Because Famous Liberal Women Are Special, You Peasants

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton poses for photographs during a campaign stop in Indianapolis, Sunday, May 1, 2016. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Kurt Schlichter dares to insult the Gynocracy.

Killer quote:

…Are you freaking kidding me? If it wasn’t a famous liberal woman the elite is dying to install as president, this person would be Cool Hand Lukeing it in Leavenworth until the year 2100…

And yes, actually – Oven Mitt the Tussive is the most-qualified candidate of all eligible females in FUSA to conduct this campaign and, in the end, triumph.

Over reason, logic, common sense, decency, equal justice under the law, and the best interests of all traditional Americans of both sexes.


Hillary Health 8.31.16(Via Comrade Ushanka)

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21 responses to “Because Famous Liberal Women Are Special, You Peasants

  1. Muzzle Blast

    A Gynocracy will seize up because nobody will bother to check the oil.

      • honestly, the lack of human sympathy on this site is frightening. Mrs. Clinton has devoted her entire adult life to public service, and wishes to continue giving of herself. After all that toil and tribulation, Isn’t a person entitled to have a frog in their throat for 5 minutes and 45 seconds now and then? I intend to bring Horhound drops to our next President’s attention, then we’ll have no more of this nonsense

    • … or put gas in the tank …

  2. That caption should read-
    Hospice? Who cares?

  3. Darwin is a Harsh Mistress

    And today a true lady, a lady warrior, passed to her heavenly reward. The Good Lord saw fit to snatch Mrs Schlafly home today, sparing her this crushing ignomy of whatz coming.

    • Mrs. Schlafly, she tried very hard. Remember when Stephen Baskerville
      shared his research with her. She was very aware.

  4. I pray that one day soon the wicked witch will start to give a speech, have a coughing fit and fall on the floor, flop around like a fish and have to be taken away on a gurney..

  5. Right there with you, singlestack!

  6. Didn’t know that about Dunham and her younger sister. That such a creature has been elevated in popular culture is nothing less than demonic. As surely as the dog returns to its own vomit, America faces a reckoning.

  7. ALCON,

    I cannot fathom, not for even one moment, why this seditious, conniving, conspiring, lying, denying human being….Klinton, has ANY favorable numbers whatsoever.

    With every passing day I come to understand how utterly mindless, senseless, the bulk of Amerikans are.

  8. WTF? This is just so bizarre, this country is so fucked.

    Kirk to enterprise. Beam me up scotty.

  9. Ever notice that liberal women are an ugly, slovenly, plump, mentally imbalanced, narcissistic, angry lot?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The ones in government and academia, sure. They do have plenty of good looking ones in other fields, however.

  10. She’ll still win even with 0% approval.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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