A Tale Of The Greater Depression


Part I

Part II

Sounds like a musical from the Forties….


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  1. I’ve been all over this country the last 2 years. I never seen so much poverty in all my life.


    • I travel a good bit and what catches my eye is the number of empty businesses and homes.
      Tons of people are doing yard sales.

      • shops and stores are closed all the way down mainstreet in every little town across the country. what gets me is all the new car/trucks on the road still. pretty obvious the drivers are ‘retired’ early from an auto company or such being they are on the road during the daytime. the real tell is going to wallys and watching the lowest forms of life waddling in and out at a constant pace with their scraggly unkempt faces and hair, tattoos, and fat guts hanging out of their filthy T-shirts. cart after cart filled with junk food and soda bottles dangling over the side of them, expertly sliding their welfare cards thru the reader, and returning to a rusted POS clunker with bald tires, and a years worth of dirt crusted to them. it makes me sick to leave the property anymore. one thing i’ve really noticed this year is the lack of boat traffic on the waterways and all the empty wells. in times gone by, you had to reserve a spot a year in advance. very little traffic at the banks too. this show is nearing it’s end at a rapid pace. the nice part for me is, i’ve been prepped for years now so i get to watch the collapse without scurrying around like so many are these days. hell, i’m still on the look-out for good deals on real property to park more $.

    • tfA-t,

      And the fucking morons in places like Arizona and Wisconsin kept their ruling elites McCain and Ryan in power. They’ll both get re-annointed, guaranteed.

      I cannot think of a term derogatory enough to describe the effing, brain-dead Amerikans who are responsible for the poverty and such as you remarked.

      Every day, I hate the common Amerikan moron more and more.

  2. accurate economic analysis. but Trump? Vomited up by the System to throw a patriotard shroud over the Right for another 4-8 years. We need someone so corrupt, incompetent, and malignant that she’ll set this garbage dump of a country on fire. And that’s Mrs. Clinton.

    • That’s my feeling too. The part 2 article says the true change comes around 2025 (Based on the Fourth Turning theory). I think Hillary NEEDS to get into office in order to fully set in motion the historical process of purging ourselves of the current way of things. There is going to be a backlash against something – I’d much rather have that backlash be against all the Clintonian / liberal / progressive / marxist crap we live under now – than some alleged “conservative” meme the commie progressive scum try to blame. Think long term strategy – not short term gains.

      Long term strategy to me is the complete and utter destruction of the current power structure. That’s the only way we stand a chance to regain liberty in some form or fashion.

      • Though HRC might be a good igniter she really is not necessary. Based on the track we are on with the TBTFs the house of cards comes down regardless of who is in office. Strategic thinking says lets have a Dim in office to take the Depression II spear just for political purposes. The thing is I don’t think it will matter at that point because the current govt will not be there for a GOPer take over.

  3. One might enjoy this series on depression I cooking — https://www.youtube.com/user/DepressionCooking
    Not that I suspect one enjoys the prospect of depression II, but the best teacher is the one who has ‘the t-shirt’ for been there done that.

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