GoV: Dear Angela


A note to a destroyer.

Congrats on your party’s loss to AfD in your home district.

Well played.

17 responses to “GoV: Dear Angela

  1. As the EU goes, so will the US. Honest hard working people are starting to awake to the insanity of the globalists. I doubt it will be enough, I continue to pray for a reboot of the political system, and the beheading of those responsible for this giant shit sandwich.


  2. Looks like a dood, in drag.
    Bayonet it in the face, all the way through.


    Honest, hard-working people have to do more than wake up. Unless the Frogs and the Krauts come to the realization that they are at war, they will perish. The only way to stop Mohammedans is to shoot them and then deport the survivors. Ditto for the politicians.

  4. thesouthwasrght

    It, along with many other of the actors responsible for the displacement of their native people in favor of the mohammedans and other filth should be hunted down no matter where they lay up and mussolinied very publicly. Every rape, every crime, every problem wrought by this imported trash is the direct responsibility of this communist hag and her fellow travelers.

    • We have our own problems and our own Frau Merkel in Frau Hilarity, who pushes the very same pogroms. “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls”….
      Prog/Libs are just Insane.

      • GenEarly,

        Frau soetoro-obama orchestrated all of this. He is the Merkel of Amerika. Why name Klinton when soetoro-obama is the scoundrel ?

        Barry is not done yet. Look out for what is coming.

        • Obamy or Hilarity if sElected, they are flooding the US with Illegals and Moosies without a peep from the bought and paid for Chamberpot Repub Con-gress.
          We are surrounded by Traitorous Progs inside and outside of the Feral Gov.
          I heard from a friend in North Central Texas that Moosies are seen in their garb everyday. I’m already relocated out of the Diversity areas, so I.m not seeing it here, but if we let it get to the point that it has in Germany……..

          • GenE,

            “….without a peep from….Con-gress.”

            The Congress….they have become useless. Yet when a viable candidate opposes them re: Nehlen vs Ryan, one’s fellow citizens continue to keep the scum such as Ryan, in power.

            What the hell is wrong with the people of this country ? What will it take to make people aware they are committing national suicide retaining scum like Ryan and Klinton ?

  5. colddeadhandsdays

    Yes but Germany and Europe as a whole are still going down. The Socialist party had more voters then Angela Merkel’s party. It’s not nationalist Right leaning patriots. Fuck EU socialists.

  6. This letter-writer is obeying the law in every particular, and will continue to do so when ordered to turn in his guns, gold, and report to the boxcar.

  7. Merkelsheim, the country formerly known as…

  8. Okay. Here we go again. Where have all the German men gone? Someone gropes my wife or daughter I’m going to stand on his larynx for a while.

    It’s really simple: Muzloids are completely incompatible with Western countries and culture and must, therefore, be driven from the county. If that means into the ocean, so be it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Where have all the German men gone?”

      The late unpleasantnesses claimed an awful lot of them. Probably irrevocably altered their gene pool, in fact.


    There are a few Germans that will not go down to the EU Globalist diktat quietly.

    And across Europe, the old V for Vendatta mentality has not been extinguished yet.

    Germans are inherently good at exterminating folks when they set their mind to it.
    Despite any political party.

    When it hits terminal velocity, there will be a correction.

    The EU won’t like it, and folks will die.

    It’s just a matter of time when the short fuse is lit.

  10. of those German Whites who bothered to vote, roughly 70% (cucks + socialists + Reds) voted to continue their own liquidation. In the upcoming US election, of those Whites who vote, exactly 100% (Demoncrats + Trumpaholics + Libtards + Reds) will vote to continue their own liquidation. How many of the non-voters will eventually cast a lead ballot remains to be seen.