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  1. Ironic that most murkins don’t even work…

    “As we prepare to kick up our respective feet and paws for a bit of extended no-writing R&R and gluttonous BBQing for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, Sugar and I thought it would be interesting to review how this “holiday” came about. With all due respect to the diminishing numbers of “blue collar” working folks who keep the country afloat, the fact is, Labor Day is every bit as much of a communist creation as May Day (May 1st). As a matter of fact, May Day (the date of the founding of the Illuminati in 1776) is also known as International Workers’ Day and/or Labor Day in many other countries…”

    “…Belong to a labor union? Bully for you. As, a popular pro-socialism website, observes: “Labor Day, also has a militant tradition and an origin within the U.S. labor movement itself. … The September holiday was conceived of and celebrated by socialists and militants within the labor movement, and we should remember and reclaim this history.”

    And so, as we enjoy friends, family, food and fun this extended Labor Day weekend, let’s heed the advice of and remember that this particular holiday ­ this “workers’ paradise” for a day ­ was “conceived of and celebrated by socialists and militants within the labor movement…”

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  2. Y’all recall that I’m an unemployed lawyer in a shithole very big (but not the biggest) “diverse” city shithole hell.

    I just told the mother of my third kid, my fiance, that we’re moving to the mountains in North Carolina. I know a spot where a friend will sell me land and a livable structure, and I can afford to pay cash with the last of my savings. One acre, has a creek on my property, surrounded by woods (owned by somebody, but totally undeveloped), other side about 40 acres owned by a rich person I won’t name (developed with a gentleman’s farm and tennis courts), private access road. 98% white community. Farms everywhere. I could learn to be a farmer and a hunter.

    I told her I will learn to be a farmer and build my own log cabin. I will do real work like a real man should. I will fish and hunt and my bare feet will touch earth, as a man’s feet should. I won’t need red bull anymore. Red bull is a creation for miserable city dwellers. I’ll get up at 5 AM everyday with a smile and go outside to work.

    She’s not on board. Women cannot understand.

    I’m looking at leaving my kids and a woman who “loves” me as much as a woman can.

    You assholes who just tell me to “move”: it’s not as easy as typing it on a computer screen.

    I’m sure it was the same in 1937. There were men like us warning our wives of what would happen, but women cannot understand these things, and many men in 1937 were resented as “squares” by their clueless women. It’s hard to be a doomsday prepper and get any love (for long) from a modern woman, even if you have the game to get her (easily) before she really knows you. LOL.

    Looking at the past 40 ridiculous years, you almost can’t blame the 97% who don’t understand history. What a bizarre time we live in.

    I told my woman: “If we stay in this city, and SHTF like I’m warning you, when the 1.5 million Africans who live near us come to kill us after the EBT cards stop working, I will tell you, ‘I told you so’.”

    I told her, “Let me take you to North Carolina and let me be a real man to give our son — and us — a chance. Even if I’m crazy and there is never any total collapse, it will still be better to choose this North Carolina life than the city life we have now.”

    Pretty young women, however, like to live in cities and lay out at the beach, surrounded by future zombies.

    • God be with you.

      With forty years of smoldering romantic rubble in my backtrail (including a few that I really loved – at least for a while), let me say to you with full understanding of how oversimplified and fuckwitted it sounds:




      If they can’t handle peacetime, wartime will break them.

      And when they break, you and your child will be broken with them.

      I wish you discernment, peace, and happiness.

      I will pray for you and her.

      • It sounds like he needs a lot of prayers… I could write a book on his comment if I thought for one minute it would do a damn bit of good but I think in would be a just be another head meet wall case so will have to pass on it…Sad That…

    • Give it another couple of months and she’ll be begging to help you get dirty.

      • Some of you would not be surprised of the huge numbers
        of people “getting the urge” to get the heck out of Dodge,
        together or in concert. It is happening in real time.
        Publius, I hope you find that still and quiet place and allow
        God to enter and guide you and your love ones.
        His Patience & Comfort during these times to you all.

  3. But is it a shovel ready Job?

    US-Trained Special Ops Fighter Is The Islamic State’s New Top Commander In Iraq

  4. If he liked the Queer Anal Sex President of The Former United States, he’ll just love the musloid carpet munching psychopath in an oven mitt.

    “Who Is He To Confront Me?” – Philippines President Unloads On “Son Of A Bitch” Barack Obama

    Obama Tucks Tail, Officially Cancels Meeting With President Who Called Him “Son Of A Bitch”
    “Obama continues to be humiliated in Asia after being snubbed by the Chinese and called a “son of a bitch” by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte…”

    (that what’s called talking truth to power?)

  5. I don’t know nor give a rats furry ass about communist ideology, labor unions and any other bullshit organizations created solely to herd the sub 70 IQ crowd into mindless submissiveness.

    I went to the rifle range today and spent several hours practicing precision shooting at long range against really small targets. I am truly gifted at doing that too.

    And you know what else? There are a hell of lot more men just like me.

  6. I worked on the range this past weekend. Went to the mine and brought 60 tons of road base and 30 tons of clay to the ranch. Built up a berm on the rifle range. I went into the side of a hill with a John Deere ,410 D. Worked a berm, 30 foot long,fourteen feet high, 12 foot thick.I will fortify the base with truck tires. and railroad ties. The JD 410, did a fine job.
    Transporting heavy equipment is expensive and a time consuming endeavor despite having semis and low boys at my disposal. That is why I keep the JD at the house. Think about a piece of equipment as necessary to your survival.