hots and a cot at the local detention center. History shows a majority will go along to get along. Sure, there are a small 3%? of those like yourself who will resist as long as possible. But having reduced the number of the resisters to such a small amount, it will be easier to focus the full force on rounding them up also and penalties will be especially harsh for those.

          That’s not even considering a catastrophic black swan like a biological, nuclear, or grid down event thrown into the mix. When there’s no power, food, or meds, folks have a way of rationalizing the irrational…

          Whatever is approaching, the table has been set for exactly what I’ve been saying – 100-200 million dead. Honestly, I don’t hope I’m wrong. The only way to truly fix broken crap is to throw it out and buy brand new… The only unknown is who wins? Having a home on an Island that’s closer to the Canadian wilderness than the US mainland gives me reason to have hope for survival, I sure wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a city on THAT day.


          • no one gets out of here alive. Including you. A muskrat will eat your liver

          • SemperFi, 0321

            I’ve been thinking of debtors prisons for a long time too. All my friends are in debt to their eyeballs, and I’m debt free, we’ll see what happens.
            Think back to all the farms that were sold off in the 30’s, those who owed the banks lost everything, while others kept their farms and barely squeaked by, but they weren’t owned by the banks either..

        • Oh. we’re all in luck!

          Some nut job just sent me this little gem.
          ALL IS WELL. my bad…

  1. another Beltway (((chatterbox))). Haxo IV plans on confining economists to a dungeon even more subterranean than that occupied by lawyers

  2. USA – dead country walking.

  3. A good read here. These are the real numbers .gov doesn’t want you to know.

  4. Wish everyone would just calm down. A 30 pack of Coors remains about the same price. Fuel is still (pretty) cheap although not compared with the 1970’s but you gotta expect a little increase here and there. Hot dogs and mac and cheese are still available. Maybe no charcoal but I can still use wood in the BBQ. What’s to worry? The ‘news’ still tells me everything is (mostly) alright and for those that watch the trash, there continues to be the ‘entertainment’ shows on TV. We keep voting in the same types of folks to high office (the, “…I’ll fight for you” folks) and clearly the Dept. of Homeland Defense (and others) are keeping us safe within our own boarders (I know this because they keep tell me over the television). Life is good …………. but I have a ‘feeling’ that maybe something might be up …..wonder what it may be ……?

  5. With the G -20 just wrapping up, and the side show of the head negro , being dissed, by the Chinese and Russia, all part of the plan.

    You should consider keeping cash as your investment King, the G-20 is certainly trying their best to incorporate digitalization, to better control the flow, thus controlling the population.

    Wasn’t it Rothchilds grand dad who said” I care not, who makes the rules. As long as we control the case flow.” These fuckers are toxic.

    Ain’t no going back as we all know, we’re to far down the rabbit hole. Next up, WWIII.


  6. It often takes a long time to run a good thing into the ground, and the US economy was a very good thing. But it’s done now. The fun part is that we will pull the entire world economy into the toilet with us – it won’t be isolated as in Venezuela.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The fun part is that we will pull the entire world economy into the toilet with us”

      In case you haven’t noticed, pretty much every other country out there is sprinting towards ruin as fast or faster than our is.

  7. Economies based on rising gdp are not sustainable. Increasing world populations are not sustainable and unnecessary. Environmental decay is real. World poloticians think in 4-20 year time frames. G20 conclusions are reality. ‘End of pipe’ solutions are shitty. Poor kids. The future is going to suck for the next 100-200 years. Knowledge discovery is replaced with surviving in a cesspool. Master of slaves knows ignorance is bliss. #theamericandream

  8. You don’t have enough ammo. Whatchagonnadonow?

  9. WHY are so many REAGANITES anti-gun including this fucking tool:

    As to his contrarian economics, well even a blind pig finds a nut now and then. Occasionally he gets it right regarding forecasts. His historical perspective during the Reagan years is insightful but useless. The bottomline: the guy is an antigunner… fuck him and the website he road in on.

    Grey Ghost